Casino Royale

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The Casino Royale is a club known for its notorious gamblers. It's just like any other club, you either lose all your money or you win someone else's. .

Bae Joohyun is just another woman who works as a waitress at this small café. But when the sun goes down and the various clubs begin to open, she turns into the gambling star Irene

Kang Seulgi is just another business woman striving to get her company to move to the top along with her sassy best friend Im Nayeon.

Hirai Momo and Hirai Mina are the biggest names in Japan for being the owners of the Hirai Enterprises. They're skill and brain in this sector is unmatched. 

But what happens, when Bae Joohyun meets a new gambler from Japan who rises to the top in a short amount of time... Will she be able to maintain her position as number one or would she lose to the new gambler in town?



A Seulrene and MoTzu fic.. 

A/N : I found this in one of my old drafts and decided to see if I can do anything with it... I might not update this story very often, since I don't know if anyone wants to read a fic like this and since I am a little busy at the moment, but I'll try my best. Also, I don't know what this story is about either, so please bear with me xD




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Chapter 1: Excited