Chapter 10

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"Are you sure about this Dr. Hirai?" the nurse asked as I stood behind Sana's bed. Momo nodded and tapped the pen against her clipboard.

"But doctor-" the nurse started while Sana watched  with widened eyes. Momo tilted her head and sighed.

"Whether we try it today or after two more months it's the same thing. And besides we need to see if her leg is actually responding well. Besides, you're there to catch her." Momo said with a frown. She turned to Sana and asked "You up for it?"

Sana bit her lip and nodded. Sana's progress was rather rapid. She was now able to sit up and lie down without help. I had to admit that even though I wasn't a doctor, it was freaky. But I was glad nevertheless. And today, Momo wanted Sana to try and stand. And Sana… she seemed scared. So scared to try, but had no choice but to listen to Momo. I gripped Chae's hand while I watched the nurse slip her hand under Sana's arms to support her. I glanced at Momo who was watching Sana like a hawk.

"I… I can't" Sana got out between sobs as she tried to get up. She kept falling on the bed every time she tried to stand.

"Just take it easy there dear.." the nurse spoke and smiled at Sana.

"Pull her up" Momo spoke as she kept her clipboard down and came to stand beside Sana.


"Just try to put your weight on your leg. Just for a little while. Not to strain yourself, but I just need to see if you can. And we'll catch you if you fall." she spoke softly.

"But… I… I'm scared" Sana  replied her voice breaking at the end.

"I know… but I'll catch you if you fall Sana" Momo said looking into Sana's eyes. I looked away since it seemed too personal and it was something between them.

"On three okay?" the nurse said softly and Momo nodded. The nurse pulled Sana up in one swift move and Sana was on her feet. But just as fast as she was up, her legs buckled and she fell only to be caught by Momo. Momo grunted as Sana fell into her but held her tightly.

She helped Sana onto the bed and went to pick her board. I looked at Sana wanting to console her saying it's okay but all I saw on her face was a faint blush. I frowned but shivered when I remembered what she'd asked for her birthday. She'd said she wanted to apologize to Momo and win her back. If only it was that easy.

"Well, that was something. Your legs are a little weaker than I thought they would be, but that's okay. No worries. It'll be fine… In no time, you'll be able to walk without any help. Considering your overall progress, I'd give it a few more days and I think you should be able to stand. But we'll make sure you don't over exert yourself."  Momo said before heading out.



"Her legs aren't taking her weight. Are you sure the surgery wasn't done on that leg?" I asked my assistant as he flipped though Sana's report.

"It clearly mentions that the operation was done only one leg." he answered

"But why did they operate when it was just a simple fracture?"

"Hmm? No, it does mention that the bone had to be set right. She seems to have a metal screw inserted in her knee."

"It never showed up in the initial x-rays  though" I supplied and he nodded

"Which is what I was wondering about. And this MRI scan, what do you make of it?" I asked hoping that he saw something different than I did

"She might need surgery sometime later?" he asked and I nodded.

"That's only if anything goes amiss. As of now let's not do anything."

"Mmm, also a patient came by today to thank you. She told me to thank Dr Hirai who operated on her 5 years ago and helped her recover after a tragic accident."


"Her name was Jisoo and she gave you a bunch of flowers. She's Lisa noona's friend I guess. I've

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