Chapter 3

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I had no choice but to calm myself and walk back into that room to check in on my patient. I wish I had a say in this. I could exchange with another doctor, but unfortunately none of them were on duty right now. The one doctor who was here was performing an important surgery and I was the one left to go around and check on patients. I bit my cheek and walked into Sana's room. I ignored the others and went to the bed. I took out my file and began to check if Sana responded to any of my signals and if she could probably send some sort of signal to me saying she was able to hear me but just couldn't move. I stopped after a few minutes and frowned. She wasn't responding to me, but I knew that she was awake and could probably hear everything. I decided to discuss things with my team before starting her treatment.  

An accident I'd read. I didn't want to speak with the others, but sometimes you had to let go of your pride.  

"How did she end up like this?" I asked turning away from Sana. For a whole minute no one replied but then Jihyo spoke up "She..She was driving to meet her girlfriend at the airport or something, and the next thing I know is we're getting a call from the hospital saying Sana was there". Girlfriend.. I don't know why that word hit me and affected me the way it did, but I found myself freezing for a second. 

"Accident huh?" I asked as I closed the file and decided to take in her heartbeat.  

"Yeah.." Nayeon said. I nodded and asked them to come out.  

"She seems to have lost the ability to move, but I have a strong feeling she is able to hear everything around her. So if I were you, I'd be encouraging her and motivating her and telling her I was there right next to her. Sometimes getting such support helps the patients recover faster. So try to have normal conversations with her instead of having ones where you keep asking her to get better and wishing she was fine." I said 

"But… will she be able to move again?" Mina asked 

"That's ultimately left to Sana, but we'll try our best to get her back. If we're right, she should be able to open her eyes and respond with a blink in sometime.. It's the first step in recovering from paralysis.  I'd like to say, this is a long process for some while others recover faster.. " I replied with a shrug. They all nodded and I waited for a second to see if they had anything else to ask. When I got the hint that they didn't have anything to say related to Sana, I bowed and scurried off.   

I went back to my office and slumped into my seat. Ugh! My life was going to get messed up now.. I didn't know how long I'd be able to keep a secret from them, but I hoped I could do it forever. I sat there in a daze until the alarm on my phone went off. A small smile made its way on my face when I saw the time. I quickly packed my things, grabbed my jacket after changing into my casual clothes and went to the reception to tell them I'd be going out.. They nodded as I did this almost everyday. 

I waited outside the building since I'd miraculously made it just in time. Usually I'd have bee

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