Chapter 6

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"Was that necessary Minari?" Chaengie asked me. I looked away and took a sip of water. I knew the others had started to have small talks, but I wasn't in the mood to join them. Seriously did none of them want to reconcile with Momo? For some reason they seemed so chill despite everything going on in their lives! How were they keeping it together?

Sana was paralyzed for god's sake and was lying in a hospital bed! Then there was the fact that they did hurtful things to their best friend!. At that moment it didn't hit them, but now it hit me so hard! How was everyone still able to smile and laugh around the table? Why couldn't she join them and have fun? What was happening to her?

"Mina..?" I heard someone call. I snapped out of my head and put on a brave face.

"Yeah?" I asked with a smile.

"You okay?" She asked. I fiddled with my hands below the table but nodded and did my best to make my smile seem real.

"Just work stuff" I said. Well, it wasn't exactly a lie. Being a young CEO of a large company was a hectic job. They immediately understood and shrugged it off.

I looked back down and found a pair of eyes staring at me. I looked to my side to find the other girl looking at me while nursing her glass of wine. The way she looked at me gave me creeps. I turned back to my friends but a little slip of paper was slid onto my hand before the other woman and her girlfriend left the restaurant .

I didn't dare peek and see what she'd given me, but I noticed the sudden change in the room after she left.

"That was soo awkward!" Dahyun exclaimed fanning herself.

"God.. I thought she will kill us the moment Mina unnie began to speak" Tzuyu added looking at me as if expecting me to apologize. I shrugged it off. What was there to apologize for?

"But.. Guys seriously do none of you want to say sorry to Momo?" I asked

"Mina…." Jeong started but unnie cut her off and said "We were hoping to start on a new leaf… Like forget what happened in the past and start over you know?"

What? Start over? Wow…. I just nodded blindly. But on the inside I was boiling. Guilt was eating me up inside out. This had never happened before, but after having met Momo again, all I could do is think about all the wrong things I did to the other woman. I was definitely going crazy.

I looked down at the chit that had been passed to me. It was an address. I assumed it was Momo's. But why would the woman give it to me? Huh? Weird. I shrugged it off and pushed it into my bag. I was walking back when I realized why she'd done it. Momo's birthday was in a few days… She probably gave it to me so that I could pop up at her doorstep unannounced and finally get to talk to her. Not the best birthday present as I knew there would be a lot of crying and yelling, but I hoped it would work. But… why did the other woman give it to me? Did she trust us? No right? Not after what she'd snapped at us. Well, it was deserved but.. Argh I don't know. What was actually happening to me?

I snapped out of my head and focused on heading back to the hospital. Today was my turn to stay the night. Chaeng and the others would visit in the morning since there was only one extra bed in the hospital room. I walked into the room to find Sana asleep on her bed. I went over and kissed her forehead. I went and slumped into the bed trying to get some sleep. I sighed when I woke up for the tenth time that night. I looked at my phone and huffed. It was 3 in the morning. I pulled on my jacket and walked out of Sana's room. I found my feet involuntarily taking me to the roof. I closed my eyes as I felt the cool breeze hit my face. I stayed on the roof for about half an hour before returning to my bed. Turns out that the fresh air had helped as I could sleep peacefully.


"Nae Nae! I told you not to put dirty hands into your mouth!" I scolded her while wiping her hands clean. She'd tried to put her hand in after having played in the sandpit. I picked her up dusting off the sand from her clothes and walked back to my room. Our hospital had a small play area for the kids. I'd decided to bring Naomi here after she started to cry when I told her to stay in my room while a Nurse looked after her. I was having a very hard time. I knew Seulgi and Lisa had their own patients to look after and things they had to do, so I couldn't ask them to help me out all the time. But Naomi wasn't helping at all! I still had my rounds to finish and this kid was troubling everyone. I huffed as I put on my coat. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my leg and I looked down to see Naomi hugging me. I smiled forgetting about everything troubling me and picked her up again.

"Wanna come with Mommy?" I asked bopping her nose. She nodded and snuggled into my neck. I snatched my phone off the table and headed out. I put on some rhymes for Nae to watch while I finished my work. Somehow things were going relatively smooth. Naomi didn't make a fuss or whine as she just silently watched videos on my phone

I opened the door to my last patient of the day, Sana.

I found Mina, Chaeyoung and Nayeon inside. They all stared at me as I made Naomi sit on a chair and made sure

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