Chapter 15

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“Naomi! Don’t put your hand in your mouth!” I chided as I ran towards her to clean her hands.

“You okay Mo?” Yuta asked through the phone. I’d called him as soon as he’d said he wasn’t at my parents’ house.

“I’m just.. worried I guess”

“Why? What’s wrong? Everything seemed fine a few days ago.. Is.. is it Mina?” he asked 

“No! I mean not her but-” I said and took a deep breath, since after all I wasn’t sure of what we’d seen the other day

“The other day I found out that Sana had been drugged. And apparently I gave the instructions for that food to be given to her! Which I didn’t! And- And someone slipped into our hospital to do this!”

“What? Momo, are you serious?” 

“Exactly! Yuta this is just weird! What if I lose my job? Then I cannot pay back my loans and Naomi will be alone and.. I’m scared” I admitted

“Momo, nothing is going to happen okay? But I want you to be extra safe. I don’t like the idea of you being in a dangerous situation. Please promise me you’ll look out for yourself. I want to talk more, but I need to get back now  so I’ll call you back later okay? Please don’t do anything stupid Momo. And be safe. I don’t care if you have to hurt someone to do that, but all I want is you to be safe. Call me when you get home. Or text me. Whatever.” he said before he left to attend his meeting.I made a face as I kept my phone away and turned back to my laptop.

I groaned as I went back to the security cam footage. The footage around the time Sana was given her food was most likely edited since it looked like nothing had happened. Also because Jaemin had pointed out that the access log had been cleared when he opened it. 

“Okay so noona I have an idea” Jaemin said as he entered my office

“Hmm?” I asked as I watched my daughter squeal and run at him. She adored Jaemin ever since he’d played with her when he’d first met her.

“Yeah” he huffed as he lifted her up in one swift motion and made her giggle.

“I was thinking that maybe we need to move Sana.. Like what if we move her closer to your office? And that way she’s close to us all. All of our offices are on this floor…. since I anyway practically share this with you” he continued when Nae buried her head into his neck and hugged him.  

“You think that’ll change things?” I asked

“Maybe? Like it's easier for us to monitor things. Plus the CCTV footage for this floor is stored  in Seulgi noona’s office. It probably will not be easy to hack things right? The 4th level is easier since it’s all accessible in the lab. And Seulgi noona’s office isn’t open for staff.Do you see how it’ll help?”

“Yeah I think I do.. Did you talk about this with Seul and Lisa?” 

“Only Seulgi noona since the other one is on a date with her boyfriend. But, noona’s fine with it. She thinks it's a good idea.”

“I.. I don’t know, but I’ll trust you on this one” I said and grimaced when Nae began to pull his hair since he wasn’t paying her any attention. That little devil.

“Wanna play NaeNae?” he cooed as he pried her hands out of his hair with a frown

“I want a tea party! I’m the princess and you can be buwwy” 

“A tea party?” he asked in an animated voice and I smiled. What would I do without all these people in my life helping me take care of my daughter?

As much as I hated to admit it, after my talk with Mina I had begun to feel a little better. I noticed I’d begun to smile much more easily now. It wasn’t all forced. Talking and facing my fears seemed to have helped a little. 

I’d also noticed Mina trying to be extra careful around me. Which I appreciated, but I wasn’t as fragile as she thought I was. My past hadn’t made me fragile and broken, it had turned me into a cold person who was hiding under a broken shell. But I knew

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