That's her?

Behind the Mask
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Nayeon's POV:

"Okayy, so I am your guide of sorts. So well, I know you have questions so.. ask away" Jihyo told me as she led me inside the room. I gasped when the settings changed. There were glass walls all around me and it was soo bright that I had to squint. There were soo many people here. It  finally looked like I had entered an office. There were tables, computers, chairs, printers and all the things needed in an office. But, it still had its unique touch to it. There were plants, wooden floors, carpets that matched well and colourful elements adding life to this room. I didn't notice my mouth was hanging open until Jihyo nudged me. "Oh sorry.." I apologized and bowed my head. "This is mostly where you will be starting or maybe you will join the 4th floor... Ah let's see" She said and started walking forward. "What do you mean by floor?" I asked her. "Ahh, you see we assign people positions here based on the remarks given by other co workers. In your case me. " She told me with a smirk. Suddenly someone rushes in and startles everyone. "Listen up everyone! Our CEO is coming here today!. Hirai Momo is coming here today and she will be here in some time" she screamed. It was followed by a wave of silence before everyone started to scream and create chaos. I looked at Jihyo whose mouth was open. "uh what does that mean?" I ask her and she turns and bores her eyes into my skull.

"Oh My God!! Come on follow meee!" She squealed and ran to the elevator. She inserted her card and pressed on the 6th floor button. "I cannot believe it!! Hardly no one has seen our CEO and she is visiting us today? I wonder how she looks and if I have met her before. I heard she is stunning and that she is amazing." she gushed. 

After following her into her office floor, I look around to see lesser people than the 2nd floor. She hands me some files to hold but I decide to make myself useful and read the data. I stand awkwardly for about 20 mins behind Jihyo while she cleans her table and makes it look neat before I ask her where the restroom is. She gives me the directions and I sigh when I reach the door and push it open. I look at myself in the huge mirror and say to myself "Where are you working Nayeonie? What have you joined? And what are they doing with their sales? Uhh I can't even say anything because I'm new here. It is soo messed up." I look up at myself and sigh. At the same time the door to a stall opens and another woman walks out of it with a smirk on her face. I immediately look down and feel myself go red. I look at her from the mirror and damn she is gorgeous. She has a fit and toned body and jet black hair and she is soo hot!. I mentally scold myself for thinking like that  when she asks me " So, the sales are messed up huh?". I internally curse myself. I am soo screwed. "Uh no.. I didn't mean to say that" I stutter. I look at her and she tilts her head and nods. She reaches out to wash her hands and I notice that they are wounded and bruised and I speak before thinking "What happened to your hands? Are you okay?" I curse myself again as I see her shoulders tense while she looks at me through the mirror and a small smile touches the edges of her lips. "Yeah I'm fine." She says and walks out. After waiting for 2 minutes I rush back to Jihyo who was apparently searching for me. "Nayeon unnie! There you are.. I was looking for you where were you?" She asked me. "I got lost" I lied and searched for the woman in the rest room. "She hasn't come yet.. Though we are to go to the meeting room to meet her now. Though only managers those with clearance our allowed into the meeting, you will be an exception as today is your first day." Jihyo says mistaking my eagerness and thinks I am looking for this Hirai Momo. I sigh and nod. She then pats my shoulder and we walk to the conference room. I sit in a chair behind Jihyo and wait for about 10 minutes before the the elevator ting could be heard from down the hall due to the nervousness of all employees and then hear and strutting of heels from outside. The door opens and everyone immediately stands up and bows without looking at the person who entered.

 When everyone looks back up they find a stunned Chaeyoung who is frozen at the door. "Aishh! She is still in the lower floors I only came to leave these files for her. Tzuyu-ya give these to her okay?" She says poi

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