Lim Jaehyun

Behind the Mask
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Jeongyeon's POV:

"You called us uncle?" I asked biting back a scowl as I knocked on the door and entered. He'd interrupted me during my nap time!

"I did. Have a seat both of you." he said pointing to the chairs across his table. I pulled a chair and sat while Mina did the same.  

"I have a special mission for you" he said pushing a file towards me. I grabbed and placed it between Mina and I as I flipped it to see the contents.  

Lim Jaehyun 

I looked back at uncle in confusion. Who was this man and what did I have to do with this? 

"Jaehyun was my partner years ago. He led this gang by my side and helped shape us to become who we are today. You wouldn't have seen him since he didn't often stop by training." he said looking out of the window. I exchanged a glance with Mina and asked "Was?"  

"He broke my trust when I told him what I was planning to do one day and tried to go against me.... He stole something that I needed. He stole it and hid it somewhere.. and to this day I have no idea as to where he could have hidden it. But, I still need it to move forward with my plans and I want you to find it."  

"May I ask what we are looking for?" Mina asked shifting in her seat. 

"You'll know it when you see it."  he said and I tried to not to curse in front of him. 

"But why us?" I asked  

"You're one of the few I trust Jeongyeon, and if… if you fail to please me then you will happen to meet a fate similar to the many others who have tried to go against me. Very few have survived the many things I am capable of doing." he spoke softly and I flinched at the venom coating his words. I nodded and picked the file and bowed before leaving with Mina. 


"What the hell?" Sana snapped once Mina and I'd filled her in. 

"He wants us to go after a file?! Great. I am loving this! So he's given us nothing but this one useless file? No leads, no information, no one to contact, nothing. And added to this, he threatened you! What is he trying to do here?" Sana exclaimed slamming a hand on the table. 

"I don't know" I said with a sigh and pulled up our database to look for a 'Lim Jaehyun"  

I typed the name in and waited for the search to pull up results.  

"Great! There are 1814 Lim Jaehyun's? " Mina groaned and huffed. 

"Uh… wait" I said as I added the word deceased into the computer. 

"Well, now we have 673 guys" I said with a chuckle. 

"Can't we narrow the search further down? Like we have nothing else on this guy?" Sana asked 

"I wish we did, but I guess we have to do this the old school way" I said shaking my head. 

"What's the use of all this tech when it doesn't help you when you need it?" Mina muttered as she began to go through the various Jaehyun's. 

"Is the name Jaehyun really this common?" I asked no one in particular as I finished eliminating the twenty eighth Jae from the list. It was tedious and I hated it 

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