Demons in Life

Behind the Mask
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Jeongyeon's POV:

Two days passed and Momo didn't return yet. I knew she can handle herself but I was worried. I heard the elevator open and turned to see who had come. It was Uncle.. Though I'd been adopted me and my sister never called him dad. We always called him Uncle. He came in and looked at me.

"Where is that woman?" He snapped. Oh heck. It never ended well when he was mad.

"Where is that ?" He screamed. I flinched and... and looked down at the floor and shook my head. A few years ago something happened and ever since then Uncle had been mad at Momo. I didn't know what but when she had come back from meeting her dad, she was bloodied up and beaten. Those bruises had been very bad and she had been in pain for a whole month.

 He looked at me and told me to relay a message for her. I closed my eyes and nodded my head. With that he turned and left. I grabbed my phone and called her as soon as he left. What was that girl doing? Pick up! Pick the damn call up Momo!!


Momo's POV:

I shrugged and sat on the couch. I called her over and she slowly sat down next to me. I don't know why  but she didn't shy away or hide from me. Which made her interesting and different. I switched on the TV and was looking at the movie catalogue when I said "I know you're feeling awkward, but please don't. Make yourself feel at home. I may be your boss at work but here I am not. Also, what happened to your house was partially my fault too, so please stay here for as long as you like. You don't need to do anything here. Also this is a safehouse and is completely safe. Even Jeong doesn't know about this. Only two people know about this house. Me and you. "

She looked at me and nodded with a soft smile. She was scared. I could see it. I scooted closer to her put my arm around her and pulled her close. She stiffened at first but then slowly relaxed and cuddled with me. I was shocked at first but then I decided that I liked it. I hadn't been this close to anyone since my family's death. I had pushed Jeong and everyone out and myself in. But I didn't want that to happen to another person so I decided to help Nayeon out. Twenty minutes into the movie I looked at her to see that she was asleep. I sighed and carefully picked her up and carried her to my room. I placed her on the bed and covered her. She looked cute when she slept. She was really pretty too. I turned the movie off and went into the balcony and stared outside at the stars. After some time I went back and slid into the bed carefully so that I don't disturb her. I found myself drift

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