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Behind the Mask
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Momo's POV:

I walked out of the last meeting room and knew I would have exactly 5 minutes before Jeong starts screaming. Sana well, didn't really care much as she trusted my judgement but Jeong.. I knew I would have to face her. I decided to think ahead as to what to answer her. We walk over to our office and on my way I stop at Mina's desk and tell her "There is a new employee in the conference room down in 6. Get her up here and ask her to take up the latest data Dahyun received from Mark." She looked up at me and asked "Newbie in 7? ". I gave her one of my death glares and she flinched and nodded. I smirked and made my way to my office. I entered my office and shut the door and made my way to my table. I kept looking at Jeongyeon hoping for some reaction but I found none. After around 10 minutes she finally opened .

"Why'd you do that?" she asked me.

"Do what?" I asked her with a raised eyebrow.

"Momo don't play jokes with me! You know very well what I am talking about" she snapped

I sighed and replied "I don't know Jeong... Something about her seems different. I just know that she will change things here. Change is needed. Sure we're the best but we have been using the same methods for the past 1 and a half years! We need some changes." I was losing it and she could see it too.

She sighed and nodded and said "okay.." and then went back to her work. I got up from my chair when I couldn't take it any longer and went over to Nayeon who was sitting outside my office. I took a couple of files which I had already evaluated and dumped them on her desk. I wanted to see if my judgement was correct. I gave them over to her and gave her a small pep talk. It was a mixture of both lies and the truth. I sighed and went back to my office once I was done. Jeong wasn't talking to me so I decided to work on the cost management.

We were checking files and reports for about an hour when suddenly the emergency alarm started to ring. What in the world?. I snapped my head to look at Jeong and we both rushed outside. "Chaeyoung! Tzuyu! Secure 1 to 3" Jeong screamed into her phone while giving instructions and running down the emergency stairs.  For some reason I couldn't move. Yeah, if I ever told anyone Hirai Momo was frozen they would laugh at me and kick me out. Luckily Sana and Mina rushed to me and asked for instructions. "I just asked them to secure 5 and 6 as I knew Jeong was in 4 and she'd asked Chaeng and Tzuyu to secure the lower floors. Every floor had a trained assassin/fighter. But like I said Me and Jeong were the best. I went out into the main area when I saw that Mina had already asked the 7th floor employees to evacuate the area. I made a mental note to thank her and went into the restroom to get rid of the bandage on my hands.

I went in to find the new girl Nayeon applying an extra coat of lipstick. "What are you doing here?" I snapped at her. I didn't wait for her response and just pulled her out of the restroom and covered . "Just stay quiet and follow me" I said with my death glare. She nodded and looked down. I made it till the entrance of the emergency exit when I sensed another presence in the room. I grabbed Nayeon's hand and stood in front of her. I knew she was confused and probably scared to death but I couldn't explain anything. Not now atl east.

I waited for 1 whole minute before I pulled out my tranquilizer darts and shot near the huge potted plant in the corner. As soon as it hit a thud could be heard and I sensed Nayeon's fear spiking as she was breathing real hard and crying. I don't know why but I held her hand and my thumb over her hand calming her. Before I could blink  Nayeon was snatched from me and pushed to the floor. I turned my head to see Steve a man whose life I had ruined. I knew he'd come to find me as I had heard he had broken out of jail. "Remember me Momo?" he snarled at me.

"What do you want?" I asked him while keeping an eye on Nayeon and her captor. "I want a fight Momo. You know what I mean don't you. Last time I saw you it was in the dead of the night but this time I want your employees to see you fall and not rise. I have trained and I am stronger now. The last time I got caught was unfortunate. And I didn't know how to fight but this time darling, the tables have turned."

"And why must I accept and where is the catch?" I asked him slowing the pace at which we were going around each other. He smirked and pointed to the new girl  "You know who she is right? I can kill her in this very second if you don't accept my offer. I will give you 5 minutes to decide. Her life or yours."

Years of training helped my keep my indifferent expressionless f

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