I Want You Back

Behind the Mask
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Momo's POV:

"I....." Nayeon began one evening

"Hmm?" I prodded while chopping the vegetables for the stew. It had been a week and a half since my discharge from the hospital and things were boring as ever. Just the usual things at work and nothing else. I secretly itched for a mission and was so glad when my boss told me he had a new lead and that I'd have to report to him tonight. Of course I hadn't told Nayeon about it yet, but I was going to..

"Well, are all your employees fighters?"

"Uh.. Nope. Just some of 'em.. It's a little complicated" I said trying to give her the most believable explanation for the most complicated topic.

"Try me" She said and sat up straight in her chair. I sighed and tossed the vegetables into the oil.

"Well, years ago my grandfather had this secret gang. Well, the gang was well known but the members were a secret. They performed illegal activities and were on the wanted list. Somehow they got away.. But their secret lair remained undiscovered. When I was young, my dad wasn't like this. He was the opposite actually. He despised my grandfather for his activities as a gangster and swore to try and correct his mistakes. But somewhere along the line, my dad changed and he began to train young kids. Mostly those who were homeless or those who he thought needed the training and help. All this was fine, it was good.... Jeong and I began to win competitions and the prize money was always given to charity. But then like I said my dad changed. He became greedy, he started keeping the money to himself and started doing illegal activities like his father. Only thing is he took to heights I wouldn't have imagined possible." I said while waiting for the stew to boil.

"Oh..." she said quietly.

"That's when I began to change things into my name, that was when my dad and I drifted apart, that was when all the agents back at his place began to fear and hate me. At first it was fine, but now I cannot take it anymore. He might be my dad, but he is doing things which are horrible." I said with a huff.

"I-I'm sorry" I said when she didn't reply. She flicked her brows up and asked "Huh? What'd you do?"

"A lot of things Nayeon, but for now its because I'm boring you."

"Not at all!" she said keeping a stern face. I shrugged and served her our dinner.

"Mhmm! This is really good! " She said as she tasted the food I'd made. I knew she'd always liked that particular stew.. I had made it for this very reason

"This reminds me of my ex though..." she continued and I stiffened.

"Uhh?" I stuttered

"My ex.. She used to make this for me too.." She explained with a sad smile. My heart broke seeing her sad smile.

"Do you.. Did you love her?" I asked even though I knew the answer already

"This is the second time I'm telling this to someone.. Heh.. Well, I did. She was with me even when I was blind you see? She saw me even when I couldn't see her. She stayed with me all the time and was a constant support for me.. But then she left me. I don't know why but she did. The thing is I don't even know how she looked or anything that could help me find her. Just bits and pieces of information which I don't think would be of any use."

"Do- Do you want to meet her?" I asked gripping the knee tightly and gulping in fear.

"I do.. I really do... I want to ask her why she left me! I want to see the woman I loved

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