Living a dual life

Behind the Mask
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Momo's POV:

"Is this really necessary?" Nayeon whined as she pulled the hood of the hoodie down.

"Well, forgive me for trying to keep us safe from those gang members!" I said as we were walking to her house.

"And your way of blending in is to make us look like gangsters huh?" she huffed and rolled her eyes

"Says the person who wanted to walk in without even checking her surroundings" I fired back.

"Yeah? Well look at us! Oversized hoodies with the hoods pulled to cover our faces, face masks to prevent anyone from seeing us and then black pants to add to the look! We look like suspicious people!" she said with a groan. Well she did have a point there, but I wasn't going to admit it.

"You know for someone who calls herself an agent, you don't know a thing about stealth" She continued. But I was half paying attention to her. Something about this place didn't seem right. Not because I had dressed us up wrongly, but I could feel eyes on us as we entered her building.

"And what do you know about it?" I asked trying to act casual while I took note of the surroundings.

"Well, for one you don't dress like this. You try and camouflage with the others. Be causal not creepy" She started and I nodded. She stopped before her apartment and frowned "Was the door open since that day?"

"Huh?" I asked coming behind her

"Nothing" she huffed and we went in

"Wow... I've been robbed" she said as she looked around the room. Plates and cutlery were shattered on the floor, the drawers were out and bits of paper and clothes scattered all around the place. All the shelves were open and were empty. It looked like a real mess.

"I... All my things are gone!" she said with a sniff. I went forward and wrapped an arm around her shoulder and she fell into my arms. Her eyes were watery and held on to me. Her previously cheery mood now seemed dull and gloomy. I sighed. And to add to the whole situation I felt more than heard someone throw a punch right at Nayeon's back. I whirled and stopped it just in time before it touched her.

"What the- No!" she yelled as she got pulled by another person. I knew she won't last long by trying to fight the person off. I went on the offense and whacked the person before me faster than the other could even get up. I ran to my girlfriend and rammed my knee into the gut of the other person. They stumbled back and let go of Nayeon. She ran away and stood behind me

"Stay close" I mumbled and she nodded with a sniff.

I was about to launch another attack when a flash of silver caught my eye. I blocked the blow and decided to test my luck.

"Jeong? That you?" I called out. The person before me froze and I knew it was her. But she decided to punch me and this time it hit me in the stomach. I groaned and stumbled.

"it's me Momo! And that's Nayeon! Dammit Jeong!" I said and panted.

"Momo?" she asked and froze. I nodded and pulled back my hood and took off the mask

"What- What are you doing here?" she asked frowning.

"Oh my god!" Nayeon exclaimed and came to help me up. I leaned against her and answered Jeong who seemed equally confused as me.

"I was wondering the same damn thing. This is Nayeon's house.. And we were here to check its condition, and by the looks of it, it doesn't seem great" I said and huffed. She gave me a solid punch.

I turned to see who I'd whacked and I flinched when I saw Mina on the floor. . She always held a grudge against people who beat her. She got up and glared at me as she whispered something into her comm. I turned to Jeong and raised an eyebrow. She pointed her chin at my tattoo telling me to join in. I wanted to but if I did, it would probably alert my dad. If he'd sent people here then it meant he knew who lived here. And if he comes to know I found Nayeon and I'm with her again, that man wouldn't leave me alone. I wasn't even going to try my luck. I turned to Nayeon and asked her if she wants to see her room. She nodded and we both carefully avoided the broken items and made it inside. The state of her room was not any better. While she was searching for things she could use, I came across a rather interesting thing. There was a footprint on the floor by the window which was definitely a print made in blood. I looked around the room to find any stains but frowned when I found nothing. How did a footprint turn up from nowhere? I pulled the blinds back and peeked outside the window. This whole situation just didn't seem right. I wanted to find out more, but Jeong poked her head in and asked if we were done. I looked at Nayeon who had picked up a couple things and was still looking around.

"What are you doing here?" I asked Jeong. She looked at me and said "A neighbor reported some weird things to the cops. And the cops gave us the case."

"Weird?" I probed

"He said he heard someone sc

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