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When fate breaks two hearts apart, to bring another two together.


When Taeyeon the big sunbae of the music industry now, as she's the leader of Girls' Generation and the rising solo artist that is called as 'Charts Killer' too, meets the little boy Taehyung, back during his debuting days, and takes him as one of her juniors that she cares about.

Day by day, Taehyung's (V) popularity increases and his group BTS keeps on breaking new records in the music industry every now and then. Which should be a good thing to be happy about, but for those two it’s not.


What will happen when the world knows that Kpop’s Queen is the rising star V’s friend?

What will happen when they know that it may be something more than just a pure friendship?


It’s a story about pure love story of a sunbae and a junior, some may call it forbidden love, but I can say it’s not forbidden as long as you love yourself and live for yourself not for the world.



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Hello all I’m back with a new story about SNSD’s Taeyeon and BTS’s V. I know it may seems weird, but I like them both the most and thought of coupling them up in an innocent love story as a change, since it been 5 years already where I wrote about GTAE only, and it was time to change a bit (That doesn’t mean that I won’t write about GTAE again).

Please no hate for this, I’m not stating that they are dating or something, I just purely love the two of them individually, and thought that they look cute together, so decided to go with this story, and for those who doesn’t know this fact, V is a BIG fan of SNSD and even the first album he has ever got was SNSD’s Gee. He even promoted them at many interviews as ‘Korea’s Best Musicians and Artists’.





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Hello, alot are wondering about why this is under GTAE tag, well it's because soon you will find out about it more... All I can say is they are "Friends" here for sure, since this story is all about our Tae-Tae or VYeon couple ^^
Hope you would support our Tae-Tae as much as you support GTAE <33
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