Closer (가까이)

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By that, Taeyeon and Taehyung, raised their kids together.

They went out to walk their dogs together.

Also sometimes, they even visited pet cafés around Seoul to entertain their pets.

Kim Yeon-tan grew up quickly, he has now his own house and playground at Taehyung’s dorm.

And sometimes he would leave him at Taeyeon’s house when he goes overseas for his schedule.

“Yeontan-ah, come over here…” Taehyung called for him, “Let’s wait for noona.”

“Tan-ah~” he heard then someone calling Yeon-Tan.

Tan ran so fast that his leash left Taehyung’s hand.

“Aigoo, aigoo,” Taeyeon hugged him, “You missed me? Did you miss noona this much?” Tannie kept Taeyeon affectionately.

“Noona you came?”

“Aigoo, if Tannie misses me this much, then what about his heartless father?”

He shrugged his shoulder playfully.

“Tan-ah, you don’t deserve this father, he isn’t good enough for you.” she pouted at him, “What an ungrateful father.”

Yeon-tan then barked at him angrily.

“Oh my! Tan-ah, did you just take sides with Taeyeon noona?”

He barked again.

“Zero-ya, come over here…” Zero ran to his arms, “I have no one but you my little kid.”

“You know something?” she told him, “Zero apparently hates men, he doesn’t let any man get closer to him.”

“Really?” he was surprised.

“But strangely, his little paws only runs towards you.”

He smirked.

“Aigoo Zero-ya, you only like hyung right?”

He barked and him fondly.

“Don’t let Tan hear this,” he talked to him cutely, “But you’ll always be hyung’s favorite man~”

He high-fived him.

“Oh my! Kim Zero you can high five too?” Taeyeon was surprised.

“As expected men knows men better.” Taehyung turned at Taeyeon while carrying Zero near to his face.

“Tan-ah, if one day you from the life with your dad, you know where to come to, right?” Taeyeon countered back.

Taehyung laughed then at their childishness.


They switched their pets then, and went to walk them by the river at 4 AM in the morning.

“How are you doing lately?” he asked.

“Well, I’m surviving.” She said, “What about you? I saw you accepting that big award, congratulations!”

He smiled shyly while bowing his head.

“I knew you would make it big,” she tiptoed and ruffled his hair, “Aigoo my Tae is this big already.”

“I’m not a kid anymore, I’m…” he sighed, “I’m Tannie’s father now.” he smiled while lifting his chin up proudly.

“Aigoo, a baby raising another baby.” She pinched his nose.

“Noona!” he cried cutely.

His phone rang then.

“What?” he looked at her and seemed to be worried, “I will come immediately.”

“What happened? Everything alright?” she asked him.

“My mother fainted.” He panicked, “What to do? I have to go…”

“Let’s go.”

“No, it’s fine noona, I will call my manager.” He took his phone out, “He shouldn’t be far from here, ugh! why didn't I bring my car…”

“At this early hour? It’s faster to go with me, come on I will drive you.”


“Come on,” she took Tannie, “Tan-ah, let’s run…”

Taehyung took Zero and they ran to Taeyeon’s car, on their way to Geochang.


After around two hours of their drive to Geochang.

Taehyung ran as they parked in front of his parents’ newly purchased house by their son.


Taeyeon stayed outside, she didn’t know what to do.

She went to the nearest market around, got a basket of fruits and came back.

Taeyeon went and left the basket at their doorsteps.

Then a young girl asked her, “How can I help you?”

When Taeyeon turned, the girl was shocked.

“T-Taeyeon unnie?”

Taeyeon took her hoodie off, “Hello.” She bowed.

“How come you’re here?” she looked at her car then at her again, “You came to visit us?”

Us? Taeyeon was confused.

Tan and Zero then came running toward them.

“Tan-ah!” she held him, “How come you’re here, who brought you?”

Then Taeyeon remembered that Taehyung mentioned that he had a younger brother and sister.

“You must be Eun Ji, right?” she asked then.

“Oh my!” she covered her gasped mouth, “You know my name unnie!”

“U-Uh, it’s just…”

“Come in, please…” she invited with Tan in her arms.

“It’s fine, I just wanted to check on your mother-”

“Come with me, how can I let you leave when you came all the way here?” she dragged her inside.

“But I-”

Taeyeon had to come in then.

“Oppa! Come see who we have here!” she shouted as they came in.

Then the doctor to leave the master room with Taehyung’s father.

“She will be alright after she wakes up, she just needs some rest as usual.”

“She scared us…” his father sighed.

“Don’t forget to let her take her medication on time.”

“Thank you again doctor.” He showed him the way out.

“Why are you shouting? Don’t you know that your mother fainted?-” a younger version of Kim Taehyung came out.

He kept staring blankly at Taeyeon that was standing in their living room.

And Taeyeon did the same while being surprised of the level of resemblances.

“T-Taeyeon noona?” he stuttered.

“Hello,” she waved to him, “You must be Jeong Gyu, right? Kim Jeong Gyu.”

“Omo!” he reacted the same as his sister. “What on earth!”

Taeyeon laughed at their cuteness.

“You said mom fainted?” his sister realized then.

“Uh, she fainted earlier, and we called the doctor over.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?” she shouted.

“You had your lessons start then.” Then he noticed, “Why are you back home? Don’t you have school to attend?”

“How is she?” Taeyeon asked then.

“She is fine, nothing serious, just needs some rest.”

“Who do we have here?”

Taeyeon bowed then.

“Hello Kim father, I’m Kim Taeyeon.”

He bowed back.

Taeyeon saw the confused look at his face.

“Uh, I’m Taehyung’s friend, he got the call while he was with me, so we rushed over.”

“Ah, I don’t know if this is a right timing, but nice to meet you.”

“Sorry for visiting you over, when it’s not a pleasant timing,” she bowed, “I just wanted to check on Kim mother before going back.”

She bowed again, “Hope she will recover fast, I will come back and introduce myself on a better day.”

Taeyeon turned to leave.

“Excuse me…” his words stopped her.

“It’s nothing major, she just fainted from her low blood sugar level.” He said, “Don’t worry about it, you didn’t do anything wrong, how can we send our son’s friend like that.” He smiled, “Come in please…”

His smile is so identical to Taehyung’s.

Taeyeon smiled back, “I’m sorry for coming suddenly like this again.” She bowed.

“Don’t worry about it, thank you for bringing our son all the way here.” He invited her to sit, “It must have been a long ride.”

“No worries, I should do this at least after all.”

The two siblings were playing with Zero and Tan aside.

While Taehyung stuck next to his mother’s side.

“Do you want to check on her?” Kim father noticed the worried look on Taeyeon’s face.

“Can I?” she asked innocently.

“For sure, come f

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