Go! Go!

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For the rest of the year at 2016, Taeyeon and Taehyung met here and there on music shows, awards events and even in private.

Also, Baekhyun became better after that day, he shortened his playing routine and started to go out more.

He needed that slap to wake up from that world.


One day after Taehyung finished promotion of “Blood, Sweat and Tears” he called Taeyeon out.

“What?” he blinded her eyes with his two hands.

She was surprised with his sudden carefreeness. 

“Just keep them closed for a bit more.”

“What is it?”

“Tada!” he cried happily.

“Woah! You got your license?”

“Yea- no.”

She chuckled at his cute expression.

“Then what about this car?”

“It’s mine, I bought it.”

“Bought a car, while you can’t drive?”

“I got a 93 points on my theoretical written exam.”

“Wow! You’re really smart~” she ruffled his hair. “What about the practical test?”  

He bowed his head, “Still afraid of taking it.”

Taeyeon chortled, “Let’s go.”


“I will teach you how to drive.”

“Really?” his eyes lit with excitement.

“I will drive from here, and you will have the way back on your own.”

He ran and opened the door for her, “Please take care of me, Ms. Kim…” and bowed playfully.

She ruffled his fluffy hair again, “Who can stop you for real?”

Taehyung ran to the passenger seat, and kept alerted throughout the whole way to where Taeyeon took him to try the empty long streets as it was his first time driving on street.

“I know that you learned all that at the driving school, but I will say them anyway,” Taeyeon told him, “As you enter put on the seatbelt, then put your right foot on the left-hand pedal, the brake, and push it down so you can start driving.”

Taehyung went up a little and peeked at her, “Start the car using the key or start button, and with your foot still on the brake, move the shifter to ‘D’ if you want to drive forward or ‘R’ if you wish to reverse, then put your foot at the accelerator the right pedal and start driving.”


“You know how to use the gear stick, right?”

He nodded.

“And that is it.”

He arched his eyebrow in confusion.

“You just need to keep aware of the cars around you, by checking the rear and the side mirrors.”

And she demonstrated that.

“Since you’re a beginner now, try not to play around with the other cars, let them all pass and cut the line, when you get used to the street, then cut the life of anyone that cut your way.”

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Hello, alot are wondering about why this is under GTAE tag, well it's because soon you will find out about it more... All I can say is they are "Friends" here for sure, since this story is all about our Tae-Tae or VYeon couple ^^
Hope you would support our Tae-Tae as much as you support GTAE <33
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