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At 2017, BTS came back with their album ‘Love Yourself: 承 Her’ and there where it went crazy.

Their songs toped all music charts world widely, they started to go to award shows overseas that no one has went there before, billboard and others, and day by day their fame started to increase, and they began to get more attention from everyone.

One day after Taeyeon finished her meeting.

She was passing by her van, then saw a pet shop.

She parked her car, and went inside to bring ginger some snacks.

Taeyeon saw that little ball of fur crying cutely.

She couldn’t leave him, and go.

So, Taeyeon ended up adding a new member to her life.

“Aigoo you’re so cute!” she kept talking to him all the way until they reached their destination.

“Noona!” he waved to her while smiling widely.

“Tae~” she rolled her window.

He hugged her as he entered.

“Aigoo, it been a while!” she pouted, “How is everything going?”

“We’re two weeks away from our comeback.”

“It’ll be a lit indeed.”

He smirked mischievously.

She laughed.

“Let’s go, I have someone to introduce you to.”


“You’ll see.”

She asked then, “Did you eat?”

“No, I was practicing.” He smiled toothily shyly.

“I knew that, so I ordered in advance.”

“As expected, noona is the best!” he gave her thumps up.


They went to her place.

“The food is here~” he said excitedly.

“Wash up and come, I will prepare the table.” 

“Alright.” He hurried to the toilet.

Taeyeon took the sleeping poodle out, “Run to your hyung…” she set him free as Taehyung came out from the toilet.

“Oh my!” he jumped while screaming as he saw a little fur ball running towards him.

Taeyeon rolled on the floor while laughing at his reaction.

“What is this?” he asked on the verge of crying.

Taeyeon was tearing up from laughing hard at him.

“My new son.” She introduced proudly.

“Really? You got a new poodle?” he carried him, “Aigoo, he is so tiny!”

“What do you think? Isn’t he so adorable?” she ruffled his fur, “I couldn’t leave him there and go.”

He cried then.

“Annyeong~” Taehyung talked to him, “What is your name?”

“Hmm, I didn’t think of that.” She realized, “What should we name him?”

They thought for a while.

“How about Zero?” he said.

“Zero? Why?”

“We think that things start from 1 usually, but in reality we forget the base which is 0.”

“Oh! that’s deep!” she reacted.

“Also, it can mean infinity, that you want to be with him forever,” he looked at her, “Whenever you will look at him, you can remember your base, your beginning and your future.”

Taehyung looked at Zero, and he him back, “Also he is so young, and that sounds like Zero in Korean.”

She hit his shoulder, “Why are you being so poetic and emotional today?” she smiled, “Zero-ya come to your mother…”

“Are you really naming him Zero? I was just suggesting that.” He was surprised.

“I really like it, Zero.” She smiled while looking at him, “Zero-ya, greet your fool hyung…”

“Annyeong Zero-ya~” he waved to him while smiling.

“Let’s eat, come on Zero-ya, let’s feed you your first meal here with us…”

Taehyung couldn’t leave Zero the whole night.

“You told me you love dogs before, right?”  she asked him while eating her jelly.

“Eng, I always wanted to have one, I was planning to get one soon,” he held the back of his neck shyly as always, “I even studied a bit on how to raise a dog.”

“You did really?” she chuckled, “Aigoo, how cute~” she pinched his cheek.

“I didn’t want to get one then mistreat it in any way by mistake, so

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