Make it Right

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After that day, Taeyeon continued on with her life peacefully, she met Baekhyun from time to time, but he was busy with his tour then.


After one year.



“Uh, you came.”

Baekhyun was confused with her soulless reaction.

“Is there something wrong?”

“What? Nothing…”

“Are the preparation for your album tiring you?”

“I’m fine.”

Baekhyun stayed still and didn’t drag it any longer, since he knew something was in there.

He took his phone and started playing again.

At one moment, Taeyeon took that phone from his hands and threw it hard away.

“Noona! What are you doing?!”



“Is it me or this damn games of yours!” she cried out.

He chuckled in disbelief, “What are you talking about now?”

“You know what I’m talking about very well!” she glared at him, “Stop changing this topic whenever I open it!”

“Noona, you know how many times we fought because of this?”

“Then you must know too, that I wanted from you to leave it, so we can stay together,” she sighed, “But clearly, you’re not doing that.”

He sighed.

“Which means, that I’m nothing, and my word isn’t that important to you.”


“Stop it!” she shouted, “Choose, is it me or your games?”

“Noona you know that all this is-”

“Me or this damn games!” she shouted again.

He hesitated.

Taeyeon took her bag and slammed the door after her in anger.


They broke up multiple times already in the past year and half that they dated in.

Sometime on silly stuff, and others on big issues.

And at the end, they weren’t meant to be.

Since in Taeyeon’s eyes, Baekhyun favored his games on her, while in Baekhyun’s eyes, it’s something else…


Taeyeon drank for days, locked herself in her room and skipped all the training for their comeback at summer 2015.


“Look at this…” Yuri came in the waiting room of SNSD showing her members a video that went viral at the SNS.

“Omo! He is so cute!”

“He is that guy from before, right?”

“What are you seeing?” Taeyeon came asking as she was brushing her teeth.

“See this…” they showed her BTS’s V video singing to their song party on his live broadcast.

“Oh, it’s him.” She smiled proudly at him.

“You know him?”

“Not really knowing him, but you can say that I do.”

They tilted their heads at her in confusion.


“He looks like someone…” Yuri wondered.

“Right? I was thinking the same…”

“EXO! Baekhyun!” Hyoyeon then remembered.

Sunny gave them that look.

“I’m okay, how many times I should tell you to not be aware of me while mentioning him?” she shrugged her shoulders, “I don’t mind it at all, we’re friends now, which I wonder whether this fact even changed since the beginning?”

They all sighed.

“Are you really fine? Or trying to look like you’re fine?”

“I’m beyond being fine~” she said dramatically while spreading her arms in the air.

They rolled their eyes.

“Aigoo, our JummaTaeng is something really.”

“Give me this, let me bless my day…” she took the phone that was playing V’s broadcast.

The members looked surprised with Taeyeon’s words.

“He is so cute, isn’t he?” she reacted while pouting at him.


“Your mentality is something really…!”

“Are you the unnie that I know?”


Later on, when Taeyeon released her first solo album, started her mini-tour and fan-meetings and variety show, then she returned with TTS for a winter comeback.

Then BTS were promoting RUN at Music Bank together with TTS Dear Santa.

A knock was heard on their waiting room door, the girls turned, to see V, Suga and RM entering their room.

“How have you been sunbae-nim?” they bowed respectfully.

“Uh, how are you?” Tiffany went up waving for them.

“We wanted to drop by to greet you, and give you our CD…” RM told her.

Taeyeon was eating her muffin, when V approached her with their CD. “Sunbae-nim, here’s our signed CD, hope you would like it…”

Taeyeon swallowed her muffin bite while checking their album jacket.

“Woah, it’s really cool!”

“Thank you~” he smiled cutely.

“I really liked your song, Run! Run! Run!” Tiffany sang and danced to them.

They were so happy.

“Thank you for your support.”

“V-ssi,” Taeyeon called.


“You are really cool!” she gave him a thumps up.

“Suddenly?” he chuckled nervously.

“I mean here in the photobook,” she took another bite from her muffin, “It turned out really good and cool, as expected!” she grinned.

V saw how she was wiggling her feet cutely as she was wearing her fluffy bunny slippers, as she was checking their album carefully, and smiled at her cuteness.

They were about to leave.

“Do well!” she gestured for him.

“Thank you sunbae-nim.”

“See you around~”

“Sure thing!” he smiled while bowing to her lastly.


Then at their interview together, before they were going on stage.

Tiffany and V kept playing around together and imitating each other childishly as usual, and Taeyeon just laughed at them from aside.


“Oppa~” Taeyeon called.

“Uh, our Taengoo~ I-ya I-ya I-ya~” he called back cutely.

“Ah oppa please!” she laughed.

“How are you little girl? How come you’re calling me?”

“I heard that you’re weekly’s idol MC now.”

“Uh, I’m just filling Doni’s place.” He sensed the atmosphere, “Why?”

“U-Uh…” she got flustered, “The thing is that, I heard from someone that you’re going to have BTS as your guests soon.”

“Really? Oh right, I remember reading that they will be the guests for the next episode.” He told her, “How did you know that? And what about them?”

“I just got to know it,” she cut him, “oppa…”

“What do you want? Just say it already!” he shouted at her.

She laughed.

“I just want you to take care of them.” She told him shyly.

“Omo!” he was surprised. “Our Taengoo is asking me to take care of another group members! Am I hearing well or what?”

She cracked up, “Ah oppa~”

“Are you for real? Are you falling for them or what?”

“Uh, I just saw them growing up cutely and coolly,” she groaned, “Ah~ will you take care of them or what?”

“Why though? They’re doing well enough on their own, I don’t think I need to do anything more.”

“The thing is that since ever they went on this program for the first time, Doni and Coni keep on teasing them and bringing them down.” She told him, “I can’t see this happens again this time.”

“Omo Taeyeon-ah…” he was taken aback, “Are they your new kids?”

“Oh well, not new, but you can say so.”

They laughed.

“Oppa take care of them, and don’t tease them, just keep on praising them.” She asked from him, “Please.”

“I got it miss Taengoo,” he , “I will take care of your babies.”

“Thank you oppa! I will buy you a meal soon in return.” She was happy.

“Hey, help me with something instead for now.”


“I need to know them more and memorize their names,” he told her, “Teach me BTS mom!”

She laughed, “You found the best person for this task.”

“Aigoo, I can’t recognize you anymore Ms. Kim Taeyeon.”


BTS went on Weekly Idol with Heechul being the MC for the first time there.

“You worked all well!”

“Thank you hyung!”

“You did all well!”

They were bowing to the staff and the MC backstage after they finished recording their episode, as they went out to promote their new song RUN.

“You were great today!” Heechul gave them thumps up, “As expected, I got to know now why my Taengoo is that fond of you all.”

They were confused.

“Ah, our SNSD Taeyeon asked me to take care of you today, as she heard that you will be the guests for this episode.”

They were touched, and kept bowing in return thanking him.

“Thank you hyung!”

“Thank you really!”

“Go thank your BTS mom.”

“BTS mom?” they laughed.

“Uh, Taeyeon was the one that made me memorize your names all, and she gave me an overview since your debut days till now.”



“As expected, Taeyeon sunbae-nim is the best!”

“I’m really touched!”

They were really astonished to hear that, since Taeyeon was just supporting them from afar, but they never knew that she were thinking deeply of them like this.


As days went by, Taeyeon went to MAMA 2015 together with Tiffany and Seohyun after that.

While sitting there, she saw V behind her, and Baekhyun on the other side.

“BTS are the winners.” Tiffany whispered to them.


Then the MC announced, “The World Performers Award goes to BTS!”

They all went up to congratulate them.

BTS members bowed all respectfully to everyone.

When Taeyeon turned to congra

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