Farewell (먼저 말해줘)

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Taeyeon was recording at the studio for her single 11:11, when she got a call from an unknown number.


“Hello? Taeyeon sunbae-nim?”

“Yes, who is this?”

“Sunbae-nim, I’m Jeon Jungkook from BTS.”

“Uh, uh, Jungkook-ssi,” she recognized him, “How are you? Is everything alright?”

“Sunbae-nim, excuse me for calling you like this, but Taehyung hyung is…”

“What’s wrong with Taehyung?”

“We just got the news that Taehyung hyung’s grandma passed away.”

“Oh my!” Taeyeon held her forehead. “I’m sorry for that.”

She knew how dear his grandma was to him, he kept talking to Taeyeon about her whenever they are together.

“How is he right now?”

“That is why I called,” his tone was filled with sorrow, “He locked himself up and he is not listening to any of us, that’s why I called you, since I know that you’re the closest to him beside us.”

Taeyeon kept going back and forth thinking while tearing up silently, “You’re overseas right now, right?”

“Yes, we are in Philippines for a fan-meeting.”

“Okay listen, I will book him a ticket at the first flight right now and send it to you, get him out from there as soon as you can.”


“Put me on speaker…”

“But he locked the door, he won’t listen.”

“Let everyone calm down, and put me on speaker.”

Jungkook did that.

“You can speak now…” he told her.

“Kim Taehyung!” Taeyeon called. “Kim Taehyung, Let’s go see your grandma.”

A moment of silence filled the backstage there.

Then the voice of the door cracking was heard.


“Run as fast as you can, I booked you the nearest flight right now,” she held herself from crying, “Run Taehyung-ah, run!”

When Taeyeon was welcomed with silence, “Taehyung-ah?”

“S-Sunbae-nim, thank you.” Jungkook told her while sniffing.

“What happened?”

“He ran.”


Luckily he was somewhere near, so it didn’t take him long to reach back into Seoul.


Taeyeon hopped in her car and went to the airport to pick Taehyung up.

After couple of hours, she saw the most broken man in the whole world walking toward her.

She collected him in a hug him as soon as he reached her.

He squeezed her, and sobbed out loud.

Taeyeon couldn’t help but to cry with him.

She simply caressed his back and allowed him to cry all his sadness.

After a good 30 minutes of crying his heart out, Taehyung looked at Taeyeon, that lent him her shoulder to share his sadness with her, with a wet reddened face.

“Shall we go and meet her?” Taeyeon told him with a forced smiled, even though her face was wet from crying with him as well.

He nodded like a 5 years old kid.

“Let’s go.” She took him to her car, and vroomed all the way to Daegu.

Taeyeon gave him the black suit that she picked on her way to the airport, and told him to go and see his grandma.

He opened the door to get unloaded, then he turned, “Noona, come with me…”

“What? I will follow you later-”

“I can’t handle seeing her lying there like this.” Tears fell.

Taeyeon parked the car and entered with him.

Taehyung and Taeyeon entered the funeral hall

“Taehyung-ah…” his mother called as she saw him.

He ran to her and started crying again.

“I’m sorry little kid.” she kept caressing his back.

“C-Can I see her?” he asked while sniffing.

“I asked them to wait until you come and see her first.”

“From here…” a man was showing him the way.

Taeyeon stopped there.

Taehyung turned, he went back and tucked on her sleeve.

Like a child asking his mother to accompany him on the way. 

She looked at him.


“I want you to meet my grandma.”

Taeyeon gave in and went with him.


They entered the room, where his grandma was lying lifelessly there.

Taehyung closed his mouth and cried out hard as they were there alone.

“G-Grandma…” he called and went onto his knees weakly, “How can you go first like this without telling me?”

Taeyeon’s heart broke more and more as she kept watching him moan from the pain of losing the most precious person in his life.

His grandma was his everything, she was the one that raised, fed and played with him all these years.

He saw and lived with her more than his own parents.

After half an hour of talking to her and crying next to her, he held her hand and said, “Grandma, I’m sorry for introducing you late,” he wiped his tears with the back of his hand, “this is Taeyeon noona, my favorite person after you Cha In-Seok-ssi.” He smiled with tearful eyes.

“I’m meeting you for the first time,” she bowed, “I’m Kim Taeyeon.”

“She is pretty right grandma?” he smiled foolishly then and caressed her hand gently, “I wish you had been alive just for one more hour, no 10 minutes would have been enough too, I’m sorry, I wanted to bring her over and introduce her to you, but I was too busy, I’m sorry grandma.” He buried his head next to her and cried out loud.

Taeyeon couldn’t handle that pain anymore.

She opened the door and waited for him outside while crying silently alone.

Thankfully Taehyung’s management cleared out the whole place so he would send his grandma off peacefully without worrying about meeting paparazzies or fans there.

Couple of hours passed, then Taeyeon found Taehyung putting his jacket on her.

She squinted, as she was burying her face in her two palms and praying for the two the whole time as Taehyung was biding his farewells in there, to see him standing there with bloodshot eyes.

“Did you send her well?”

He nodded.

She hugged him then.

“Don’t worry,” she caressed his back, “She went to a better place to look over you from there always.”

She felt him shaking hard, “She will always be with you.”

He cried a little bit more.

“You did well, your grandma will always be proud of you.” she tapped at his back, “She doesn’t want to see you crying over her like this anymore…”

He pulled away while blubbing.

Taeyeon wiped his tears off with her two thumps, “She won’t be able to go away peacefully if you keep crying like this.”

She smiled, “Let’s let her leave with a peaceful heart, huh?”

After staring at her for a little more, he nodded.

“Let’s go then.”

They cremated his grandma then and brought her cremains to the funeral hall so their relatives and friends can come in bow and pay their respect to her soul.

Taehyung’s parents, uncles and aunts went first and bowed to her.

Then he went forward and bowed to her.

At his last bow, he remained there bowing while shaking as he was crying again.

But that didn’t last, as he remembered Taeyeon’s words earlier, he didn’t want to sadden his grandma as she was leaving.

Taeyeon came in last bowed and paid her respect.

She bowed to his family and went out first.


Taehyung stayed inside the hall, facing his grandmother’s smiling face and breaking his soul more by the time.

It passed midnight then and was around 2AM.

Taehyung’s parents returned back home, and he was left there alone.

A cup of water was placed next to him then.

He looked up to find that it was Taeyeon.

He was surprised, “You didn’t leave yet?” he checked the time, “It’s late already.”

She slid against the wall and sat next to him, facing his grandma.

“How can I leave, while knowing that you will stay over here like this without eating or drinking a sip of water for the whole day.” She turned and smiled at him.

Taehyung was touched, he kept staring at her.

“Grandma, didn’t you love Taehyung the most when he eats?” she looked at her picture and said, “You love him the most when he is chubby, right?”

Taehyung looked at her.

“Let’s go and eat Hyung-ah,” she told him, “Grandma is waiting...”

She went up and gave him her hand.

Taehyung took it and went up with her to the hall outside, where the guests have their meal before leaving.

She put two bags on the table, “I knew that you won’t eat anytime, so I went and got some of your favorite food and came back.”

Taeyeon put the abalone porridge with a box of japchae noodles, “Luckily I was able to get these before they closed.”

“You really didn’t need to do all this-”

“Let’s eat,” she put the spoon in his hand, “Come on, your grandma is watching…” she turned to look at her picture from afar.


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