All Night

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The boys took a couple of selcas there, till Taeyeon’s manager came to them, “Sorry I’m a bit late, but I waited for the fans to leave first so I can clear the way for you.”

“Noona is still there?”

“Eng, do you want to meet her?”

Taehyung nodded happily.

“Come with me…”

They followed the manager to the backstage.

A gang of 7 handsome men walking at Taeyeon’s backstage was something that didn’t happen before ever.

“I asked them to not film anything around here, so it’s fine don’t worry.” He told them as he noticed how cautious they were then.

“Thank you hyung, you’re the best for real.” Taeyeon put his arm around him. 

“Wait here, she will come in a bit…” he took them to the guest room that Taehyung entered couple of days ago when his parents were there with her parents.

When the members entered then, they saw the 4 SNSD members waiting there as well.

“Oh my God!” Yuri gasped.

“So, you were talking for real earlier!” Hyoyeon told Yoona.

“See I told you, I wasn’t joking when I told you that I saw V earlier.”

“How have you been sunbae-nim,” all of them bowed to them, “We’re Bang-Tan!” they greeted them officially.

“Wow!” Sooyoung blinked in disbelief, “Are we shooting any kind of reality or variety show here?”

They laughed shyly.

“Were you really here all the time?”

“See, they have our lightsticks in their hands too…” Yoona told them.

The boys got shy.

“Unnie doesn’t know that they are here.” Yoona told them.


“How will we hide you all then?”

“They wanted to surprise her.”

“Come, come I have a plan…” Sooyoung told them.


Taeyeon finished filming her interview at the dressing room, and then changed into her own clothes to go and meet her members as she was going to dine with them after a long time.

“Taeyeon-ah!” Sooyoung came in called with a panicking look on her face.

“What? What happened?” she was taking off her earrings.

“Yoona fainted there suddenly!”

“What? Are you talking for real?” she stood up, “Where let’s go!”

They ran to the guest room.

“Yoona-ya!” she came in calling worriedly. “What happened? Why did she faint? Did you call 999?”

“I don’t know, she just fell suddenly.” Hyoyeon told her as she was sitting next to the lying lifeless Yoona.  

“U-Unnie…” she called weakly.

“Uh, I’m here,” she held her hand, “How are you feeling? Should I call the doctor?”

“I want to tell you something…”

“What is it? Tell me everything you want…” her eyes were sparkling with worrisome.

“Actually, I fainted because…” she coughed.

“Because what?”


Her eyes urged her to continue her sentence.

“Because Taehyung wanted to surprise you and didn’t know how to do so.”

“What?” she was confused.

“BTS came here tonight, and I fainted when I saw them, as my heart stopped suddenly!”

“What are you talking about?”

“Tada!” they appeared then all together from her back.

They fired some confetti on her, while Taehyung was standing at the middle with a cake in his hands.

“Congratulations~ Congratulations~” they sang all together with the SNSD members, “On eating your CDs~ Congratulations~”

Taeyeon was stunned while still kneeling in front of Yoona down there.

“Congratulations Sunbae-nim~” they bowed to her.

Taehyung was smiling the brightest there.

“Hurry, go blew the candles…” Yuri and Sooyoung pushed her.

She blew them off.

“Yay~” they applauded all for her.

“What’s going on?” she was lost.

“You’re amazing tonight noona!”

“It was the best concert I ever attended!”


She pinched Taehyung’s nose.


“Are you real?”

They laughed.

“When did you come?” she was still out of it, “Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You always surprise us, this time we wanted to do it instead.” He smirked.

She brushed her eyes multiple times, “You really came?”

They chuckled at her cuteness.

“All of you?” still staring at them in disbelief. “Kim Namjoo, Kim Seokjin, Min Yoongi, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin...” She listed them all, “…Kim Taehyung, Jeon Jungkook…”

“…BTS!” the girls continued.

They laughed shyly.

“Woah, I can’t believe this!” she covered her dropped jaw. “BTS came to my concert!” she jumped cutely, “Woah, BTS attended my concert!”

They couldn’t stop laughing at her cuteness.

“Oh, Im Yoona, are you alright?” she then remembered.

“Eng, what do you think of my acting skills?”

A smack on her head welcomed her.

“You freaked the life out of me!”

“It’s not me, it’s Sooyoung’s unnie plan!” she whined.

“Well, they wanted to surprise you, without a plan in their head, so we helped a bit.” Sooyoung shrugged her shoulder.

“Thanks to you, I’m more than surprised right now.”

“Let’s go now then.”

“Do you have anything now?” Hyoyeon asked them.

They looked at each other lost.

“We’re going to drink for Taeyeon’s success, will you join us?” Sooyoung asked them.

“We don’t want to ruin your plans-”

“What are you saying, you’re making it better like this.” Yuri blunted out. 

“Excuse my members please.” Taeyeon was embarrassed. “But you need to come with us, since I still can’t believe that you are all here.”

“It will be our honor.” Jin bowed to them.

“Great, I love your courage.” Hyoyeon gave him thumps up.

“Yayy~” Taeyeon was delighted.

“Then let’s go~” the girls lead the way first.

“We’re 12 in total, where will we meet at?”

“If you don’t mind, I know a private place that we usually drink at.” J-Hope told them.

“Really? Great!”

“I will send you the location now.”


They headed where J-Hope told them about.

“It’s a bar of one of my friends at school days, I asked him to empty all the VIP section for us.” He told them as they went in.

“Thank you, its atmosphere is really great~”

“Glad that you liked it.” He smiled shyly.

“Okay first of all,” Sooyoung went up, “Let us drink for Taeyeon’s The Unseen success~”

“Cheers~” they all clinked their glasses together.

“Noona, it was really the best of the best~” Jungkook told her from her side, “I was truly amazed~” his eyes were sparkling in that dim bar room.

Taeyeon hugged him from the side, “Aigoo, Kook-ah~” she was touched, “I really want to tear up right now, I still can’t believe that you’re all here!”

Jungkook smiled widely, “You did more to us noona, we’re just starting to repay your kindness back.”

“They blame me for loving you really~” she pouted cutely.

“Okay before we start this, I need to warn my members first…” Yoona said, “The Kim Taeyeon you’re going to meet right now, is not the one you lived with the past 15 years, she is totally a stranger to that Kim Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon frowned at her, “Ya Im Yoona!”

“I won’t ruin it for you, just meet her yourself in few moments…” she laughed.

“Don’t listen to her.” Taeyeon told them.

They chuckled at them.

“Anyway how come you managed to come as whole tonight?” she hit Taehyung’s thigh beside her, “You little one! You said you can’t make it and you have a sche

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