It's Only You

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When the ultimate Girls' Generation's Leader Kim Taeyeon fall in love with her Mnet M! Countdown Kwon Jiyong PD, but he ditch her and scar her heart, after being her F/W boyfriend, then she had to live with this pain for years alone. 

How would She react when she knows that He is back again? 


 Stay Tuned to see what will happen! 



Take care of your heart while reading this








                               Kwon Jiyong                                                                   Kim Taeyeon




                                 Yongbae                                                   GIRLS' GENERATION  -  SNSD








Hello everyone,  

Sorry for being late on you guys, I've been busy with university the past months, like really I have never imagined it would be this hectic!  

Here I'm, as I promised, back with a story about Taeyeon and Jiyong.


I want to thank @BellaKwona and @pmosantos1103 and @MaryRose19 and @exotaeng_sparks_99 and @bigbang0388 and @XxStrongPowerTYxX and my friend @Leos_Lioness for the encouragement to write again and don't quit. 


I will make my best to end this before the university starts again. 

Have a great time while reading it, and remember always that your suggestions are always welcomed ^^~

Hoping for Taeyeon or SNSD comeback by the end of the year! 









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