The Magic of Christmas Time

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“Uh?” Taeyeon answered her phone, “I’m here, just entered the elevator, it’s flat no. 1230 right? Uh, I got it, I’m almost there.”

She got a call earlier from Taehyung telling her to come over to this location he sent.

Taeyeon rang the bell.

She was welcomed with two hands covering her eyes suddenly.

“Ya! What’s going on?”

“Shsh!” he shushed her, “Just come in with me.”

“I can’t see, take those off.” She hit his hands.

He took the bag from her hand, “Just follow my lead…” he whispered to her.

“Let me take my shoes at least…” she took them off, and let herself to be controlled by Taehyung.

He turned her left and walked in the corridor.

Taehyung waited for couple of moments then whispered ily again to her as he took her to somewhere in this house, “Tada~”

Taeyeon opened her eyes slowly, to see herself in a vast living room.

“Wow, this place is amazing!” she was stunned with the retro decoration and those antique stuff here and there.

“What do you think?”

“Where are we? You said it’s your friend place or something.”

He smiled with his gums, “Welcome to Mr. Kim Taehyung’s place.”

She blinked at him in disbelief, “Are you for real?”

He nodded, “I bought this penthouse recently.”

“Woah~ congratulations!” she laughed happily, “It’s really great!” 

“Shall I take you in a tour?”

“Sure~” she was excited.

He then went on a house tour with her.

“This is the living room,”

She sneered, “Obviously.”

“Then here is the master suite of the house,” he showed her, “First at your right is the study room.”

“Woah, the sunrays here are cozy and warm.” She said, “The decoration is just your style, those antique chairs, books and the LPs.”

“I spent a long time decorating it to match the big image I drew in my imagination.”

Taeyeon chuckled, “No wonder, it’s nothing new for my Tae Tae.”

“Across from it is the dressing room.” He showed her. “There are two dressing rooms.”

“Woah it’s really big.”

“Then we reach the master room...”

“The view…” Taeyeon was stunned with the view of the Han river there. 

“That’s the main reason I decided to go with this place.” He smiled.

He showed her then the second half of the flat.

“When you enter there’s right and left sections,” he told her, “The left one is the one that we just were at, the main one, while the right one is where the sub rooms and the guests room are at.”

“This place is really big.” Taeyeon reacted.

“Here is a small living room dividing the three rooms apart.”

“The thing I loved about this place, is how the sun is filling the place warmly, and at the same time the river view is killing for.”

“I knew that you would like it.” He smiled proudly.

She patted his bottom affectionately, “Aigoo, aigoo, you did well Kim Taehyung, you deserve this after working this hard.”

“Wait, the best part is yet to come.”

He pushed her back to the living room.

“What is it?”


He showed her the dining room that was opened to the living room and to the kitchen as well.

“Woah, the kitchen is just so professional.” She looked at all those ovens and the high-tech devices placed here and there. “I feel like I'm at a Master Chef program set right now.”

She looked at him, “Are you going to use all those? I bet that will happen-”

He smiled then, and suddenly a sound busted out.

“What’s going on?”

He pointed with his head toward his left.

Taeyeon came out from the kitchen, to see that huge waterfall-wall there in front of the antique dining table.

“Oh my God!” Taeyeon gasped. “That’s so cool!”

“I specially asked them to install this for me.”

She laughed in disbelief.

“You’re the only man in this world that would dine while watching the waterfall every day.”

“Isn’t it romantic?” he told her in a cheesy way.

Taeyeon laughed, “I can’t stop you really.”

“Come on, let’s eat.”

“Oh,” she noticed that the table was filled with food then. “What is all this?”

“Seojoon and Seokjin hyung taught me some recipes to prepare, so I cooked for you.”

“You? You cooked for me?” she was surprised.

“I don’t grantee you the taste, but I did my best with the visualization.”

She laughed while still not believing it.

He pulled the chair for her to sit.

Then started scooping some for her.

Taeyeon raised her fork to taste the pasta that he prepared with the meat balls and lastly the highlight of the menu which is stir-fried pork with vegetables and rice.

“You cooked a lot.” She was touched.

“If it’s inedible tell me, don’t force yourself.” He told her with pleading puppy eyes.

Taeyeon smiled and tasted a bite from each.

Taehyung was following her movements with his eyes like a little puppy observing his owner.

Taeyeon smiled and gave him both thumps up, “Chef V, it’s so delicious!”

“R-Really?” his eyes lit with happiness.

She nodded while smiling, “It’s well cooked, needs some additions, but for my childish taste, I like it like this.”

“Woah~” he sighed in relief, “I have been working since morning, finally I can breath in peace now.”

Taeyeon chuckled at his cuteness.

“Have a taste…” she gave him a mouthful of his main menu dish.

“It tastes weird, but it’s edible.” He commented.

“Exactly!” Taeyeon told him, “Let us eat the professionally made food by the professionals out there, and eat our locally made food here, so we can try different types and levels of professionality.”

He applauded for her hard, “I can’t agree more, this is the truest thing that has been said ever.”

Both of them laughed then.

“Aigoo, what a pathetic people we are, trying to console ourselves in every way possible.”

He laughed, “I really glad that you liked it.” He chewed cutely while telling her.

“Thank you for working hard all day to prepare this to me.” She cupped his face. “I’m really touched that I was about to tear up while eating.”

“Whenever you want to eat anything just tell me,” he told her confidently, “I prepared this kitchen in a way to be able to make every possible recipe out there.”

She laughed, “You fell in love with cooking now Mr. Kim?”

“No,” he rested his head on his arm, “I fell for the angel that is in front of me.”

Her face blushed, “Aye, stop it.”

“I really did.”

“Say ah~” she changed the topic by feeding him a bit.

Taehyung chewed happily like a little kid.


After they finished, they went to the living room, where they rested there while watching the sun set at the Han river.

“Noona,” he called and then slipped under her to blanket her by his long arms, “I missed you.” he whispered into her ear directly.

Taeyeon’s heart started beating again.

She chuckled, “You’re really dangerous Kim Taehyung.”

“Why?” he smirked, “Did your heart fluttered as mine did just now?”

She blushed, “You’re getting naughtier!” she took his hand and bit it.

He laughed, “You didn’t see anything yet Ms. Kim Taeyeon.” Then tightened his grip on her.

Taeyeon married their fingers together, and stared into the priceless view in front of her.

“This what happiness felt like.” She said after resting her head back on his chest and sighing in relief.

Taehyung was touched, he then knew that Taeyeon wasn’t just playing along with him, but she was really liking him as much as he does, her heart is beating as much as his does.

“Ya, make it quiet.” She scolded him.

“What? No one is making any sound here?” he was confused.

“Your heart is beating so fast and loud.”

Taehyung laughed out loud.

“Well, first you’re in my embrace, lying here with me and you want it to stay still?”

She chuckled, “Do you mind staying like this for a bit more?”

“Are you kidding me?” he sneered, “If we could stay like this for the rest of my life, I won’t have any complains.”

She laughed at his cuteness and then made herself more comfortable in his embrace again.

Taehyung couldn’t get any happier.


Taehyung got busy after day with preparing for their next tour, album and the other two end-year events.

On SBS Gayo Daejeon, BTS opened the night with their Christmas medley.

Jungkook sang 'Oh Holy Night'.

Taehyung and SUGA danced with the little girl on 'Jingle Bell Rock' cutely.

While Jimin and RM 'Santa Claus in the town'.

Jin and J-Hope went with 'Feliz Navidad'.

Taeyeon was at Taehyung’s house, as he wanted her to look over Yeontan while he was performing; since his parents couldn’t watch him over the holidays.

She was watching their performance with him on her lap.

Then all the members appeared on the stage with a familiar background music playing.

“Silent Night Holy Night”

“Oh my!” Taeyeon gasped.

She remembered when she was on a drive with Taehyung and she played this song.



“You really like this song, don’t you?” he asked her, “You always listen to it when it’s around Christmas.”

“Eng.” She replied, “I just feel cozy and feel the Christmas vibes whenever this song is played.”

“The sounds of the bells, the soothing voice ” she smiled, “It just calms me down and the best day to hear it at, is when it snows.”

She was so into it.

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