My Best Friend

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BTS had their 2018 to be one of the most successful years, from tours to stages to albums sales and topping all charts.

Their song ‘Idol’ shook the whole industry as they were inspired by Taeyeon’s words to them when she attended their last tour and this song made them roam the world and attend all kinds of award shows from the local ones till billboard music awards and other western music award events.

“Hello?” Taeyeon answered as she was home.

“Noona~” his voice made her smiled brightly.

“Aigoo, you little kid!” she laughed, “I think you forgot that you have this noona after you became successful.”

“What are you talking about? I would forget everything but not you.”

“Stop with the empty words,” she frowned, “How are you doing?”

“I’m practicing right now for our end year stage at MBC Gayodaejeon tomorrow.”

“Oh, Yoona will be the MC I think.”

“Yes, I heard that.” His tone was sad, “You’re not attending…”

“Eng, I didn’t promote this year at any of the broadcasting channels, so it’s awkward to go out like this suddenly.” She sensed the atmosphere, “Why? Are you sad?”

“I wished to attend it with you.” he said, “It’s weird, it been years since we attended these events together.”

“I will see you on your free day.” She told him, “Bring Tannie and come.”

He didn't get what he wanted from that call.

“By the way I saw you at that KBS ending stage where you were dancing at Amor Fati.” And she busted into loud laughter.

“Oh my…” he laughed. “You saw that!”

“I wish I was there, I wanted to laugh live there at you.” she couldn’t stop laughing at him, “That was so cute!”

“Noona!” he whined cutely.

They laughed together.

“What are you going to do in this new year?”

“I will have a Japanese tour, new album and I don’t know maybe try to enter a variety show.”

“Aigoo, our noona will be busy.”

“As if you’re not.” She sneered.

“Of course I’m, I’m starting a world tour, new album and also new variety and reality show.”

After a couple moments of silence.

“Shall we run away?” she suggested.

“I’m up to it.” He replied seriously.

“See this kid, he is taking it seriously.”

“I’m really up to it, let’s runaway for couple of days.”

“If only we had the chance to.”

“One day I will do it, and you will see.”

“Take me with you then.” She laughed.

“Noona,” ha called.


“Open the door.”

“What door?”

“Your door.”

“What?” she was confused.

She went to the door, to find him standing there.

“W-Wait a minute…” she cried.

After couple of minutes, she returned and opened the door.

To see that pink head Tae Tae standing there while smiling brightly.

“What brought you here?” she was surprised, “Weren’t you practicing earlier?”

“I finished and came on my way here while talking to you.”

“I can’t stop you really.” She hit his shoulder playfully and laughed.


“What were you doing earlier? It’s not like you went and changed your clothes, since from what I see…” he scanned her.

“YA!” she hit him, “What are you talking about!”

He laughed at her.

“I know we’re used to celebrate my birthday at the 31st of December each year instead of the 30th, but this year I don’t know why, but I felt lonely on such a day.”

“Aigoo, that’s why you came? To celebrate your birthday with me?” she sneered, “You have your members, your fans, didn’t they celebrate it already? I saw your pictures hanged everywhere at the streets in celebration of your birthday.”

He looked at her, “But still that is not what I want…”

Taeyeon pinched his nose playfully.

She went to the kitchen, “Taehyung-ah, I’m glad you came,” she peeked from the doorframe, “Can you bring me the box that is at the top of the closet inside,” she smiled foolishly, “You know I can’t reach it.”

He laughed, and went to get it.

“Which one do you want?” he called.

“U-Uh?” she shouted back, “That one.”

“Which one?”

“The one at the top.”

“Noona, there’re 3 boxes up here.”

“The blue one.”

“There’s no blue one in here.”

“I mean the one at the side.”

“Which side?”

He was getting frustrated.

“The yellow one.”

“Oh God!” he went out while huffing in anger, “Noona which one exactly do you want?-” he was venting in anger, then to be surprised by the most unexpected scene before him.

The lights went off suddenly.


“Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ our beloved Tae Tae!” she sang angelically while holding a weird cake in her hands, “Happy birthday to you!”

While smiling brightly, Taeyeon stood there in front of him, with a cake of a big brain covered with blood.

“Come on, make a wish and blow the candles.”

“N-Noona…” he was touched then, “What is all this?”

“I didn’t expect that you would come actually, I was preparing it for tomorrow, but you came so suddenly, and I didn’t get to design it properly.” She smiled cutely, “Sorry for that~”

He closed his eyes and held his two hands together, prayed for his wish to come true, and blew off the candles quick.

“Happy birthday Tae Tae!” corners arched up brightly.

He took the cake from her hands, put it on the table, and took her into his embrace tightly.

“Thank you noona, thank you for everything!” he told her sincerely, “I would never ask for anything more, my life has became so complete after I have got to know you.”

“Aigoo, our Tae Tae is getting old and emotional now.” She .

He tightened his hug, “I purple you Kim Taeyeon.”

“You purple me?” she laughed.

“Eng, I purple you.”

“What are you talking about?”

“There’s such a thing.” He teared up.

“Are you crying?”

“No, who said that I’m?”

“Come on, let’s cut the cake.”

“Seriously, how can someone eat this cake?” he laughed out loud.

“I made it on purpose like this,” she told him, “You are weird and like weird things, so you came to my mind when I saw its recipe.”

He kept laughing.

“This is the most unique cake that I have ever seen.”

“The most unique cake for the most unique person I know.” She smirked.

“You’re hard to dislike for real.”

“Why? were you considering disliking me?”

“Hmmm…” he pretended to think.

But to be welcomed with a slap from Taeyeon.

By that, they spent the night with taking photos with this weird cake and they played till the break of the dawn.


The next day Taehyung went to ace their stage MBC Gayodaejeon.

And on that day, their parents called saying that they will attend their stage to celebrate the new year with his success.


He did his best at their stage, and it was so powerful that everyone was awed by their attractive talents that can’t be resembled.

At the end of the event, the artists were having interviews with the MCs and Taehyung did one with Jimin as it was the Pig year and they were a Pig year too then.

Then he spent the rest of the time searching for his parents between the audience.

He called s over and asked them to look for them with him, and they kept going in all the corners of the stage, trying to get closer to get a good look at where they might be siting. <

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