All With You

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It was 8:30 in the morning.


Taeyeon woke up as the sun rays were hitting her eyes with Zero her aside.


She brushed her eyes, to find Taehyung’s face before here.


She jumped in her place and looked around to realize that they slept there earlier after chatting.


Taeyeon shook him. “Taehyung, Taehyung-ah~”


“Hmm?” he shifted in his place with eyes closed.


“Wake up before your parents do!”


“W-What?” he opened one eye lazily.


“Your parents will wake up at any moment, hurry and get up!”


He looked around to digest the situation then, as he told his mother that he will get back after chatting with Taeyeon last night.


Then to hear their door cracking up open.


They ran as fast as they could to the door entrance.


“U-Uh…” Taeyeon acted as if she opened the door for Taehyung. “You came?”


“Eng.” He nodded while smiling awkwardly.


“Taehyung, is that you son?” his mother called.


“You just came?”


“Mom, dad, you woke up early.”


“Uh, we slept so well last night.” They smiled. “Thank you Taeyeon, it was a well-spent night.”


“My pleasure, I’m glad that you did.”


She looked at Taehyung and busted into quiet laughter, and tried to swallow it as best as she can.


“What?” he mouthed for her cluelessly.


“Mother, father, breakfast will be ready in a bit, have a seat first.”


Taeyeon and Taehyung went to the kitchen.


Then Taeyeon busted into loud laughter at him.


“What? What’s wrong? Why are you laughing?”


“I c-can’t live with you!” she kept laughing.


“What? What is it?” he then started tickling her so she would tell him.


“Go s-see yourself in the m-mirror!” she managed to say between his tickles.


He took his phone out.


His hair was a mess and obviously a hair of someone that just woke up, and his drooling marks are still there funnily.


He sighed.


“Come over here…” she was laughing.


Taehyung pouted as if he was pissed.


“I will do it for you…”


Taeyeon took him near the sink and washed his face cleanly.


She tiptoed then to fix his hair, but Taehyung was a gentleman and he squatted down to her level.


Taeyeon styled his hair with her two hands decently.


“Put your shirt inside your pants and take off your jacket, that will change your look a bit.”


After doing so, he asked, “Why are we doing all that again?”


“Since you said to your mom that you will leave last night, but we slept in accidentally.”


“Oh right.”


“What should we have for breakfast?”


“Hmm, I can do eggs.”


“Wow, thank you chef V.” she bowed sarcastically, “You saved our lives.”


He rolled his tongue out.


And she laughed.


“Do the eggs, I’m gonna see what side dishes I can make quickly.”


And by that they made a quick breakfast on the first day of the new year.


“Mom, dad, let’s eat.”


After having breakfast together, Taehyung’s parents went up to leave.


“Thank you so much my dear, it was a pleasant new year eve and day too as we spent it together.”


“It was my pleasure mother, don’t mention it, I was happier that I had to spent it with you all.”


“You must have been busy, but you always take care and play with our son,” his father told her, “Thank you for that, and excuse us if he did anything wrong towards you.”


“Dad what are you talking about? This is Kim Taeyeon, how would I dare to do such a thing?” he looked at her, “Otherwise she would kill-” he was shut with Taeyeon’s sour pinch from the back.


“Ouch!” he cried.


“I can’t thank you enough, you were there for my son always.”


“Please stop thanking me, I should be thanking you for having such a precious son like him,” he smiled, “He’s really talented and kind and don’t lack in any way.”


Taehyung rose his chin and smirked teasingly.


Taeyeon glared at him and said, “I take my words back.”   


They all laughed.


“We need to go now, your siblings must be back by now.”


“I will drive you back.” Taeyeon took her keys.


“No, you stay here I will.” Taehyung swiped the keys from her hand.


“Didn’t you bring your car?”


“U-Uh?” he was taken aback.


“How did you come this morning then?”


“My manager dropped me, my car is going through annual maintenance.”


“Wait,” Taeyeon put her coat on, “Let me go in a drive with you then.”




“You want me to stay alone here? It’s boring already.” She glared at him, “Or do you hate me going with you? Were you planning on talking behind my back?”




They laughed.


“Then I’m going.” She stated firmly, “I want to see Eunji and Jeonggyu.”




Taehyung drove them all the way to Geochang in Taeyeon’s car.




As they reached there, “Eunji-ya, Jeonggyu-ya~” Taehyung called.


“Oppa?” Eunji ran to him.


“Aigoo, our Eunji missed her oppa?”


“Of course I did!” she hugged him tight, “You were awesome last night.”


He smirked, “I know.”


Then Taeyeon appeared from his back and waved to her. “Hello Eunji-ya~”






They rushed to her.


Taehyung felt left out.


“This is what is called true fame.” His father .


“Taeyeon stay for some tea, it was a long trip.”


“It’s fine mother.”


“Unnie, please stay with us for a while…” she pleaded.


Taeyeon looked at Taehyung and he nodded for her while smiling.


“Then excuse my stay…”




His siblings stuck next to Taeyeon and kept chatting and laughing together all the time.


While Taehyung was staring at that one face for the whole time and smiling foolishly.


“Don’t be too obvious.” His father whispered to him while keeping his gaze at the newspaper.


“With what?”


“Your eyes are betraying you son.”


Taehyung swallowed his lower lip in guilt and kept staring at his father.


Until that vibration from a sent message woke him up.


“Wash up and dress quick. I have somewhere to go with you.”


He lifted his head, to see Taeyeon smiling at him.


He went up and did what she asked from him.


“Where are you going all dressed?” his mother asked as she was having tea and fruits with Taeyeon.


“We need to head back again.”


“I will visit you again for sure mother and father.” Taeyeon bowed, “Thank you so much again.”


“We did nothing my dear.”


“Taeyeon wait!” his mother called. “Here…” she gave her a container of kimchi.


“What is this for mother?”


“I noticed that your refrigerator is empty,” Taeyeon felt touched and embarrassed at the same time, “You need to eat well my dear.”


“Thank you, mother.” She hugged her.



“Where are we going?” Taehyung asked as he stopped at the red light.




“Jeonju?” he was surprised, “Now?”


She nodded while smiling.


“W-Wait, Jeonju means your house…”




“What?!” he cried in panic.


Taeyeon laughed at him.


“What’s wrong?”


“Let me get back and wear something better.” He was going to change their way.


Taeyeon held him, “You’re already cool, there’s no need.”


“But still, it’s my first time to meet them.”


“Are you going to go and ask for my hand or what? We’re going to visit him and then go into a tour around Jeonju as I promised you and grandma.”


Taehyung was touched that she still remembers that promise.


“Why now?”


“Just, after spending some time with your family, I missed mine.” She said, “And I realized that you didn’t meet them before.”


He nodded.


“Also, since both of us are off for two days, let’s make something out of it, I’m sick of staying at home.”


Taehyung smiled, “Aigoo, our princess noona want to leave her castle.”


“Stop teasing me!”


He rolled his tongue out, “That is the purpose of my life, you can’t stop me.”


She gave up and laughed at him.


“Wait, am I forcing you by this?” She asked.


“What? No!”


“Did you have other plans on your off days?”


“Nothing, if I didn’t meet up with you, I was going to lie around and play some games or watch a movie, nothing productive.”


“Don’t you go out with your members?”


“On the new year vacation, they all go back home to their parents.”


“Then why didn’t you do the same?”


“Since I stayed with my parents last night, and half of today too, now it’s time to meet my other family.” He smiled brightly.


“Aigoo, what a cutie~” she ruffled his hair.




They reached Jeonju soon after that as it’s near to Geochang.


“Wait…” he stopped by the supermarket.


He came back with a big basket of fruits and some other bags.


“What did you bring?”


“Some initials for the first visit.”


She laughed.


“Don’t take it too seriously, they are just my parents.”


“What is more serious than this matter then?”


“Well there’s something…”


“What is it?”


“You will know as we reach there.”




They continued their way, “Just turn from here, yes this last house over there…”


“Mom!” Taeyeon called, “Dad!”




“My daughter!” she ran into her father’s arms.


Taehyung smiled at her cuteness.


“Happy new year father~” she gave him a kiss affectionately.


“I was just thinking about whether you will visit this year or not.”


“How could I miss visiting you at such a time?”


Then her mother came out and noticed Taehyung that was standing there.


“We have a guest…”


“Uh,” Taeyeon brought him in, “This is my friend Taehyung, Kim Taehyung.” She introduced him.


He bowed down respectfully, “How have you been Mr. and Mrs. Kim, nice to meet you, I'm Kim Taehyung.”


“Nice to meet you too.”


“His face isn’t unfamiliar.”


“Mom! He’s a member of the group that Hayeon loves.”




“Those BTS boys?”


She nodded.


“Then you brought such a famous guy into our house…”


Taehyung smiled shyly.


“Where’s Hayeon?”


“She went to get some ice cream-”


Then to hear her

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