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Taeyeon had the second day of her tour, where they filmed it for her concert DVD.

Many artists came that night, from the ones she got to know at Begin Again show and others from her company.


On her third day, she was taking it easy, as it won’t be filmed and no one was there other than her members, and the fans.




“Hyung are you free?” Taehyung asked SUGA as they were on their way back from their schedule.

“Tomorrow we don’t have anything, right? But why?”

“Do you want to go to a concert with me?”

“Concert? Whose concert?”

“Your idol.”

“Taeyeon noona?” he smiled gummily. “Wait, hyung? What do we have for tomorrow and the day after?” he asked the manager Sejin.

“Hmm, nothing until Monday you have the meeting and photoshoot for the coming tour.”

“Great, then let’s go I don’t mind.”

“Really? Hyung you don’t usually go to concerts.” He was surprised.

“I’m bored anyway, why you don’t want to go?”

“No, no, I was thinking of going as a group, so we can surprise noona as she almost attended all our concerts before.”

“That’s right, we should do that.” Jungkook peek from his back, “Count me in.”

“Namjoon hyung?”

“I will finish the work I have today, and go with you.”

“But how are we going to go there without getting caught?”

“The fans can recognize us from our eyes these days.”

“Don’t worry I have a plan for that.”


On the concert day, SUGA, RM, Jungkook and Taehyung went to the stadium where Taeyeon is holding her The Unseen third concert day there.

They reached there when all the fans entered already.

“Oh hyung!” Taehyung waved for Taeyeon’s manager Yongduk.

“Taehyung-ssi, you really came.”

“Eng, my members came as well today.”

He greeted them.

“Hyung, can we do as I asked from you?”

“Well after a long fight with the organizers, I was able to grant you what you wanted.”

He hugged him from the side and smiled widely, “Thank you hyung~”

The members were confused.

“The concert will start in a bit, we need to hurry now…” he rushed them.

While being all covered with snapbacks, hoodies and masks, the four men ran with her manager to their special seats.

“Where are we going to sit at?”

“You will see…” Taehyung smirked.

The manager then showed them their special seats.

“You’re kidding me.”

“Are you for real?”

They busted into loud laughter.

“Tada~ what do you think?”

He took them to the third floor of the stadium where it was closed as the fans were at the ground floor standing and filling the first two floors as well.

“Can we really sit here?”

“Taehyung-ssi asked me to let you sit here so the fans won’t notice you.”

“Woah, I can’t believe it.”

“We’re really going to sit here alone?”

“Yes, we can cheer freely without fearing that someone will capture us doing so or something.”

“You’re really a genius.”

“Then I will leave you here to enjoy the concert,” her manger told them, “I need to go as it will start in a minute.”

“Thank you hyung, and as I told you please leave it as a secret.”

“Don’t worry about it, see you later.” He left them there.

“Woah, Kim Taehyung, you’re really a genius,” RM expressed, “How did you think of this?”

“Exactly, are you sure we won’t be seen by the fans like this?”

“Eng, I tried it before,” he told them, “I stood at the second floor, since this last floor is designed differently, it’s being pointy forward and umbrellaing the people at the second floor, they won’t be able to spot us.”

They were impressed.

“Let me call J-Hope then, he was afraid of coming and being caught.”

“Let him come, and see the others if they can come too.”

They took a selfie all together with the concert LCD and the fans standing there with their lightsticks and sent it on their group.

“Woah Daebak!”

“You really went?”

“Why is it empty around you? Didn’t it start already?”

“Mr. Kim Taehyung, reserved the whole floor for us.” SUGA sent, “Run if you don’t want to lose this precious moment of your life.”

“Daebak Kim Taehyung class is different indeed!”

“I’m wearing my shoes, wait for me!”

“Heol! Hope-ah~ drop by the company take me with you!”

“Jimin-ah, aren’t you coming too?”

“Oh my, are you for real?” he sent, “I will come mid-way of the concert, I’m on the way to Seoul now.”

“It’s your lose, run or you won’t catch it.”

“Hope-ah hurry!” Jin sent.

“I’m coming!”


The boys cheered for Taeyeon with their Girls’ Generation lightstick that Taehyung bought for them.

Then when Taeyeon performed the first 3 songs, Taehyung got a call from his two members saying that they reached the venue.

“I will bring the members and come.” He told them, as Taeyeon was introducing herself and having a small talk with the fans.

He went down and brought them up as he was the one with the full access card that her manager gave him couple of days before.

“It’s from this way, go first I will use the washing room and follow you.” he told J-Hope and Jin.


When he was exiting the washing room and going up to the third floor.

“V?” a familiar voice called.

He turned, to see Yoona there.

“How have you been noona?” He bowed to her, impressed that she could tell it’s him while he was all covered.

“Woah, it’s really you!” she laughed, “I was guessing, but it turned to be really you.”

He smiled shyly and took off his mask.

“What are you doing here?” she asked, “You are attending Taeyeon unnie concert?”

“I came with my members.”

“Really?” she was surprised, “Where are you sitting at? We’re at the VIP section, but no one is there.”

“It’s a secret, I will tell you later.” He playfully replied.

Her phone rang then, “Alright, then let’s meet up after the concert ends.”

“Noona, don’t tell Taeyeon that we’re here,” he rubbed the back of his neck shyly, “She doesn’t know that we’re here.”

“Aigoo, you romantic little boy, you know how to surprise people for real.” She smirked at him.

“See you later, noona~”

“Eng, I have to go now, the next song is playing now.” She ran back while waving for him.


Taehyung returned back to s up there.

To see them fanboying crazily for Taeyeon’s Something New performance.


“Wow she’s so cool!”

“This song has a dance performance too?”

They were all astonished when they saw Taeyeon dancing.


They were really taken aback with Taeyeon’s stages, they always knew her as SNSD Taeyeon, the cute little leader with the greatest vocals out in the nation.

When the VCR was playing, the members looked at each other with dropped jaws.

“Is this real?”


“I never knew that Taeyeon noona can do all this!”

“The only thing I can say, is that I’m really glad that I came today.”


Taehyung smirked.

“You still have a long way, don’t judge early, you will see now who Kim Taeyeon is…” he said proudly.

“I don’t think there’s something better than this.”

He scoffed.

“Jimin won’t come? He will miss half of his life for real.”  

“Talking of the devil…” Taehyung chuckled as his phone rang. “I will bring him quick and come.”

Taehyung literally ran down to get him before the next stage begins.


“Did I miss a lot?” Jimin came in asking.

“Just half of your life.” SUGA told him while his eyes glued on the stage.

“Woah, I need popcorn with this concert for real.”

“I literally made the manager hyung drive at 120 to get here quick.” He said, “Here is the snacks you asked for…”

“Woah, you really bought them!” Jungkook was delighted. 

Jimin then noticed where they were seated.

“Wow, how did you manage to sit here?”

“It’s killing for right?” J-Hope told him. “You can see everything, and no one can see us.”

“Really? Are you sure?”

“Eng, take off your mask and be comfortable.” Jin told him.

“Give me some snacks…” RM asked.

“We’re literally sitting at home and watching this live.” J-Hope laughed.

They laughed too.

“Taehyung-ah, thank you really.”

“That’s right, I’m glad I didn’t stay at home.”

“Yeah, imagine staying at home and missing this…”

“I would never forgive myself then.” SUGA said seriously.

“It’s starting!” Jungkook called while stuffing his mouth with the chips Jimin brought.

“Here, take your lightstick…” Taehyung gave Jimin his.


Jimin bought the snacks for nothing, as since the next stage started which was LOL, then didn’t close their dropped jaws at all.

Taehyung got breathless when Love You Like Crazy.



“Oh my!”

“Is this Taeyeon noona that we know?”

“Omo see! She is flying!”

They couldn’t even sit, they kept jumping and cheering loudly for her.

It was the first time for them to see Taeyeon dance and act like this since ever they knew her.

“Omo! Omo!”

“Woohoo Taeyeon noona~”

“That’s crazy!”

“I can’t even close my mouth!”

“She is really different here.”

“This song is lit!”

“How come I never heard of it!”

“I saw a fancam of it once at the SNS, but seeing it live is a whole other world!”

“Woah this should be the title song of the album for real!”

“What can not do for real!”

“Taeyeon noona can ace all kind of genres.”

“Indeed! No doubt!”


“Taehyung-ah, are you alright?” Jimin asked as he was just staring soullessly with his jaw dropped open in awe.

“Kim Taehyung?” he shook him.


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