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BTS finished their fan-meeting 5th MUSTER and then returned back to Seoul for their end-year music awards events.

They practiced and prepared a lot for MMA stage, as for this year they were the stars, they were nominated for almost all the awards for that night.

According to V their performance will last around 40 minutes alone.

As almost no one will attend that event, as some having their tours and others like YG artists are banded for the chaos that happened with their company this year, and JYP only ITZY going as they’re the newbies while the other sunbaes aren’t attending.

So BTS got to have the night for them only, and it was almost a mini concert for them.

Performing for ARMYs and ARMYs gifting them back with all the awards that they can take.

The Melon Music Awards aired on November 30. During the awards show, BTS performed a set of “Intro: Persona,” “Boy in Luv,” “Boy With Luv,” “Mikrokosmos,” and “Dionysus.” BTS’s MMA 2019 performance showcased BTS’s growth over their career and placed an emphasis on the members’ individual styles. Nothing short of spectacular, the performance demonstrated that BTS is on another level, and it’s a level western award shows have not yet reached.

RM opened BTS’s performance with his solo, “Intro: Persona.” The set pieces mirrored the song’s music video. The stage also included hints of BTS’s future albums Map of the Soul: Shadow and Map of the Soul: Ego and references to past work. After finishing his “Intro: Persona” performance, RM was joined by the other members of BTS for a throwback performance of “Boy in Luv.”

Taeyeon was watching them live from her home then, she fangirled hard when they performed “Boy in Luv”, she recalled all the past memories while watching it.


As BTS sang “Mikrokosmos”, they were surrounded by galaxy imagery making it appear like they were truly floating in space. For this song, it was no longer MMA 2019, it was a BTS concert.


Towards the end of the song, a screen rose into the air, displaying the words “I love you” in different languages. With this, BTS’s message of love was clear. More importantly, it reminded viewers that BTS has broken down barriers and touched audiences around the world.


Last but not least,  ‘Dionysus’ showed BTS’s power as performers. It was just incredible.

Before “Dionysus” began, each member of BTS performed a solo dance break to a past BTS song. V danced to “No More Dream”, where Taeyeon lost it, as his curls for that night was too much to take alone, but seeing his doing those y waves and his magical eyes or his charming smile that melted all women hearts that night.

Then Jin appeared on a horse figurine before dancing to “Danger.” Jimin appeared angelic as he danced to “I NEED U,” and then the stage transformed into “Fire” for Suga to embrace his trademark imagery from BTS’s HYYH era.

Jungkook shocked everyone as he performed in a pool of water to “Save Me”, it was just magical and dreamy. J-Hope showed off his dance skills to “Fake Love”. RM ended the individual dance breaks with “Dionysus,” boldly walking onstage to pick up his thyrsus.

BTS proceeded to perform “Dionysus” surrounded by Greek imagery, back-up dancers of different races, and harpists. Real horses entered the stage, everything was on another level.

Before the final verse, the group performed a dance break to “Dionysus” remixed with their 2013 song “N.O,” displaying their remarkable talent even more.

It was a breath-taking night, everything was perfect, and at last BTS proved to the whole world, why they deserve all this love and support from ARMY, and that the awards they took that night wasn’t just because they have a strong fandom, but because they live up to their name, and they’re talented enough that all those fans around the world are going crazy because of them, and trying to pay them back with this endless love ands support that was recognized by the whole world.


BTS finished the 2019 MMAs with a clean sweep, winning eight awards with four of those being Daesangs, or grand awards. The group won Record of the Year, Artist of the Year, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year.

At the end when the nominees for the last grand award, Artist of the Year came out, they were jamming to the other songs, until Taeyeon’s Four Seasons came out, they weren’t expecting it at all.

Jungkook turned to V as he was nervous then, “Ya, at least Taeyeon noona showed up tonight.” He smiled.

“Ugh, I miss her.”

As he said that, V’s friend, the actor Park Seojoon announced then “Congratulations…BTS!”

They all went up in disbelief.

Taehyung couldn’t believe it, they were feeling burdened by all this love they received that night from their fans.

Slowly they marched toward the big stage to accept their grand award then.

While Taehyung from his cheerfulness then, he danced his way happily toward his friend to get the award.

He was so happy then like a little kid.

“Congratulations!” he patted his bottom affectionately.

Taehyung smiled the brightest then.

“Wow!” he cheered to s.

They pushed him forward so that he would say their speech instead.

V kept thinking for moment, then he said, “Army, that kid that used to eat the candy ‘Apollo’ in his elementary school days is standing at this moment here.”

That made everyone bust into loud laughter.

“I used to think that I’m nothing back in day,” fans whined in deny, “But then I got acknowledged through music and received so much love from our fans.” He smiled. “When you say that you got healed and received happiness from just watching our performances and hearing our music, that alone gives us lump in our throat and drives us to work even harder to produce a better performances and music to you guys.”

The fans cheered.

He hesitated for a moment then continued with a smile, “Now, I think I can’t ever give up on music.”

Taeyeon that was watching this live with Yoona smiled widely with tears in her eyes.

“I will work hard, the coming year and the one after to repay you all with even better music and love.” He bowed, “Thank you all, love you!”

They cheered loud in return.

J-Hope took the next turn and thanked the fans for their endless support and how because of them they were able to achieve all this success these years.

And lastly RM ended it coolly, “As you were there for us always, after this event ends, we will be the lamp in the street that will brightens your night up.” He bowed, “Thank you ARMY, we love you!”

By that BTS aced that night that they worked the whole months practicing and designing their stages with all the small details, so that they could be

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