Let's Talk About Love

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Days went by, and they kept busing themselves crazily just to stop themselves from thinking about each other.

But that couldn’t be done easily, as the moment they reach back to their room to sleep after their long day of trying to ignore each other existence, that silence was filled with pain as they keep recalling their memories together all the past years.


It was BTS’s encore final concert in Seoul.

Again, since it’s the last day, BTS didn’t invite any guests that day, as they will be recording it for the DVD of that concerts tour.

After many hesitation, Taeyeon decided to go, as she were given the tickets by the members before a hand for the whole 3 days.

She sent Hayeon with her friends on the first day and the other ones she gave them to her members to attend.

Yuri took her friend and went at the second day.

So, when Taeyeon went there, it was only her at that vast VIP area.

Wearing a black baggy hoodie, mask and snapback, she sat there lonely.

It was the only concert she didn’t get to enjoy much, since during the whole time, the only thing that was on her mind, was what will happen if she accepted his proposal, and how would that affect him and affect the whole group, she kept blaming herself the whole time and tears didn’t stop from falling unconsciously as she is watching them running around and smiling happily.

One song at the end changed her whole mood, it was The Untold Truth.

After the first word that Taehyung said starting the song, her tears started falling uncontrollably.

The meaning behind that song was so deep that cut right through her heart.

By the end of that song Taeyeon was sobbing so heart that her hand kept clenching on her heart in pain.

“What shall I do?” she cried, “I like you, but I can’t do so.”

She couldn’t handle it anymore, so she took her bag and run away from that pain.


Taeyeon then rode the first plane to their first SMTown concert that was done after a long time of hiatus.

The fans were disappointed with her lacking stages for the 3 days of the concerts.

She wasn’t feeling herself after that storm of mixed and painful feelings after she went and saw how Taehyung isn’t being himself anymore after confessing to her.

Taeyeon heard from the fellow artists and from the news articles criticizing Taehyung for being gloomy and dark these days, she didn’t think much of it, but when she went to their concert recently, she couldn’t stop blaming herself after seeing that broken Kim Taehyung there.

He was torn apart, he didn’t have much energy as before, his voice is filled with sadness, and that was shown the most as he was crying his heart out at the stage of The Untold Truth where Taeyeon couldn’t handle that pain anymore and flew away after getting broken more after witnessing that helpless Kim Taehyung there.


“Taeyeon-ah,” she was called by Heechul as she returned back to Seoul to complete the final touches on her repackage album.

“Uh oppa, it been a while.”

“Let’s go grab a bite.”

“I don’t feel like it.” She was soulless.

“But, I think there’s something we need to talk about.” He gave her the look, and she couldn’t hide it from him since he knew her better than anyone.


They went to one of the bars that Heechul was a regular at.


“So, tell me, who hurt your heart this time.”

She sighed, since she was always that little in front of him.

“You can’t trick me, since your voice was crying for 3 days already and everyone is noticing that.”

“Well, it’s difficult this time, and I don’t know what to do.”

“Who is it?”

“There’s a problem…”

“What? Is it Baekhyun again? I asked him, he said it been a while since the two of you talked.”

“No, it’s not him, we returned back friends.”

“Then who hurt my little Taengoo?”

She sighed, she needed someone to consult with him about this matter, and Kim Heechul came at the right time.

“Oppa, promise me you won’t tell anyone.”

“Ya Taengoo, don’t you know me?”

“You know that I’m friend with Taehyung right?”

“Taehyung? V? BTS?”

She nodded.

“Uh, of course you’re BTS mom after all, and I saw you two together couple of times before.” He said, “What about him?”

She buried her face in her two palms, “He confessed to me recently.”

Heechul chocked with his beer.


Taeyeon was a mess then.

“And? What did you answer him?”

Silence was her reply.

“Ya Kim Taeyeon!” he shouted, “Are you talking for real? You like that kid?”

“Oppa, what should I do?” her voice was muffled as she was sobbing silently. “I do like him, but I can’t do that.” 

“Why though?”

“I can’t repeat the same mistake,” she cried out, “Baekhyun was enough.”

“Come over here…” Heechul hugged her.

“I can’t make him sacrifice his rising career for me.” She shared while crying, “Well for me, I don’t mind, I’m a soloist and I can release an album whenever I want, but for him he just got to taste the sweetness of success and fame, I can’t do that to him.”

“Did you tell him that? Was that your answer?”

“No,” she shook her head, “He said he won’t see me until I’m ready to answer him.”

“What are you waiting for?”

“That’s why I hate myself!” She buried her face again, “I can’t bring myself to tell him, I’m afraid of regretting this, but at the same time it’s the only answer that I can give to him.”

Heechul hugged her again to calm her down.

“You little girl,” he smacked her head, “How can you go through all this pain alone, and never reached out for help? Are you trying to kill yourself?”

“Well, the only thing that was holding me back from doing so was him,” she confessed for the first time, “But now that he is away from me too, I don’t know how will I survi

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