Love in Color (수채화)

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One early morning Taehyung was at the company shooting for their group photo with their juniors TXT.

He got a message while they were at a break time.

“It been a while, hope you’re doing well, take care of your body, fall is on the doors, and it’s chilly at night, so wear thoroughly.”

He immediately called the sender.

“Father!” he was happy.

“How are you doing young man?” he chuckled, “You must have seen my message now, I just wanted to ask about your whereabouts since it been a while since we saw you.”

It was Taeyeon’s father.

“I’m really sorry, I should’ve called you more often.” he felt ashamed.

“No, no you have always called at the beginning of each month, but this time I think work has carried you away that you forgot.”

Then he noticed that it’s already the 3rd day of October.

“Oh, I didn’t notice that it’s already October.” He chuckled, “Thank you for reaching out first father, how is mother and Hayeon?”

“There’re all fine, Hayeon has calmed down way better than before because of your kind scolding that you gave her last time.”

He laughed, “Aye, I don’t know whether this is a good thing to hear.” He rubbed the back of his neck shyly.

“You’re still overseas?”

“No, we came back couple of days ago.”

“Is that so…” he sighed.

“Father, when are you free? I would like to take you out for a drink if you don’t mind.” Taehyung reached out first.

“Really? I would like that for sure!” he was pleasant.

Taehyung smiled toothily.

“Just a minute father,” he then grabbed his manager, “What do I have for today and tomorrow?”

“Nothing, after the shoot you’re free until Monday.”

“Father, are you okay with today’s afternoon?”

“It’s perfect, but don’t you have a schedule to attend? I don’t want to disturb your work young man.”

“No, no I don’t have anything for the rest of the day.” He smiled, “Then I will see you in Jeonju today’s afternoon.”

“Take care young man, and drive safe.”

“See you, father.”


“Who are you talking to?” Namjoon (aka RM) was next to him. “You don’t address your father this formally.”

“It’s Taeyeon’s noona father.” He replied nonchalantly while texting.

“You are close to her family too?” he was surprised.

“Why are you surprised?” he turned at him, “It’s not like we have known each other for a day or two.”

He sighed after realizing that sad fact that brought out painful memories.

“You’re going to Jeonju?”

“Uh, let’s wrap it up quick, I need to go there by noon.”

Namjoon asked kindly everyone to cooperate and finish up fast for Taehyung.


Taehyung quickly changed and rode his car all the way to Jeonju alone.

“You came!” Taeyeon’s father welcomed him wholeheartedly and took him into an affectionate hug.

Taehyung was so happy to see him after a while, “I really missed you father, sorry for not coming more often.”

He tapped at his shoulders, “Aye, don’t mention it, I know how busy you are, I’m feeling apologetic right now towards you that I made you come all the way here.”

“Aye father, I should do this at least.” He smiled and bowed respectfully again, “Thank you for caring about me, I really was happy with your message and call today.”

He smiled, “It’s cold, let’s go inside.” They went into their optical eyewear store.

“Actually the reason that I wished that you would really come here today is that, I was cleaning some things today here, and found a lot of things about my Taeyeonie,” he smiled shyly, “I wanted to show them to someone, but I had no one in mind other than you, I don’t know why, but I felt like you would like seeing them.”

“Really? Oh my, I’m really honored.” He was excited.

“Really? Can I show them to you?” his eyes lit up in enthusiasm.

“Of course father! I’m really the luckiest fan on earth right now.”

He laughed at him.

Taeyeon’s father took him to the corner of his shop where he dedicated it for Taeyeon and SNSD’s achievements and took a big box from there.

“While tiding things up today, I found these here…” he took out Taeyeon’s first album, first banner of their first concert, first light stick, first magazine photoshoot.

Taehyung was so amazed by all those treasures that he is seeing in front of him.

“This is SNSD’s first ad flyer,” he showed him, “And this is their first DVD too…”

“Wow! This is so rare!”

He smiled proudly.

More rare and exclusive items kept coming out from that box.

Taehyung was impressed by them, but what was more touching was the fact that her father is collecting all those small items throughout those past years one by one.

“Lastly, this is Taeyeon’s first audition recording…” he took out an old CD, “and those are all her pre-debuted recordings, from songs and dance practicing videos.”

“Woah…” Taehyung’s jaw dropped down open, “This is just amazing, how did you manage to collect all these stuffs, this is just pure love.”

He chuckled shyly and put the box lid on it back.

“This is a small gift from me to you.”

Taehyung froze at his place.

“W-What?” his eyes widened in genuine shock.

He laughed at his reaction, “I don’t think anyone would give those any meaning better than a true fan of my daughter.”

Taehyung still couldn’t believe it.

“I just couldn’t find a better fan of my daughter than you.” he laughed, “and I’m even more happier and at ease that my little treasure will be in a safe hands, since I believe in you son.” He held his two hands and tapped on them in assurance.

Taehyung was touched, he didn’t know how to react to all this.

“Father, this is just too much for me…” he was speechless, “This is your treasure, I don’t think I have the right to get this from you.”

He laughed, “I don’t know how many days I have left for me son, and I want to leave this with someone trustworthy before it’s too late and I regret not showing anyone in this world these precious memories that I treasure.”

Taehyung wanted to cry at that moment, he found himself hugging Taeyeon’s father after staring at him in disbelief.

“I admire you father.” He tightened his embrace, “Thank you for all this, I will protect them with my life.”

He smiled back in relief, “Thank you son for accepting this old man’s shabby belongs.”

“What are you talking about?” he pulled back quickly in defense, “This is the best thing anyone would ask for! I bet no one in this whole world have a more valuable treasure like this one.”

He laughed, “Thank you for thinking of it like this son, I appreciate it,” he tapped on his shoulder and smiled proudly, “I think I found the right person indeed.”

Taehyung smiled toothily.

“You have the biggest SONE in front of you father.” He smirked.

Taeyeon’s father laughed out loud.


They went to a nearby restaurant where it has no customers at all.

“This is my friend’s place, so we use it as a hangout place, only regulars come here, and at this hour no one comes, so it’s fine you can take your freedom here.”

Taehyung bowed in appreciation, “Thank you father for being considerate always.”

“Let me pour you a drink…”

Taehyung raised his glass to him.

“Since you can’t drink much, I will go easy on you.”

Taehyung smiled shyly, “Sorry about that.”

“No, that’s better, I like that in you.” he said, “It’s better that you can’t drink much, drinking is a bad habit, lucky you.” he clinked his glass with his and chuckled.

After finishing the second bottle while having dinner together there.

Taeyeon’s father said then after staring into his empty glass for a while, “Actually my friend passed away recently,” he confessed, “after I felt that sadness and pain that I went through from regrets and blaming myself for not saying or doing a lot of things to him before he left, I decided to live from now on with a peaceful heart, and to achieve that, I’m trying to do one thing a time,” he chuckled, “Today was a one on my list.”

Taehyung was impressed with Taeyeon’s father courage to open up to him like that.

“I wanted to leave this box with someone I trust since actually I have been collecting those items since ever Taeyeon was a little girl, as I wanted to bring this box over when Taeyeon junior comes to her grandfather and show her how great her mother was, since Taeyeon has always belittled herself, and I hated that.” He drank a one shot, “I wanted to show her how great and beautiful she is.”

Taehyung was touched with his deep thoughts, he wanted to call Taeyeon and let her hear all those priceless words. But sadly, if they were on better terms, he would’ve done than in a heartbeat. 

“So, I’m asking this from you, if I didn’t get to do this task in this life, do it on my behalf.” He held Taehyung’s two hands and looked at him in watery eyes, “Please.”

Taehyung smiled widely in return, “Father you will

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