One Afternoon

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The next morning, Taehyung was called by the company, so he had to leave first.

It was unexpected since BTS were said that they’re on a vacation then.

“Aigoo, what meeting now?”

“How could they come back and forth with their words like that?”

“Ugh, I didn’t sleep well.”

“Who was it again?”

“Manager hyung didn’t say anything.”

BTS members came into the VIP room at one of the private restaurants in Gangnam.

“Oh!” Jungkook noticed the person that was waiting for them there.



They bowed.

“You were surprised right?” she chuckled, “Have a seat first.”

They sat all together at the big table there.

“How come you’re here?”

“We were supposed to meet with someone here, what a great coincidence.”

She smiled, “Actually, I’m the one that asked to meet you guys today.”

They were confused.



“But, Taehyung isn’t here.”

“Where’s Taehyung?”

“I asked Sejin-ssi to busy him for a while until I get to tell you what I have for today.”

“Is it something about Taehyung?”

“That’s the thing, I wanted to meet with you today because of something that concerns Taehyung.”

They were worried somehow.

“I’m sorry for preparing all this suddenly, without tell you anything, but this was the only way that will get to gather you all without making him suspect anything.”

“Noona, what’s going on? I’m getting scared.”

She went up and bowed 90 degrees in front of them all.

They were taken aback.


“Sunbae-nim, what are you doing?”

They were confused.

“First I was to express that I’m so sorry to everyone of you.”

They were blankly staring at her with confused expression.

“I don’t know if you know this, but I saw you guys since ever your debut stages, and I just looked over you as my juniors.”

They smiled.

“Then since we rode that airplane together, I became a bit close with V.” she smiled, “And since ever we became closer and our journey started to get deeper.”

“Oh I remember that day.”

“I don’t know how this started, but…” she bowed her head and sighed, “I started to have feelings for Taehyung somehow.”

They were flustered then with the sudden confession.

Some just smirked and smiled then, as they knew.

“I like Taehyung,” she told them, “and it’s maybe a bit too much.”

They just covered their faces from wanting to howl out loud.

she covered her face from embarrassment.

“Woohoo~” RM howled, “You’re cool!”

The other members cheered and applauded for her.

“I didn’t gather you guys to confess my feelings to you.” she told them then, “What I wanted to tell is that I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For being selfish.”


“Even though I knew that starting this relationship would affect Taehyung and would affect your guys somehow,” she sighed with bowed head, “I still marched forward and started it.”

“I’m so sorry.” She went up and bowed to them. “I was going to reject Taehyung’s confession, but the thought of not having him around me anymore was too painful to even just imagine it.”

The members were touched and at the same time shocked with Taeyeon’s courage of crying her heart out publicly like that.

“I told Taehyung that I will take all the blame if this broke out one day,” she sighed, “But you know him, he didn’t agree to it.”

“Neither we would.” SUGA told her.

“I can’t let you all get affected even by a tiny bit of what this merciless world would do to you, and stay still.” She said seriously, “I have tried it before, it’s just the worst thing anyone would go through, I have tried it multiple times, once having to get affected because of other members dating rumors and also going through it as the heroine of the dating scandal itself.”

They were speechless.

“I won’t allow Taehyung risk his career just for me, so that’s why I gathered you guys today,” she told them, “I wanted to apologize for going forward with this relationship, and wanted to you help me later when things break out to stop Taehyung from doing anything that might affect his career.”

“Why should we do that?”

Taeyeon crooked her forehead.

“Like, it’s Taehyung’s life, we shouldn’t plan those things on his behalf.”

“But you’re his family.” she told them.

That was enough to wake them up.

“If I was given the choice back in days of choosing whether to continue on dating him and affect my members’ career and schedules, or on breaking up and leaving my members in peace.” She said confidentially, “Of course I would go with the second one.”

They were moved by her sincere feelings.

“Love can come again, but family won’t.”

Jungkook applauded unconsciously.

“But this time it was a hard choice, since I can sacrifice my whole career for him,” she confessed for the first time, “But I can’t allow him do the same.”

They were surprised by her bravery.

“I don’t know how this will end like, but I just thought of the need to tell you everything, so later on you would be able to help me protecting him.”

She bowed again to them, “Thank you for hearing my shabby and embarrassing confession out.”

They all went up in a standing ovation applauding to her.


“This is true love indeed!”

“Noona you’re just indescribable!”

“Woohoo~” RM growled, “I want to fall in love now after hearing this.”

“Taehyung lucky bastard.”

Taeyeon laughed at their reaction.

“Noona, don’t worry about anything and just focus on being happy together for now.”

“That’s right, leave everything for us, and date happily.”

“Wishing you all the happiness you two.”

“You’re cute together!”

“Thank you all,” she was about to tear up, “I really don’t deserve you.”

“We are the ones that should say that and should be thankful towards you for all the support and love that you showered us with.” J-Hope told her.

“Aye, never think that whatever I did was because of Taehyung,” she frowned, “I never got to know that I fell for this little kid until recently, so my love and caring will last until the end without changing because I like you all the same and each one of you have a special place in my heart hotel.”

“Heart hotel?” they laughed.

“Don’t you know that OT7 Armys have a heart hotel where they stan all the members and love them equally.” She laughed, “Aigoo, why did I tell you this, it’s so embarrassing!” she buried her face in her two palms.

They all laughed at her cuteness.

“We’re so lucky to have such a caring sunbae cheering always for us and encourages us for the best.” Namjoon told her, “Thank you sunbae for your endless love and support.”

“That’s right, you’re the only sunbae that has been always by our side since ever we debuted with SNSD sunbae-deul.” *-deul is the plural in Korean.

“We will fight for your love, don’t think too much about us and live your life as two humans not as two singers.” SUGA told her meaningfully.

Taeyeon was moved to tears.

“Aigoo, I’m really speechless.” She went and hugged him, “and they blame me for loving you guys, BTS is the BEST!”

They laughed.

Taehyung came in then.

He was surprised with seeing Taeyeon hugging SUGA.

His eyes widened.

“You came hyung-ah~”

“Why are you so late?”

“The meeting just ended.”

“What’s going on?” he was confused. 

“We were having a meeting here, and bumped into Taeyeon sunbae by a chance.” Namjoon told him.

“We decided to celebrate the end of this year all together.”

“Come and sit, why are you still standing like a fool?”

The members made a believable scenario in the speed of the light.

Taeyeon was too touched with their bound.

She smiled at them geniuenly and they just nodded back in return with a wide smile.

“Noona, what’s going on?” he went and sat next to her.

“Didn’t I say that we will celebrate when you come back?” she told him, “I bumped into them as I was meeting someone here, so I asked them if they have time to have a drink together, and by chance they just finished their meeting and were free.”

She tilted her head, “Why? do you mind?”

“Of course not, but it’s just too weird.”

“Shall we order?” Jungkook cried, “I’m so hungry.”

“Order whatever you want, today’s dinner is on me.”

“Woohoo~” they growled in excitement.


They had a cheerful and enjoyable dinner all together.


“We’re going somewhere today.”

“Where?” Taeyeon asked him.

“Don’t you remember that you told me that you want to run away?”

“And? Are we running away now?”

He nodded with a wide smile.


“You will see.”

And with Taeyeon taking the role of the DJ of the drive, they reached one quiet area with mountains, lake

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