Into You (빠져가)

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They returned back inside after having their own time at that freezing weather out there.

“Shall we continue our game father?” Taehyung asked him.

“Sure, my honor, let’s go…”

Taeyeon went and sat next to her mother.

“So, you followed your heart at the end, little girl.” Her mother grinned while cutting the fruits.

“Who told me to do so?”

“I’m glad you did that,” she told her, “I regretted not accepting your father a bit earlier, but at least I got him at the end, even after getting bashed and pointed at by our neighbors and family members.”

Taeyeon was listening to her while eating the mango she peeled for her.

“But since I realized that it’s me that is going to live this life not them, and since no matter what I did, people will talk and haters going to hate, so I decided to put all that aside, and look for what this dude wanted.” She pointed at her heart.

“First I wasn’t going to accept him, even though this dude was dying inside here as I couldn’t see him for a while, as you know our situation mom, it won’t be that easy on us as it was for you because of our occupation.” Taeyeon opened up for her mother, “But then my members came and comforted me, they asked me to live the present and stop thinking of the future.”

“What good words to hear.”

“But you know, even though I followed that and now I’m with him, the fear of having those scandals and rumors hurting him still haunts me.”

“Let me tell one this,” she put the knife and apple down, “Do you have the courage to talk up to the whole world that you really do love this man and ready to fight anyone for him?”

Taeyeon nodded in a heartbeat.

“Then continue on and stop thinking of those useless stressing thoughts.” She told her, “Since you have something that is stronger than anything in this world which is…Love.”

Taeyeon didn’t realize that before.

She just enjoyed having Taehyung around her, she got used to see him all the time, talk and call him when he is not around, that became something habitus and normal to her, rather something is done because she is having some kind of special feeling to this guy.

“As long as you have love inside here, you’ll be able to overcome anything in this life.”

She was touched after having her mother giving her life advice.

Taeyeon’s mother smirked then, “And from what I see, and saw long ago, those eyes are deeply in love with you,” she poked her side, “Just as the look inside yours.”

“What is the look inside mine?”

“A crazy woman in love, that wants to eat this man alive from her dangerous desire that is burning inside those two eyes.”

 “Oh my God mom! Since you’re running an optics shop for a while now, you are obsessed with eyes, aren’t you?” Taeyeon laughed, “You should quit that and start to be a writer instead.”

“You little rascal~” she smacked her head playfully.

“Woah! I won!” they heard Taehyung’s shout then.

Taeyeon’s father laughed, “You really did it at the end.”

Taehyung went up jumping in joy, “I can’t believe it!”

“Congratulations son, it was really a tough game, and you showed your real skills in here.”

“Thank you father.” He hugged him, “Excuse me for being happy to win on you.” he told him innocently.

Taeyeon and her mother laughed at his cuteness.

“Dad, Taehyung has been practicing day by night, and he kept on watching those tutorials on YouTube, even he downloaded an online omok game to practice to be able to win this time.”

He laughed, “Aigoo, you really deserve this win son.” He tapped on his shoulder, “You’re a professional omok player now.”

“That’s right, if you got to win on Taeyeon’s father, then that means you’re on professionals’ level.” Her mother said, “Since he won first place in our region in omok for multiple years already.”

“I’m really honored,” he bowed to him, “Thank you for going easy on me.”

“I never did so,” he laughed, “Since I’m in a good mood, let me grant one wish of yours.”

“Really?” his eyes lit with joy.

“Really, what do you want me to do?”

“Can you play guitar for me?”

“What? Guitar?” he laughed at his unexpected favor.

“Woah, will we able to hear Mr. Kim Jonggu playing after decades of retiring?”

He chuckled, “Alright, bring me the guitar.”


“Thank you, father!” Taehyung bowed to him as he accepted his wish.

He sat on the couch with Taehyung sitting on the floor in front of him with innocent sparkling eyes and a wide smile.

Taeyeon’s father played for them a couple of songs he remembered playing back in days when he was in the neighborhood band.

Taehyung clapped so hard for him after hearing his playing for the first time.

“Can you play another song please?”

“Alright, but you have to sing this time.”

“Sing? Alright if that what father wants I would do it wholeheartedly.”

“Mother, what do you want to hear?” he asked her.

“Omo, I should suggest a song?” she asked shyly, “Hmm, Silent Night Holy Night?”

Taeyeon and Taehyung looked at each other and chuckled.

“Woah, it been a while since I listened to it.” Her father said, “Let me try remembering the cords…”

He started playing shortly, and Taehyung followed him with his deep emotional voice singing.

Taeyeon filmed the two of them, as it was such a beautiful and priceless view to watch once only.


“Wow! Amazing!”

Taeyeon and her mother fangirled as they finished.

“Taehyung-ah, what can you not do for real?”

He chuckled shyly, “Thank you mother for embarrassing me always with your endless praising.”

“Your voice is really so good and soothing son.” Her father praised him too, “You should keep on singing, it’s a waste to not let the world hear such a calming and emotional voice.”

He bowed as he was fluttered.

“I choose the right man, didn’t I?” Taeyeon smirked.

“Aigoo, you little lucky rascal.” Her mother messed her hair playfully.

“Mom I’m sorry, but I don’t share men.”

“Ya!” a slap welcomed her immediately.

“Ouch mom!”

Her father and Taehyung laughed out loud.

“How about we listen to an encore song?” Taehyung smiled at Taeyeon’s father.

“Encore?” he chuckled and then started tuning the guitar cords.

‘Can’t Help But to Fall in Love’ was the next song he played.

Taeyeon and Taehyung were sitting on the floor like two little kids watching a play.

Taeyeon’s father played that song while looking at his wife romantically the whole time.

“Woah~” Taehyung fanboyed with his two hands intertwined as he was moved by his calming voice and playing.

“Wow dad! I never knew that you can sing like this!” Taeyeon was surprised.

“Oh, I’m really embarrassed now.” He chuckled shyly, “It’s my first time to sing since what? 34? 35 years?”

Her mother chortled shyly, “Woah, I still remember that day…”

“This song is the first song I learned how to play back in days.”

Taehyung and Taeyeon were amazed.

“I learned it so I can sing it for your mother.”

“Omo!” Taeyeon exclaimed, “My father is such a romanticist~”

“That’s really so romantic~” Taehyung’s eyes were sparkling with respect and admire.   

“Aye~ stop it you two.” They got shy and embarrassed.


After chatting a bit more.

“Aren’t we going to go?” Taehyung asked Taeyeon as it became late.

“Where are you going?” her mother said, “Spend the night here, it’s late already, and if you drove back to Seoul it will be the dawn already then.”

“That’s right, spend the night here and go back tomorrow’s morning after having breakfast together.”

“I don’t want to trouble you…”

“Aye, what are you talking about son? You’re now one of this family.” Her father held his shoulder in assurance and smiled genuinely.

Taehyung was touched by his words.

He bowed to them, “Thank you mother and father, really I can’t describe my feelings right now.” Tears were shining in his eyes.

“As long as you’re happy, we won’t ask for much.” Her mother told him. “Have a good night you two, don’t stay up for too late.”

“Good night mother,” he bowed, “Good night father.”

They went to sleep, leaving Taeyeon and Taehyung alone at the living room.

“Shall we go in too?”

He shrugged his shoulders and smiled.


“Are you going to stay here?” she asked as she came out from her bathroom after getting ready to go to bed.

“Hmm, I can’t?” he pouted cutely to her.

“Aigoo, who can stop you really?” she laughed, “Here, go change for bed.” She gave him Jiwoong’s tracksuit.

He came out wearing them, as if he was going to a photoshoot session.

“Woah, are you sure those are the same ones that I just gave you?”

He nodded, “Why? Does it look weird on me?”

She just kept blinking at him in astonishment.

“You’re dangerous Mr. Kim.” Was everything she said after shaking her head. 

He went and jumped into her bed.

“Kim Taehyung-ssi,” she called.


“You’re in my parents’ house.”

“I know.”

“Okay, just wanted to warn you.”

“Why? Were you expecting something to happen between us?” he rested his chin on her shoulder and asked her mischievously.

“W-What?” she got tensed up, “What are you talking about?” she pushed him away.

He spooned her tightly from her back, “Sleep tight my Yeonie.”

“Get away from me.” She frowned.

“You know I can’t sleep without hugging someone.” He told her with eyes closed and buried his chin again at her shoulder.

“That’s a bad habit.” She hit his hands that were wrapped firmly around her waist.

“It’s not when you have the same one.” He smirked, “Then we’re made for each other, me hugging you and you hugging me for the rest of our lives.”

“Oh my,” she chuckled shyly, “Were you this straightforward always?”

“Since ever I got the name Kim Taehyung.”

She laughed at his dorkiness.

“Yeon-ah~” he called ily in her ear.

All the cells in Taeyeon’s body had a standing ovation after that little call.

“Good night.” With that deep tone, Taeyeon went into a mental breakdown for a couple of moments.

Her heart couldn’t stop beating.

“G-Good night.” She replied weakly.

He kissed the back of her neck and hugged her tight to sleep.


The next morning, Taehyung and Taeyeon woke up on her mother’s voice scolding Ginger.

“Aigoo, I slept well for the first time in months.” He stretched up.

Taeyeon smiled, “Good morning boo~”

“Oh my,” he clenched his hand on his heart, “I don’t want to wake up ever again after hearing this.” He acted dramatically.

Taeyeon laughed.

“Get up you sleepy head, breakfast must be ready judging by the delicious smell.”

He smiled, “Can we live here?”

“I don’t mind, bring Yeontan and Zero over and let’s live here.”

“Are you sure? I will really do it.” He dared her and started tickling her.

But the vibration of his phone broke his war of tickling.

“U-Uh?” he answered while laughing at how Taeyeon became a mess after tickling the life out of her.

“Kim Taehyung, I will take my revenge!” Taeyeon threatened him.

“Mom?” then he noticed the ID of the caller, “Uh, I’m fine,” he looked at Taeyeon, “N-No it’s fine, I’m with Taeyeon noona, no one strange.”

Taeyeon got embarrassed then for getting caught by his mother like this.

“Uh, I was going to give you a visit soon.”

Taeyeon poked him, “Tell her we will come today if she’s fine with it.”

“Can we come today?” he smiled, “I don’t know why I even asked.” He laughed after realizing what he just asked from his mother.

Taeyeon laughed quietly.

“Okay, will see you later mom.”

“Hurry let’s get up for breakfast, so we can get there early.” She told him.

“Are you that excited?”

“Eng, I miss your siblings and your mother and father, it been a while since I visited them.”

He smiled genuinely.


They went out for breakfast after tidying themselves up.

“Oh, are you going somewhere?” her mother asked as she saw her daughter all dressed up.

“Eng, we’ll visit his parents first before going back to Seoul.”

“Come to think about it, we never met before.” She said.

“That’s right, it been years since we knew you, but never got the chance to meet your parents.”

“Sorry about that, I didn’t think of that before.” Taehyung bowed in his seat.

“How about you meet all up at my concert?”


“Eng, I’m having my opening concert after two weeks from now,” she sipped from her peanut tea, “I was going to invite you both anyways, so this is a good idea to meet up.”

“Sure, that’s great.”

They finished breakfast and were getting ready to drive to Geochang.

“Hayeon-ah,” Taehyung called.

“Eng oppa?”

“Don’t you want your New Year gift?”

“You’re going to give me a New Year gift?” she gasped, “Daebak!”

“It’s not a significant one, just it’s a secret that you may like hearing.”

“Of course I want! I’m dying to know it now!” she hyped up.

He then leaned and whispered to her, “We’re going to come back next month with a new album.”

“Oh my God!” she cried out.

“What happened?” her mother peeked from the kitchen in fear.

“It’s n-nothing mom.” She smiled awkwardly.

“You’re going to kill me one day little girl!” She glared at her and went back to her work.

“Is it real oppa? You’re having a comeback next month?”

He nodded, “No one knows this yet, but since you’re my favorite Army I’m telling you first.”

“Woah! Thank you oppa really!”

“There are some other su

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