Born Singer

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After that day, Taehyung got busy with their second world tour The Wings Tour as it was ending by December of the same year.

Taeyeon finished her Persona tour and released her Christmas album.

She was at Mnet for a recording.

“Sunbae-nim~” she found someone bowing in front of her.

“Uh Jungkook-ssi!” she smiled happily at his appearance.

“How have you been sunbae-nim?”

“How many times did I tell you to drop the formalities?” she frowned.

He laughed shyly, “I got it n-noona.”

She smiled brightly, “Now I will answer you, I’m good, what about you? Aren’t you guys having your final tour days now?”

“Yeah, tomorrow is our final day.”

“Really? You must be sad for sure, that’s the hardest moment of the year…” she pouted.

He rubbed the back of his neck shyly, “Yes, I’m having mixed feelings.”

“You have worked hard this year, you deserve all the awards and the fame and love that your got.” She tapped at his shoulder while smiling proudly.

“Thank you, noona.” He bowed and smiled his bunny smile.

She applauded for him.

“Noona,” he called before she was going to leave.


The artists that were passing beside them were surprised, that Jungkook is calling Taeyeon ‘noona’ while she is a big sunbae in front of him.

“Do you mind coming to our last concert day of our tour?” he asked shyly and bowed his head in fear of her rejection.

“Of course!” she replied in her hyped high tone.

Jungkook was taken aback with her reaction. “R-Really?”

“For sure! I actually tried getting a ticket for it, but it was sold immediately.” She smiled brightly, “Thank you for asking me to come.” She gave him a quick hug.

“Didn’t Taehyung hyung ask you to come?” he asked in wonder, “Since he asked Yoona sunbae-nim and his actors friends, I thought that he did and you didn’t have the chance to come.”

“That kid did?” she sighed, “it been a while since I saw him, and I was busy with my tour, so I didn’t get to attend your opening concert.”

“Actually, all the members distributed their tickets, but I didn’t know who I should give mine to, so I thought of asking you.”  

“Aigoo, what an honor, I got to have Jungkook’s tickets.” She fangirled.

Jungkook laughed at her cuteness.

She saw someone passing by.

“By chance do you have an extra ticket?”


“Can you give it to me? I have someone to invite that you would like to see there.”

“Sure, here…” he gave her the two tickets.

“Thank you!” she smiled brightly and ran after that person while waving for him, “I will see you tomorrow, anticipate my gift for you!”

“See you noona!” he waved back while smiling.

It was a rare scene to witness for the other artists there.


Jungkook didn’t know what Taeyeon was planning for him.

They finished their rehearsal and then started their last concert with their hit ‘Mic Drop’.



Taeyeon and IU hugged each other as they were at the VIP balcony alone.

“Thank you for coming.” Taeyeon thanked her sincerely while hugging her from the side.

“Aye, I should be the one to thank you for inviting me.” She smiled, “It been really a while since we met unnie.”

“Uh, I really missed you Jieun-ah~” she played with her hand dorkily, “Your album is the best!” she gave her both thumps up.

“Thank you unnie, yours as well, as expected trust and listen Taeyeon~”

Taeyeon laughed shyly.

“What an unexpected place to meet again at, right?” Jieun aka IU told her.

“Right, who would have known that we’re going to meet here.” She chuckled, “But those boys will blow your mind tonight, I can grantee you that.”

Taeyeon smiled like a proud mother.


Yesterday when Taeyeon was invited by Jungkook, she saw IU passing by, so she asked him for another ticket, and ran after her to invite her to come with her to their concert.

Taeyeon knew that Jungkook is a big fan of her, and she thought that bringing her to their concert would make him happy.


“I didn’t know that you’re a fan of them.”

Taeyeon gave her an army bomb, “Well, I didn’t know that I would be too,” she laughed, “I have watched over them since ever their debut days.”

“Woah, that’s really a new news to me.”

“Well, it’s new to everyone I guess.” She smiled, “Since this society cares about formality and levels, we couldn’t show our affection to the younger groups that we like as we want, that’s why we had to do it in secret.”

“I know that feeling, actually I really enjoyed their music and performances, but I couldn’t show that, since you know the fans are aggressive these days.”

“Totally.” They both sighed.


After the first half of the concert passed by.

When the intro of the next song started, Taeyeon shouted “Oh my!”

Jieun was surprised, “What’s wrong?”

“What should I do?” she covered with her hand dramatically, “I love this song a lot!”

Jieun laughed at her and shook her head in disbelief of this side that she is witnessing from her sunbae.

So Far Away started, and it was sung without SUGA’s rap, the vocal line harmonized the song beautifully and emotionally that made Taeyeon end up in tears.

To make it worse on the fans’ hearts, they sang Lost after it.

Taeyeon lost it by the end of this stage, she was hugging her legs, covering half of her face with the tissue as the tears kept falling.

Jieun was surprised with this side of Taeyeon, as she isn’t someone that would be this affected usually.

“Wow! It’s show time now!” Taeyeon fangirled as it was Taehyung’s solo stage for Stigma.

Taeyeon kept smiling the whole time, while shaking her army bomb in rhythm with the song.

“I heard this song before, but couldn’t get what did he meant by its lyrics,” Jieun said, “I heard he wrote the lyrics for it.”

“Well no one knows this,” she smirked, “it has a deep meaning behind it, it’s about his family, and how they’re being punished and bashed instead of him and because of him, so the lyrics talks about someone taking the punishment instead of him and he can’t forgive himself for staying still anymore and wants to be punished instead, so he is apologizing for his little sister and brother here, but the fans interpreted it in many weird ways, and none thought of this, since some of them are the reason behind all this pain.”

Jieun kept opened in shock.


“Unnie, you’re the fanclub manager right?”

Taeyeon laughed.

“How do you know this much? Are you perhaps…”

“I’m friends with V, and naturally I became close with the other members.”

Her eyes widened.

“Yes, I know it’s weird, but it just happened somehow.”

While Jieun was staring at her in disbelief.

Taehyung hit his remarkable high note.

“Woohoo~” she cheered out loud fearlessly.

And smiled proudly.

“Did you hear that high note?” she turned at Jieun that was staring at her, “His voice is just amazing!”

She just nodded her head and chuckled it off.


Taeyeon and Jieun turned into two big fans during the next stages: DNA, GO GO and lastly their title medley.

“Everybody stand up!” RM called.

Taeyeon went up immediately, and Jieun followed her shyly.

“Min Yoongi!” she shouted in joy when SUGA was rapping.

“Everybody say no!

더는 나중이란 말로 안돼,

더는 남의 꿈에 갇혀 살지 마 ” Jungkook belted each note perfectly.

Followed with Taehyung’s “We roll (we roll) we roll (we roll) we roll”

“Everyone…” SUGA called, “Everybody say NO!”

“NO!” Jieun and Taeyeon shouted back.

Then No More Dreams were lit with all the fanchants.

“Do you know this song?” Taehyung asked as it finished. “Are you ready? Make some noise!”

“Why are you shaking up my heart?” he sang.

“Why?” Taeyeon and Jieun chanted with the fans back.

“Why are you shaking up my heart?”


“Why are you shaking up my heart?”

“It hurts so much because of you” then Taehyung’s famous shouting part came up while staring at the camera so intensely and made them all jump as the members were dancing around him.

And their footwork for Fire dance made Taeyeon and Jieun in awe.

“Their footwork is an art really.” Taeyeon commented while her jaw dropped to the floor.

“I’m glad I’m not a male singer.” Jieun expressed which made them laugh.


“Are you ready?”

“Everybody, Jump!”

“Let’s get all crazy tonight!”

And then Run started.

“Oh! I love this song!” Jieun expressed.

“Me too!”

And they started jumping with them.

“Let’s run run run again! I can’t stop running”

Taehyung in all the cheesiness in the world started singing his part while looking at the camera directly, which made Taeyeon curl her fingers in goosebumps.

After wrapping that title medley perfectly, the intro of Blood, Sweat and Tears started, and SUGA made the fans sing his part, which was one of the most loudest fan chants in the history.

Taeyeon shouted her heart out while singing together with them.

Jieun wasn’t much familiar with the lyrics, so she just cheered with her army bomb and laughed at how childish Taeyeon looked while jumping and cheering like a little young fan.


As those energetic stages finished, it was time for a break with their sitcom VCR.

Taeyeon and Jieun took a break too to regain their voices back from all the shouting earlier.


Then they came back while riding the portable carts to sing the last songs of the day.

They started with You Never Walk Alone.

“Wow, I like this song! It’s really good!” Jieun said, “Why didn’t they promote it live?”

“I know right! That’s why I love attending their concerts.”

“You did attend theirs before?”

“Yes, I attended the last two as well.” She admitted shyly.

“Aigoo, unnie you’re a true ARMY.”

 She smirked.

“Oh, Tae is alone.” She noticed him.

After cheering and singing along, the next song started, “Let’s go!”

It was Best of Me.

“Woah it’s my favorite song these days!” Taeyeon jumped cutely like a rabbit.

Jieun shook her head and laughed, since whenever a song plays, Taeyeon says the same thing.


When Taehyung approached the area in front of them, Taeyeon and Jieun shook their army bomb so hard up.

Taehyung smiled and jumped with them, but then he remembered that today they didn’t have any guests, as they were going to film this concert for their concert DVD, and having those two up at that VIP area was strange.

He squinted his eyes to get a better look, that smile was familiar to him, but the cart moved quickly so he couldn’t confirm whether the person in his mind was really the one he just saw.


“Now!” Taeyeon shouted.

And Taehyung’s part were sung,

“You’re my

Day by day

Summer, winter

Even if you don’t know”

She smiled the brightest then.

“This is the best song to relieve your stress with.” Taeyeon shouted for Jieun as she was jumping with them.


They then started singing an unexpected song to be heard then.

It was Road and Born Singer.

When they started singing Born Singer, Taeyeon sat in her seat, hugged her legs and closed her eyes.

As they were narrating their hardships, Taeyeon’s eyes kept pouring tears continuously, as she witnessed their journey since those days and she a part of their sufferings, but hearing it fully with all those true emotions that were poured out there was something unendurable.

Meanwhile Jieun aside was mesmerized with the lyrics, she was hearing this song for the first time, she felt touched by them.

With wet face Taeyeon held up the banner that she got as she entered the concert gate earlier, with the slogan “We can turn a desert into a sea together.”

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