Stick With U

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Taeyeon had her album released and also her encore and final concert of her last tour at the end of march.

Then she started her variety show tour around Europe while BTS released their next album by April named after Taeyeon's tour Persona.

It was a hit as always, as Halsey featured on their title song as well.

They hit no.1 at all billboard charts for weeks, and then attended the billboard music awards event after a month of promoting their song ‘Boy with luv’ at Korea.

All the western musicians and artists were fascinated with BTS’s visuals, talents and literally everything, even their fans were the talk of the town at the other parts of the world.

They were the pride of Korea, they made a lot of people enter this black hole of the world, where as you enter there’s no way out.

Taeyeon was so proud of them, as she promoted their songs multiple times at her SNS accounts.


Taehyung called Taeyeon one day as they were at US.

“Tae Tae~”

“Noona, how are you?”

“I was just listening to your song with Zero.”

“Really? You have a taste indeed~” he laughed, “You’re on a date with Zero?”

“We came to US to shoot our reality show together.”

“Really? That Petionista?”

“Eng, I can’t believe I’m doing a reality show with my dog.” She laughed.

“Where are you staying? Are you done with today’s shooting?”

“Uh, we just wrapped it up, why?”

“I will come pick you up.”

“W-What?” she was surprised. “Are you here too?”

“Eng, today is our last day here after we finished the BBMA last night in Las Vegas we came today to Los Angeles, tomorrow we are going to the next stop in our tour.” He told her.

“Congratulations about that, I saw it all!” she fangirled, “You were amazing!”

“I wish I can attend together with you next year.”

She sneered, “Aye, that’s too much to ask.”

“Excuse me? you’re Korea’s vocal queen.”

Taeyeon laughed, “Stop your sugarcoating Mr. Kim.”

“Send me your location, I will be there soon.” He told her.

“Alright, I will send it now.”


Soon after that, Taehyung was there at the lobby with his cool shades, bucket and shorts.

Taeyeon burst into loud laughter as she saw him.

“You’re a local here aren’t you?”

He hugged her, “Aigoo, it been a while noona~”

“I can’t believe you for real!”

“Why?” he took off his shades and hang them on his head.

“You came running immediately just like that, with no reasons or anything.”

“Why? should I have a reason to meet you from now on?” he arched his eyebrows.

She put her arm around him, “No, you can come whenever you want.”

“Where is Zero?” he asked her as he opened the door of the car he rented from his hotel.

“He slept after the long shooting today, so I left him with my manager.”

Taehyung took the driver seat, “Where do you want to go to then?”

“I don’t know,” she laughed, “You wanted to meet with no plans Mr. Kim?”

“I just wanted to see your face.” He shrugged his shoulders cutely while pouting.

“Aigoo, I can’t stop you really.” She laughed at him.

Taehyung leaned toward her and put the seatbelt for her.

Taeyeon kept blinking mindlessly as she was taken aback with this sudden move.

“Let’s go~” he smirked.


Taehyung took her to the beach of LA.

“Woah it’s a beach~” Taeyeon ran like a little girl as soon as he parked.

Taehyung followed her from the back and kept chuckling at her cute craziness.

Taeyeon threw her sandals aside and chased the waves childishly.

He didn’t want to miss capturing this cute moment, so he took his camera and started filming her.

“Noona…” he called.

When Taeyeon turned at him, he took a picture of her with his antique camera that he brought with him.

“Ya, come over here it’s so refreshing~” she signed for him.

He approached her, but to be splashed with water by her.

Taehyung dried the water with the back of his hand, and then glared at her hard.

“Taehyung-ah…” she was scared and started to back off cowardly while laughing.

“You called this war Ms. Kim.”

“I’m sorry, Taehyung-ah, I’m sorry I won’t do it again-” but to be held by Taehyung bridal way, then he went into the sea water a bit deeper than before.

“Taehyung-ah!” she shouted and held tight into his neck as he was teasing her by carrying her up and down near the sea water. “Please!”

“What is the secret word?”

“U-Uh… Kim Taehyung is the best in the whole world!” he took her near the water again, “Ugh! Kim Taehyung is the handsomest man on earth!”

He smirked.

She held more tighter onto him as he was still swinging her there and here.

“Ya! Throw me or take me down hurry!” she cried, “I can’t live with this nerve-wracking stress!”

Gladly no one was interested in them there, as it was around the sun set time, and most people left after getting sun-tanned already.

He looked at her meaningfully once again, “Noona,” he called.

“Eng?” she turned her face to find herself breaths away from him.

They kept staring at each other like that for couple of moments.

Taehyung smirked then and threw her into the water.

“Ya!” Taeyeon cried.

Taehyung died from laughing at her.

She swam near him and then shouted, “Oh my it’s a big jellyfish!”

“Where?!” he kept jumping inside the water cowardly.

Taeyeon took the chance and grabbed him from his leg and threw him into the water too.

Both of them kept laughing at each other hysterically.


They went out of the water and sat at the sand in hope they get dried a bit there.

Taehyung put his jacket on Taeyeon that he left there with his bag before going into the water.

Taeyeon was looking around happily when Taehyung’s tug on her arm turned her face to where he was pointing at.

“Look at this…”

It was the most beautiful sunset they got to see.

The gold and reddish sun reflecting at the warm water dazingly.


Both of them smiled in appreciation of this masterpiece of the creator.

“I’m glad I came today with you.” she told him as she was hugging her legs and rested her head on them.

He smiled at her genuinely.

Taeyeon’s stomach cried in hunger then.

“I didn’t eat anything all day.” She buried her face in embarrassment.

He chuckled, “Shall we go and eat?”


They went to one of the bars around and ordered some American suppers.

“Don’t you have a schedule today?” she asked him.

“No,” he sipped from his beer, “We were just supposed to go out and dine all together.”

“What?” she chocked, “Ya! You should go then, what are you doing here?”

“I like you more, what should I do?” he rested his head on his arm and tilted it cutely.

She poked his forehead, “Ya!” then glared, “Hurry call them and see where they’re meeting at and go.”

“What about you? I can’t leave you alone.”

Then Jimin called.

He groaned as the timing was just unbelievable.

“Uh?” he answered as Taeyeon forced him to. “I’m with Taeyeon noona.”

He sneered. “No stupid, I didn’t return back to Seoul, I’m still here.”

Taeyeon laughed.

“What?” he look

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