All My Love Is for You

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At the end of the week.

“Ya hyung-ah, did you see this?” J-Hope came asking him as they were at their dorm.

“What?” he was sitting with Yeontan.

“Here…” he gave him his phone. “It’s a hot video that is going viral everywhere.”

Taehyung played it, to find Taeyeon singing his favorite song UR.

And that reminded him with the past days, when this song was released for the first time.



Taeyeon was practicing singing it for her first fan-meeting event, at her house with Taehyung staring at her like a little kid.

When she finished singing it fully for the first time in front of him, she turned to find him tearing up silently alone there while hugging her mermaid cushion.

“Ya, why are you crying?” she .

He wiped his tears while sniffing cutely, “How can you sing your heart this clearly?”

Taeyeon was embarrassed.

“I felt every word coming out from you,” he told her, “I want to gather your in my arms, so you won’t break anymore.”

“What do you mean?”

“When you sing this song, I feel like your soul is going to get out from your fragile body.”

“Ya!” she hit him, “Do you know how hard is it to sing this song?”

He shook his head, “But I know that no one ever is going to sing a better song than this one.”

She laughed shyly.

“The moment I heard the intro of it, I immediately told them to have it in my next album.” She told him, “I even chose it as my title track, but then went with ‘I’ instead.”

“It’s my ultimate favorite song.”

She smiled, “Whenever I will sing this song from now on, you’ll be the one in my mind then.”

Taehyung smiled widely.

“Woah~” he reacted, “I became SNSD’s Taeyeon’s muse!”

Taeyeon hit him and laughed, “Ya! You little weirdo~”



In the video, Taeyeon was forced to sing one last encore song, as the fans didn’t step a step away even after she went backstage.

She just signaled for her band, “Just play that one.”

Then she sat casually on the steps at the fan-meeting stage and started pouring her heart out.

Everyone was stunned with that stage, no one expected that scale of emotions to be delivered at the last moment of the fan-meeting.

Taeyeon looked at them with watery eyes, “I really wanted to sing this song,” she covered her face, “I love you!”

The fans cheered so hard, as they were taken aback with all that suddenly.

She ran to backstage after bowing them.

Even though they kept calling for her, Taeyeon didn’t come out, as she was tearing up silently on her way back to the backstage.


Taehyung’s heart was beating crazily.

Suddenly he forgot what breathing was again.

He couldn’t move a single cell in his body after watching this video.

“Taehyung-ah?” J-Hope called. “Hyung-ah…” 


“Isn’t it amazing!” he reacted, “I don’t know how she can take out all those emotions out from her small built.”

Then Taehyung remembered her words, ‘Whenever I will sing this song from now on, you’ll be the one in my mind then.’

He kept staring at the screen.

“Ya, you’re acting weird.” He told him.

“Hyung,” Jungkook came then, “I think there’s something you should see.”

“What again? Is it the same video?” he was soulless.

“You need to see this.”

Taehyung followed him.

“What is it?” he wasn’t interested after being hurt from seeing Taeyeon crying her heart out like that.

He wanted to run to her, but he remembered Tiffany’s words about giving her time and space and wait for her.

“I just got my camera from our last day of concert.”

He nodded.

“Our manager forgot it at the terrace up there, as I was filming our rehearsal stage for my vlog.”

Taehyung wasn’t paying much attention then, his mind and heart were a mess then.

“And it kept running and filming our whole concert.”

“Oh…” he arched an eyebrow, “So?”

“Look at this part…” he played it.

Taehyung tried to pay attention to it, but there was nothing significant there, only the fans’ cheer.

“Did you hear it?”

“What? ARMY’s cheer?”

“Come over here…” he sat next to him, “Listen carefully now.”

He played it again.

Taehyung heard someone sobbing at the background as he was performing singularity.

He looked at him in confusion.

“You know that we invited no one that day.”

“What? Is it a ghost then?” he was terrified.

Jungkook laughed.

“Hear to this part too…” he kept showing him parts of their concert recording.

The more he heard this crying sound, the more his heart wrenched, since it felt familiar to him.

“This is the last part, when we were performing ‘The Untold Truth’...”

Jungkook put the headphone on for him, and looked forward his reaction.

Taehyung suddenly broke into hard sobs after hearing to this part.

He recognized Taeyeon’s loud sobs then.

As he wanted to take the headphones off, he heard her voice saying weakly, “What should I do?” she cried, “I like you, but I can’t do so.”

Taehyung’s eyes widened in shock.

He never expected to hear those words from her.

He knew that she may have feelings to him, but not this deep.

His tears kept flowing.

Jungkook knew that he reached that part that he was hiding for him.

“Hyung…” he smiled at him while holding his shoulder, “You should…run.” He smirked then.

Taehyung’s tears subsided as he heard those words.

The only thing he has always ran toward to was Taeyeon.

She was his first and last destination in everything.

He hugged Jungkook tightly, “T-Thank you Jungkook-ah!” he was crazily happy then, “Ugh! Thank you!”

Jungkook smiled proudly and tapped on his back, “Hurry, don’t waste time and run now!”

Taehyung took his coat and ran outside toward his love.


Taeyeon POV


I came out from my hot shower after today’s emotional fan-meeting.

I was so down, I didn’t want to do anything, I went and took a cold can of beer from my fridge.

As I opened it and sipped the foam from it, the doorbell rang suddenly.

Who is it at this late hour? I wondered.

With my fluffy mickey pajamas and the pink towel wrapped around my wet hair, I opened the door directly as my intercom screen was broken then.

It was the last person to expect to see at my doorstep then.

“T-Taehyung-ah?” I blinked in disbelief.

He bragged in and then I found myself being squeezed in his long arms. 

He was breathing so hard, as if he ran from his house to mine.

“Taehyung-ah, what are you doing right now?” I tried to push him away.

But the more I pushed, the tighter he took me into his embrace.

“Ya! What’s wrong with you really!”

“Thank you.” was the first thing I heard from him that night.

“W-What?” I was confused, “For what?”

“I never knew that I could be this happy in my whole heart.”

“Kim Taehyung, what are you talking about for God’s sake?” I was irritated then. “You bragged into my house at such a late hour and you’re acting this weird.”

He pulled away then.

“Are you drunk? You don’t seem to be.”

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

He then swiped me towards him by wrapping his arm around my back.

“For not confessing my feelings earlier than now.”

“What are you talking about?” I was losing it then.

He smirked, and preserved my lips freely then.

He started gently at first, but then he started to dig deeper.

I was literally frozen at the moment, I didn’t know what to do, or what was going on, or even how to react.

After few moment, I couldn’t resist his touch on me anymore, his tender lips that were flavored in strawberry were everything that I wanted for the past months ever since I met them for the first time at my bed in Jeonju.

Call me whatever you want, but let me enjoy this moment for now, since I knew there’s no way to stop him after he was already lost in it as much as I were as well then.


Author POV


Taeyeon started responding back to his kiss, and moan quietly as he was so hungry for her then.

They parted a bit later on, after going through one crazy journey of tasting a new world for the two of them, and only their foreheads are leaning on each other.

They were breathing each others breath.

Taehyung chuckled ily, “I like you so much.”

Taeyeon lifted her head up slowly, trying to digest what she just heard again.

He smiled toothily at her, “Yes, what you heard just now is right,” he told her, “I like you like a crazy Kim Taeyeon.”

Taeyeon just kept blinking at him in disbelief.

“Kim Taehyung…”

“I know that you do too.” He smirked.

“It’s not like that…” she was lost, “I just…”

He closed all the space between them, and again they were breaths apart, “I told you those eyes can’t lie to me.” He smirked and kissed her eye lids gently.

He looked at her with a daring look, “Can you say the opposite Ms. Kim Taeyeon?”

After staring at him in disbelief, “Are you even real?”

“More than ever.”

“Why is it me?”

“Because you were the one that stole my heart, it’s not me.”

“I just can’t believe it…” she bowed her head.

Taehyung lifted it up with his hand, and stared directly into her big rounded eyes, “I like you Kim Taeyeon.” He confessed again while smirking, “I like you-”

He didn’t get to complete his confession, as the next thing he was welcomed with was two hands cupping his face and having her tiptoeing cutely to reach him, then claiming his lips with much hunger as he had for her earlier.

Taehyung was too shocked to move then.

He just left her taking his soul out from him.

But then he carried her up,

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