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Batch 03 || Taking 5 more requests || open
Pretty Please!
a graphic shop
About me

Hello! This an EXO graphic shop specializing in EXO graphics. I never done this kind of thing before so hopefully it goes well.



 Please subscribe before applying. You are free to unsubscribe after your request is completed.

 comment down below once you have put in your request. a simple "i've applied" is fine.

 Only published stories will be accepted. 

 payment options are:

- free: have your poster on your story for 3 weeks or

- Pay 15kp and change it whenever you want.

 Tell me immediately if you would like to cancel. that way I can swiftly move onto the next project.

 don't apply for a poster at another shop if you've applied for it here and vice versa. it's just rude. cancel first, then apply. anyone breaching this will be put on the ban list.

 comment once you've recieved your poster so I know you've picked it up. Save your poster to your computer then upload it to your own image hosting site (imgur or tumblr) then link it to your story from there. if you need help with this, feel free to inbox (moneylovefashionfame). I may delete the posters from my shop to make room for others so if you don't save it, you may lose it.

 Crediting is a must. inbox if you don't know how and i'll talk you through it. 

please don't tweak the pictures. don't play it off as your own. give proper credit. otherwise you will be put on the ban list.

 contact me if you need a redo or if something's wrong. I may refuse a redo if I'm not satisfied with the reason.

 I only use unwhitewashed pictures or edits. if this is not to your taste, please feel free to find another designer.

 thanks for reading the rules, check the FAQ's before applying.


Can I request a poster for a group that is not exo?

- yes you can, though your poster may take more time to complete.

When will the poster be available?

-depending on where you are in the queue, it shouldn't take longer than 1-2 weeks but sometimes may take up to a month.if your poster is taking too long, feel free to cancel..

Do you do gif/animated posters?

- depending on the difficulty I may accept for a price of 30kp

Is there a character limit?

- there is a limit of four people, except in the case of poly relationships more than four people. however, I will consider more people based on difficulty, for the extra price of 15kp. Please inbox for more information.

 Can I request for a story outside of AFF?

- Not at the moment. This will probably change in the future.

 What kind of stories do you accept?

All ships and groups are fair game. I have to right to refuse a request but this will only be done in extreme circumstances and a message will be sent clarifying why.

 Thanks for reading --  we are closed for requests



Name: Min

expertise: Minalmilistic or moodboard style

Weakness: layers

Hello! I've been stanning exo and making graphics for a few years. My bias is Kai.

I really like changing the exo members eye colour and I do this frequently.


Message Moneylovefashionfame for more information. 

batch 03: cherry blossom

I will message you if your poster will take more than 3 weeks to complete.
Status - accepted/done

Jinyouknow|| How to be...|| accepted
ultnxz_|| E.I || accepted
Mizu || I'm The Mafia|| Accepted
Sway10 || shades of you || accepted
username || request || Status.
username || request || Status.


Done and ready for archiving.

Deedee101 || Our Path || Done.
Psyche_|| Bridges to you || Done

Army143exol|| Bookmark|| Done
username || request || Status.
username || request || Status.
username || request || Status.

Ban list

if you break the rules your name will go here.

username || reason
username || reason
username || reason
username || reason
username || reason
username || reason

featured art

Regular poster/ sad Theme

Scrapbooking poster/light theme

regular poster/minimal

Regular poster style - See more

Hi, If you're interested in applying to be a designer, please dm me or comment down below
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