The Fifth Season

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In 2019, the year of the Golden Pig, the variety show "Female Idol Military Service" hits its 5th season, and it's the '95 liners' turn to participate. 


Just a figment of my imagination. Will try to make something decent. My best shot at multifandom.

Do excuse me for a long silence. Life has happened.


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Wivern #1
Chapter 36: Bunny hugging tree. ^-^
Chapter 35: Damnnnn!!!! I love this fic!!! It's so good... Sowon coulc you stop being a sad emo teenager and kiss Nayeon???
Wivern #3
Chapter 30: What could have happened to the tree?
The bunny sure is worried.
Chapter 19: I LOVE THIS
Wivern #5
Chapter 25: Hands Nay an ax. XD
Bae_giwan #6
Chapter 14: I like this ㅋㅋㅋ go nawon!!!
Wivern #7
Chapter 9: This is only the 2nd ff that I've found so far that has a possible Nayeon/Sowon pairing.