Dear Diary

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Main characters:

Nam Woohyun – 30 years old, a History teacher at Woollim High 

Kim Sunggyu – 18 years old, a college student majoring in History


Supporting roles:

Dongwoo – 30 years old, Woohyun’s best friend and an English   teacher at Woollim High 

Howon – 30 years old, Woohyun’s best friend and a P.E teacher at Woollim High 

Sungyeol – 18 years old, Sunggyu’s best friend

Myungsoo – 16 years old, a student at Woollim High 

Sungjong – 16 years old, a student at Woollim High 


Note, everything written with blue is Woohyun's POV/ Diary


Kindly Note: It's a top! Hyun fic, for top!Gyu shippers please give it a try !!!

Warnings Might contain: boyxboy, mpreg, comedy, fluff, age gap,

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P.S. English is not my 1st language, so correct me I don't mind


Dear Diary,

I had a good day, woke up at 5 am and had a nice refreshing run before I showered and got to start my day in beautiful Seoul.

Maybe coming back home wasn’t a bad idea, I already love it, and the neighbours are friendly and welcoming. Since school starts tomorrow, I will enjoy my day with my family meeting old friends.

Btw, mom still trying to match me with the right person, she honestly thinks if I don’t settle with someone soon, then I never will, she even used ‘I want to see your kids before I die’ card. I know she wants the best for me, she is my favourite woman on earth, and who doesn’t love their mom anyway!

Sungyeol hasn’t changed, he is still the young boy I left before I travel to the state and it’s great it means I get to watch him grow up this time.


And oh, remember the boy I’ve met two days ago on the plane?

He is coming to my house tonight.


Chapter 19 is in draft >> I'll wait for a couple of days before updating XD
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