battle for brothers


Chanyeol shifted when baekhyun pushed the blanket lightly to get up early in the morning. The night was different, chanyeol is too gentle and calm, and baekhyun loves it so much.


  "stay for a bit..chanyeol spoke with his husky tone and grab the other back into his side while eyes still close.


  "chanyeol,, I need to go to school... baekhyun uttered sitting back to his side..


Chanyeol didn't nudged, instead, he wrapped his arms around him and nuzzled him on the back of his neck when he pulled him down again to laid him beside him.


Baekhyun felt warm, chanyeol hugging him in the bed is a rare moment. He moved and slowly faced him and feeling the breath coming from the man's nose. Chanyeol pressed him closer leaving no gap between them.


  "don't leave me,,chanyeol whispered and kissed him on the top of the head.


Baekhyun buried his face to the man's chest and hugged him back. Though he doesn't actually know the meaning of that simple phrase literally, don't leave me. He thought that someday, one day will come and he will need to leave him still. He wants to stay forever beside him but no matter what he think, he can't be loved fully by the man and he was hurting every time he thought of his feelings falls deeply to this man.


Interrupting this rare moment, a knock on the door came. Both looked at each other, chanyeol gazed down while baekhyun squinted up and both pulled out from the bed when ren shouted a call from outside. They put back their clothes that were thrown on the floor last night.


Chanyeol opened the door when both are ready. Ren jumped into a hug to his brother and whispered a sorry.


Baekhyun looked at chanyeol whose eyes were now widened due to the surprise from his younger brother. He nodded and exited the room leaving the two to talk and reconcile.




Taehyung happily entered the school and instantly roam his eyes around to look for the school director. Excited to see him once again and greet him. He pouted when he didn't saw him.


Then Jin nudged him on the head and commented, you're looking for him at this early and you didn't even notice me coming. He rolled eyes and hang his arm around his boyfriend's shoulder.


  "I do,,I did, I saw you,,V stuck his tongue out,, good morning, he greeted with a greasy smile and kissed him on the cheek..


  "let's go..I'll walk you to your room..jin then just said, avoiding to start an argument, they just reconcile last night and he has no plan to break it again or start a petty fight..


  "I want to eat out later..can we? V asked childishly..


  "you want? Then,,shall we? Jin asked back..


  "let's meet on your car..after school .. V suggested..


  "approve.. jin smiled and fixed the sideburns of his boyfriend.


Jin wave as soon as V entered his classroom. Walking happily to his building when he saw the school director's secretary in front of his room. Wondering why, he stopped on the door and bowed to greet.


  "kim seok jin ssi? The man asked gently with a smile.


  "yes...why? He asked in return


  "can you follow me sir? The school director is seeking for your appearance in his office..


  "in his office? Why? Did I violated some rules? Jin raise  brow..


  "nothing sir,,I was just following his request..shall we go for a moment sir?


  "how about my class?


  "the teacher knows it already sir..


  "where is it? He asked..


  "this way sir..the secretary led him through the office floor..


Mr. suho entered first and in less than a minute he came out again and gave him way to enter. He do and met the school director standing in front of the glass wall facing the oval.


Baekhyun sighed and sited to the couch. Looking up, he pointed the other couch in front of him and Jin sited obediently.


  "wondering why I called you..baekhyun started.


  "who would not,  especially when you can't think of anything that you think you violated in this school.. jin becoming so sarcastic in response,  chuckled with a sharp stare to the director.


  "don't worry,,it's not about school, it's about V..


  "V? you call him V? you are really close to him huh..


  "why not? He told me to call him V... .


  "tshhh..are you planning of something to him,,


  "no..I just want to tell you to not hurt him..


  "what? You~~~


  "I know you love him, I want him to be happy, all I want for him is to enjoy his life..I beg you, take care of him, don't  misunderstood our closeness... 


  "beg? Who are you really to beg to me like this? Why are you so concern about him?


Baekhyun stood up and face the glass wall again.   "he's my brother. He revealed without a second thought.


  "brother? Who the hell are you claiming that you are his brother?


  "coz I am..I left him in the orphanage and after long years when I am capable of giving him a life, he wasn't there anymore,,there was a report to me that he's one of those who have died in the fire but then I knew he's not one of them.. baekhyun told, starting his story of them. He went to his desk and open the drawer and handed  a folded paper to him.


Jin opened the paper and saw it was V's handwritten letter to his brother. Why do you have this? He asked.


  "my name is baekhyun, taehyung doesn't remember any of our past, all he knows is his name and my name but he doesn't remember our family name.


  "you are baekhyun? Well I don't really know exactly the story of his brother, all I know is that he was left by him, and until now, he's hoping to meet him.


  "he haven't realize it..haven't realize that me and his brother is only one. though he thought that i might be his brother but then he took back his thought about me being his real brother...


  "why don't you tell him?


  "no..not yet,,,I'm not ready,,and it's not the right time..I will tell him at the right chance./


  "then why are you telling me this? You know that I can tell him all you have told me..


  "first. I don't like it when you quarrel against him about me..second, I want you to realize why I am being good to him, third, i don't want to see him crying and thinking whenever you both argued with small things, fourth, I don't want you to push me away from him, now that I knew he is my real brother, I want to do anything for him even if he think of me as a replacement for his lost brother..


  "so now I know everything, you want me to let you stay beside him and secretly watch him and care for him? And you'll asking me to shut up and keep it a secret, and you want me to lie with my boyfriend..


  "it's a favor, it's for the sake of him. I don't want to ruin his life, I don't want him to worry much for me if in case he will know what kind of life I have at the moment..


  "you are such a crazy man... I'll try to do whatever you wish for because I want him to be happy.. first, I will let him think that you are the substitute to his lost brother. Second,,I'll convince myself that I didn't heard any from you..


Baekhyun held out a hand and waited for the other's response. Jin took the hand and both agreed to what they have talked about. V is not just something that completes their lives, V is someone that they do treasure, whether a best friend, a lover or a brother. What matters most is the boy's happiness and his better life.




The blonde's chin down and sighing continuously. Jr sighed when he saw  his boyfriend coming. He waited actually to check him, worried the whole night and ren didn't even sent a single message that night after  receiving the sorry message from him.


Jr held his boyfriend's hand and squeeze it lightly. Looking up, ren pouted his heart shape lips. The blonde suddenly lean down to his lover's shoulder. No words had spoken, only heavy sighs will be heard from both of them. Until jr pull him to go somewhere they can talk.


Entering the small room near the building, jr let him sit while he was standing in front of him. Ren  wrapped his slender arms around his lover's waist and bury the face in the stomach.


  "is everything alright? Finally jr broke the silence..


  "yeah,, but my brother is really mad at me yesterday. I lied I know but he embarrassed me in front to all of replied with a wearying face.


  "you don't have to feel embarrassed, I understand, they understand, so stop making a face..


  "I thought I will be heaved a deeper sigh..


  "so what happen? jr squat down to see his boyfriend's face and pinch the nose to cheer him up.


  "baekhyun hyung came, he talked to me. I'm worried actually, he knows something about you, you must be careful, I apologize to chanyeol hyung already, he forgave me, he didn't ask actually, all I'm worried about is baekhyun hyung, I know he knows something, especially about us... Ren told..


  "don't worry, I'll be careful,,,Jr said and peck his lover on the nose.


The bell rang and both breathed heavily while looking at the door. They both stood up to proceed to their classes.


Baekhyun, after talking to Jin decided to come down and so he showed up in front of ren and Jr as they exited the room where they had entered, coincidentally. The bell continuously ringing while the three of them were staring at each other.


  "aren't you going to your classes? Baekhyun raise a brow as he told, obviously making a curious face.


  "we are,,,go~~going now.. ren stuttered all of a sudden..and both pass by the director's side..


  "Kim Jonghyun ssi,,the school director calls out.. The two stopped and gaze at each other before looking back to the man who calls.


  "hyung~~ Ren spoke first..


  "go to your class Choi Minki ssi..the man said with strictness in tone..


  "Jonghyun ssi, please follow me for a while... baekhyun told and walked..


  "but hyung~~~ ren run to the director with his pleading eyes..


  "go to your class now.. baekhyun said the way..your brother phoned me and told me to bring you later tonight.. he added as he remembered..


  "where? Ren asked with furrowed brows..


  "haera came with her parents, they want you to meet at dinner.. .baekhyun answered and squinted his eyes sideways towards the other boy.


  "what? Why so sudden? No I don't want to go, tell my brother that I will not go!! Ren complained..


  "follow me..the school director faced the other boy and ignored the blonde.


  " called and hold his boyfriend's hand. Baekhyun gaze down and smirked.


  "I'm fine,just go to your class..Jr talked to his boyfriend in a very low tone.. ren then run away from them. They both walked exiting the building premises and reach the other side.


  "sir, what do you want from me? Jr uttered when ren disappeared.


  "only better cut any special relationship to Ren, you're engage right? Ren is already engage too, and both of you are just risking something. I know ren will not stop, so you should stop..baekhyun muttered back..


  "what if I say no.. yes we both engage but we never wanted it..I love him...


  "I'm warning you, stop it already, won't know what will happen in the future, neither I have no idea..


  "Jr.. .someone called and it was Jin..


  "hyung,,,Jr response..


  "you are brothers? Baekhyun raise his brows while looking alternately to the two students..


  "we are,,why? What's wrong sir,,did he committed any violation? Jin asked..


  "nothing.. go to your classes now..baekhyun said and turn around leaving the two.


  "what is it? Jin questioned..


  "we're done..he knows about me and ren.. he's spying told me that he knows something about me.. Jr stated..


  "you must be careful..I already told you, having a relationship with ren is not good,,and you are not allowed to.... jin advised..


  "and you are allowed..being engage is supposedly your responsibility, if you are just responsible enough, I'm not suffering like this..jr suddenly burst..


  "Jr!..  jin's only word, was shocked actually being confronted by his younger brother. It's true actually, jin supposedly the one being engage but he fought for his relationship to V and so that responsibility was transferred to the next son, and it is Jr.


  "I'm sorry,,,Jr closed his eyes for seconds when he realize what he had uttered that disrespect his older brother. He run and left his brother in awe.




Chanyeol was sitting in his office  after lunch reading a newly delivered post to his office. He rub his chin as soon as he slid out the paper and photos that contains inside. He slid them back and ruffled his hair and pushed the envelope vigorously. He stayed to his seat for hours until his phone rang and snap his sleeping mind.


It was just an alarm saying the schedule of their dinner to haera's family, ren's future wife and in-laws.


He got up  and left his office. Driving his own car and headed to the school. He stepped out and immediately proceeded to the faculty building to meet the director. But before he step foot to the building, baekhyun calls him. Baekhyun walks towards him, it was almost the end of the classes. 


  "what are you doing here? Baekhyun asked...


  "you said ren is refusing to go to the dinner, I'm fetching him myself..


  "they'll be out in few minutes..I already told my secretary to take him to my office..let's just wait there..baekhyun suggested and lead the way.


Both were in silence, no talks, no words at all until they reach the office. Baekhyun puts down the paper in his hand and immediately took the folded paper that was on top of his table and kept it back on his drawer.


Chanyeol made a suspicious look and just decided to sit on the couch. Baekhyun sited in front of him and pour some tea to their cups.


  "how's your work? Chanyeol finally asked.


  "It's fine. Baekhyun short response.


A phone was ringing and it is obviously baekhyun's. he picked it up and answered after glancing up to the man in front of him. Yes? He answered and stood up to face the glass wall.


  "I'm sorry I can't, I have something to do later after school.. maybe next time,..he talked with lower volume.


  "yes I promise.. he uttered and ended the call..


Facing back the man, chanyeol is shooting a glare to him. He went back to his position. Sipping his tea and waiting for the man to talk or ask.


  "can you come closer to me? Chanyeol then spoke.


Baekhyun didn't think twice, he stood up and went to the door and locked it. He went back to the couch but on chanyeol's  side, he lean down and cupped the man's face and lean more closer to kiss the lips, kissing him with passion and lust.


Chanyeol grab the shorter boy's waist and pressed him against his chest until he sited him on his lap. He can't refuse to that invitation, he never do control himself how thirsty and hungry he was whenever baekhyun rub his skin on his skin. He wrapped his arms tightly to the other while baekhyun lean his chin against the man's shoulder and hugged him back.


  "chanyeol,,,baekhyun muttered in a very low tone..


  "who was that on the phone?,,chanyeol finally asked..


  "it's nothing, just someone,,baekhyun stuttered a little.


  "are you cheating on me? He suspected again but they talk calmly and softer..


  "no, I don't..and i will never do that...baekhyun answered. Their position remained the same. Chanyeol..what are we? He asked in return..


  "why are you asking that? Chanyeol questioned.


  "I just want to know what am I to you?


Someone knocks on the door before they continued to their new conversation. Baekhyun pulled out and looked at the man's eyes..


  "you are mine,,chanyeol claimed and kissed him to the lips before letting him go.


  "chanyeol, that's not what I mean,,,baekhyun lowered his head.


Chanyeol was hesitant, he actually knows the real meaning of baekhyun's question. He took few seconds of silence and the next knock came and baekhyun pulled out and opened the door without having an answer again.


Ren came in and pouted when he saw his brother. He rubbed his forehead and forced himself to face his brother. Leaving me no choice? He sarcastically uttered.


  "let's go, haera and her parents will be arriving there in a moment...chanyeol told and stood up..


Baekhyun make a glance to the blonde and nod. Ren having no choice at all, and there is no way he can escape, he tag behind his brother who was walking out of the room.




Jin and V were on the car, as what they agreed and plan to do for after the class, eat their meal outside. Jin actually still thinking about the school director's relationship to his boyfriend. A shocking revelation to him about them.


  "anything wrong? V spoke breaking the silence..


  "ahhh nothing,,, he replied squinting his eyes sideways to glance at his loving boyfriend.


  "you seems lost.. V noticed..


  "I was just thinking of something...jin said..


  "what is it,,can't you share it with me? V pouts..


  "just don't mind me..jin forced a smile.. .


Silence came again. V doesn't know what to do, he can't even think of what to say after. It became too quiet in the car, not the usual noisy talk between them everyday.


  "ahm.. V,,,I always want to ask you this...what if you suddenly meet your brother? What if you found out that he's close to you like you know him but just someone close to you..I mean,, jin paused, he doesn't know how to deliver the question.. I am just curious,,this is just what if.. he ask when they reach the red stop light and bit his nail..


  "ahmm what will I do.. of course,,ahm,,maybe I will be happy,, I'm waiting for that time to meet my brother again,,V said cheerfully..


  "I see...


  "Why did you ask?


  "as I was saying, I am just you will not confront him?


  "ahm maybe I will..I don't know what to do actually.. all I want to know is that if he's living perfectly like me, is he living with new family, is he married already? Or is he have a girlfriend or lover.. I'm not sure what will happen if we meet again...


  "I see..jin nodded as he remembered what the director had mentioned, he doesn't want to make his brother to get worried and know what kind of life he has now.


Maybe the school director has something behind his good image in life, his current life. Maybe behind the status he has right now is just something that everyone will assume he's living fine, but behind that, is opposite. That was what jin has in mind.




The same restaurant where Jr met his fiance, and now the same restaurant where ren is having his dinner with his future wife and in-laws. Ren never worn his smile whenever he was in a dinner with them, because he never liked it.


The dinner took only 3 hours, with his brother and in-laws chatting about business. Him and the girl never talked and if they did it was just less than 5 questions and baekhyun was there sitting and observing.


Baekhyun softly touch the man's thigh and moved closer to the ear. After just few minutes and after receiving the message from the shorter boy he pat his brother's head and sigh.


  "so.. I didn't notice the time. I think the kids were bored and I have business meeting for tomorrow..thank you for your time..chanyeol said..


  "owh yeah,,we have to go too. Thank you too for this dinner and for granting our invitation.. the male future in-law response..


  "see you again oppa.. The girl said and waved in a sarcastic way and rolled her eyes..


Ren just smirked and looked away. I never wished to see you again, he mumbled.


  "choi minki! Chanyeol exclaimed and pull the hand..


  "its okay,,it's too early for them to get along well..they are still young,,I'm sure they will get along well in the future..the lady in law said in understanding.


Chanyeol just smiled and both parties bid their goodbyes.


They got home at exactly 9 in the evening, ren is about to go to his room when chanyeol calls him again. With a bit strictness in tone. Baekhyun could sense it already, his man is upset.


Ren obediently turn around and walk back again to the living room. Asking why and being uninterested to what his brother will say, he already knows that it is about the dinner.


  "I didn't like what you have done in the dinner, your behavior there couldn't work with me.. I never teach you to be harsh to anyone.. chanyeol spoke calmly..


  "what did I do? Harsh? To whom? To that girl? I just say what's in my mind, I didn't even lie..I just said that I never wished to see her again that's all..and it goes the same to sure of that.. ren talked back while typing something on the phone..


  "keep that phone, I am talking to you,,chanyeol shut his eyes and said..


  "hyung!! There's nothing to talk turn his back again and run up to his room..


  "choi minki!!!!chanyeol shouted..


  "just leave him,,he'll understand in the right time... just let him do whatever he wants to do.. baekhyun tried to console..


  "leave him? Why? Baekhyun, he's my brother and I am supposedly the one telling if I need to leave him alone or not?! Chanyeol raise his voice.. Why don't you just think of your own brother that until now you can't find! He added carelessly..


Baekhyun chuckled and looked away. Follows by his silence while chanyeol already walked heading to his room. He fell sat on the couch and closed his eyes, trying to emptied his mind. He was trying to comfort and calm him but he was cast off again.


He went to his room instead and thought of calling the only person that could lessen the pain and tightness of his chest.


  "hi? Sleeping already? He asked.


  "hi hyung,,not yet I am about to sleep, why? The young boy asked behind it..


  "nothing, I just suddenly wanted to hear you,,baekhyun said..


  "can't sleep? Any problem? Did something happen?


  "no,,nothing,, okay, go to seep now, I'm better already,,,


  "okay,,good night...


  "ahm wait,,it's weekend tomorrow,,want to go out? In exchange to your invitation this afternoon, I'll treat you.. he hesitantly invites..


  "tomorrow? Ahmmm okay,,sure,,I just tell jin not to come here tomorrow..


  "ahhmm,it's okay if you're busy tomorrow..we can go out next time..


  "no, no,,I want to go with you,,besides, jin will join aron hyung to his race.. see you tomorrow, at lunch,,,okay,,bye good night.. tae said and hang the phone before the older could say something again..


Baekhyun giggled and suddenly felt excited, forgetting his heart ache from a while ago.




The next day baekhyun excitedly dressed up after chanyeol had gone from home to work. He was driving wearing his wide smile heading to the location he sent to his brother, taehyung.


Meanwhile, taehyung was hopping on the stairs happily, he actually didn't notice how excited he was, all he knows is that he will going to meet his new hyung.


  "V where are you going? Saeng appa asked when he saw his son exiting the house.


  "oops,,appa,,mianhae,,I forgot to tell you,,I'm going out with baekhyun hyung.. V run to his appa and hugged him feeling sorry...


  'baekhyun hyung? Hyun joong Appa tilted his head and raise a brow.


  "the school director? Didn't I mention him to you before? We met him in busan, remember appa.. he said facing his saeng appa.


  "hmmmmp, and why are you so happy meeting your school director?


  "ahmm,,appa,,actually I don't know too.. but he invited me to go out,,,


  "taehyung,,are you dating him? Joong appa ask


  "appa!! Of course not..he's just a brother,,and he treat me like a younger brother,,I don't know I am too comfortable around him, he's nice, I feel like I am with my lost brother.. it's not bad right? To be close to him?


  "it's not but,,does jin knows it? Does he know about it? Saeng appa questioned.


  "ahmm yeah,he's kind of jealous but I think it's fine,,I'll talk to him and I'll make him understand what's really my relationship to baekhyun hyung..


  "okay,,you can go before we spoil your happiness,, be sure to go home before dinner..


  "thanks appa,,,,I love you,,taehyung hugged his two appa and kissed them both on the cheek and run outside..


  "baekhyun..saeng appa mumbled when V disappeared..


  "it's just the same name I think..joong appa assume..


Baekhyun arrived at the place 15 minutes earlier, he roam around to some side-vendors outside and look for the merchandise scattered on the small cart.


Taehyung came 5 minutes before the time, he saw the director's car so he assume he's there already, he checked around and saw him, he went to him and stood beside him without telling him.


  "what's that for?.. tae talked..


Baekhyun smiled when he looked up and notice him, he gave him a pat on the head and then continued to check some accessories.


  "this one is's simple..tae said pointing to the ring with small black stars around it.


  "you like it? Baek asked..


  "it's good,,tae nodded..


  "can you try it? baek said slipping it on the smallest finger of the boy.. It suits you,,he added..ajjuma,,I'll take that one? He said to the old sales lady and handed out the money..


  "you like accessories? Tae asked and worn out the ring..


  "'s for you,,baek said and slip it once again..


  "really?!  This is mine? Thank you hyung.. tae happily exclaimed like a happy kid who received a gift....


  "Are you that happy? It's just a cheap one.. baek felt flattered for making him happy..


  "Of course,,it's my first gift from hyung..  when I start to work,,I'll buy you a gift too..I promise..tae said and hold the older's hand, holding it tightly just like how he hold his lost hyung when they were just little ones.


  "you don't have to give me something,,being my brother,,I mean my friend is enough for me to make me happy,,,baek squeezed the younger's hand just like how he hold tight his younger brother before and now he able to hold it again though this young boy doesn't know the truth behind.


  "siblings? two are sweet..your hyung I think loves you so much... the vendor said..


  "you can say ajjuma, we are? Tae asked and winked at the older..


  "you resemble each other...ajjuma noticed..


  "really? I didn't notice it hyung.. tae said and examined his hyung carefully while pouting...


The two just made a small laugh after and starts to walk, still holding hands tightly.


  "where will you treat me? Tae asked while they are walking...


  "let's eat already hungry..baek said and they entered a restaurant..


  "can we go watch a movie after? Tae asked. 


  "sure..anything you like to do today, I'll go too..baek granted..


  "know what, I feel like I am with my brother,,,I really want to see him again.. tae suddenly thought of saying it..


  "for the meantime, I will be your brother and I will do the things that you two are doing before..


  "we always play that time,,,he always buy me ice cream after school. I don't have playmates at school because I always wanted to play with him only and I ended up being scolded for not playing with others..that's all i remember...sad to say, i can't remember any about my parents..


  "really?.. but you are not kid anymore so how can we play? And you have your boyfriend too..baek laughed..feeling sad and guilty at the same time because his brother doesn't their parents, but on top of it, it was just good, at least tae doesn't remember how their parents died..


  "ahh yeeeh.. jin will get mad at me if I will just stick around you the way,,do you have girlfriend, a partner.. or a boyfriend..tae asked jokingly after..


  "ahmm,,I don't have a girlfriend,,and I don't know what's my status actually,,it's complicated..baek crumpled his nose..he can't say his situation to him. And besides he himself doesn't know his real status to the man he shares bed at night and to the man he was living in with.


  'you need to have one..tae advised,,,


Baekhyun grin and both begun to munch their lunch. They enjoyed eating together and so enjoyed their movie escapade. They stroll around market after and eat some street foods. In short they enjoyed the moment they are together for the first time.




Chanyeol stare at the man who just came and waited for him to talk. A minute later he stood up from his chair and transferred to the couch and led the man to sit too.


  "his name is kim taehyung sir..he is the adopted son of the couple named kim hyun joong and heo young saeng, both are popular singers back in their time..


Chanyeol remains silent and just listen to the man.


  "he was adopted before the orphanage got it means, it is confirmed that his brother is still alive..


  "where is he now?


  "he's studying at your school..freshmen..


  "in my school?


Chanyeol thought, baekhyun works at the school as the school director so the chance of meeting him is higher. But he doesn't know baekhyun already knows everything before he could get all the information.




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