“This will be our last life time together. I promise I will find a way to stop being your soul mate. I never want to be with you again, ever!”

Park Choong Jae didn’t know why he remembered, but these were the last words his soul mate had said in their previous life. He wanted to become a singer so that somewhere around the world, his soulmate can see and remember him. And hopefully he can change her mind. But what he had not expected was to be introduced to the one he longed for as the newest member in his soul mate's band.  Park Choong Jae finally saw that his soul mate meant what he had said in their previous life. And the first step he took to stop the soulmate cycle - reborn into the same gender group as Choong Jae.

Will he be able to convince Andy he had really changed? Or will Andy succeed in ending the cycle?


Most people over-fantasise the concept of soul mates, but Park Choong Jae knows better. There isn’t much difference from other couples, other than the fact that you will recognise your other half’s soul when you see him or her. The certainty is there and you will not love another person the same way. Oh, and of course you will always end up with the same person for the life times both of you manage to meet. But other than that, there is really nothing different about having soul mates. It’s just like any couples in love; you aren’t entirely selfless, you will quarrel, you can get angry with each other, and sometimes…sometimes it is even possible to screw things up so bad to the point that your soul mate gives up on you.

Why he knows all that? Because he remembers. He knows it is not normal. No one is supposed to know about soul mate until the two finally meet. Even then, you aren’t supposed to remember your past lives. But somehow, Park Chong Jae remembers. Not everything but shards of memory about his and his soul mate’s previous lives. And in the last one, in her deathbed, she had promised that she will never be with him again.

I am trying to imagine the pain of Andy losing Choong Jae. *shudder* It is really playing with your own mind drafting angsty chapters!!!


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TatianaShin #1
Chapter 31: I hope you'll update this soon, thank you!
Chapter 31: Why I feel like flying these daggers in my hand toward Eric one of these days? I dunno. Probably just a temporary temptation? Hmm.
Chapter 29: Why choong jae.... why.....
Chapter 28: that was a terrible blow for andy TAT im so glad he returned TAT im just so glad TAT
zatykhan_shcj #5
Chapter 28: Oh god ! Your fic is just too awesome!!
The abusive managers, the moment andy left shinhwa, jin'd accident.. It's just so detail! I know it's just a fic but it felt so real hehehe.
Your fics gave me a lot of goosebumbs since most of the scenes are something i always imagining inside my head, and suddenly a person wrote it and make it better. I'm just so in love with ur fic here
Chapter 28: Wow! Been waiting for the update! Thank you! Sorry just manage to drop a comment! Good job author-nim! Really looking forward to read the next one! XOXOXO