The Myth Creators


“Who…who are they?” The unsuspecting female clutches her heart. She has just become the target of the Snipers.

The orange lady looks at her with sympathy, because nothing can save her now. The snipers never take their eyes off a target. Bull’s eyes right to the heart.

She has become another one of them -

The Myth Creator…


No one knows if it was Legend that created Myth Creators, or if it was Myth Creators that made Legend. It was only known that when united, they are a colossal power that no one can ignore.

As time passes, Legend fades into memories. And the Myth Creators are long forgotten. But they were never gone. Living among men, they pretend to lead normal lives, but each one of them is just waiting…waiting for Legend to appear once again; waiting for the reunion.

I am a new Myth Creator chosen in the Year of Venus. It is a strange fate because I am the most unexpected person, given my history. But exactly because it is strange, I believe it is really destiny. Many times I envy those chosen before me, but ultimately, there are no distinctions among us. We are all Myth Creators, and we all track back to the beginning of Legend, just in a crash course manner for the newer ones like me.

The Year of Classic was a splendid year. The Legend came like hurricane, taking away eight triumphs before they went into deep slumber. I was actually surprised that even in the Year of Slumber, there were new Myth Creators chosen to join the rank. Our Legend is really unstoppable.

And finally, I enter my forth year as a Myth Creator - The Year of Sniper!

This reunion, our Legend becomes Snipers, our hearts become their targets. There is no turning back. I can feel the power flowing in my veins, waiting to be awakened.

Oh…I’ve forgotten to introduce. We, the Myth Creator live by another name. When our power awakens, we are also known as the notorious Orange Mafias.


Initially I wanted to write something about the Orange Mafias just for fun since we have entered the voting season, but I ended up writing something like a prequel to a crazy story of an alternate Orange Mafia world so I am posting it here.

If I have the time, I will continue this in the eye of a Shinhwa Changjo. Let’s see. I am jam packed until the start of May. T.T

And I promise I am now drafting next chapter of Soulmate too xD



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story about oppas and us. yay! looking forward to reading this. good luck to you dear author
bwahhahahaha an interesting perspective of Shinhwa/SHCJ relationship; I can totally relate, myself having 'joined the ranks of the Myth Creator a little bit before the Year of Venus' will be looking forward to this!^^ Take your time but please do write it! :)