Personal Message

Hello. This is the part where I introduce myself I suppose. So, let's get started!

I live in a beautiful little island in the Indian Ocean called Mauritius, and I am a a dentistry student in Dalian, China.

I can speak three languages fluently, namely English, French and Urdu. I am currently learning Mandarin and Korean.

 I like making friends so you can talk to me, I don't bite!^^


My soompi username is lavenderose and follow me on twitter @monsucredorge

About Me

I'm a hardcore Shinhwa Changjo. Shinhwa is my role model and my pride as a Shinhwa Changjo.

“Shinhwa is not responsible for everyone’s lives. But we will make sure everyone won’t fall down. What you do for someone you love is to make sure they don’t fall down. At the same time, if we aren’t to fall down, we need everyone. Everyone makes sure that Shinhwa won’t fall down. That is what everyone’s love, concern and existence itself is. Because we have faith in Shinhwa Changjo! Shinhwa San!” Shinhwa's Kim Dongwan

"Although we speak different languages, we know that you love Shinhwa all the same. Shinhwa will stay strong to repay you for that love." - Shinhwa's Lee Minwoo

"Our orange princesses, don't worry. You have us. The pain and the hardships, we will take care of it all."  - Shinhwa to Shinhwa Changjo

"Just like Shinhwa has no reasons for breaking apart, we have no reasons for leaving." - Shinhwa Changjo.

Forever together Shinhwa Changjo


I'm also an ARMY, BTS is my drug and I'm totally addicted to them! They're also one of the only groups whose music I can relate to. From their music to their looks and their highly relatable personalities, I love everything about them!!