The Worth of a Brother


A Prequel to <Love Him for Me>

Some bonds are decided not by Choice, but by Birth. This is a story about two pairs of brothers, one where such a bond led him to Destruction, and the other, Salvation.

Someone said life is about making choices, but

Eric loved too deeply to see he had a choice;

Dongwan was presented with two choices he could not choose from;

Andy didn't have a choice; and

Junjin regretted the choice he made.

All of these happened in a fateful week that spiral into a tragedy.

Are you ready to find out the worth of of such a bond? The worth of a brother......


I know this is already in "Love Him for Me", but the writing for the prequel there is kind of choppy since I am just throwing scenes after scenes of what led to "Love Him for Me". Thought I'd like to fix it a little and make it more "story-like". But to be honest, I don't know if I can.

Anyway, if you read this first, it is a spoiler to "Love him for me". If you read that first, it is a spoiler for this. So I am not going to care about order. But it'd be interesting to see how the order will change people's perspective. And of course, as the description tells, I am packaging this with the brotherly love xD


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My jinnieeeee whyyyyyyyy oh whyyyyy.... Your life in fanfic world is sooooooo TT. Bring it on!!!! *lemme catch andy first - where's he hiding???