Chapter 13

My Idol Boyfriend
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A/N: Another long chapter update! Please note that it is mostly fictional okay! Don't take any events in this chapter too seriously. Enjoy~~~


Yeppuda - Pretty

Mianhae - Sorry

Gwenchana - It's alright

Ge - Older brother (in Chinese)


Everyone was nibbling on the strawberry cake with a cup of orange soda. Kyungsoo was all smiles after listening to his favourite hyung’s dedication and Jongin seemed a little embarrass by Ryeowook’s compliment. After the video ended, you went back to the front with your toy microphone and spoke in a weird accent, “It’s me again, your pretty emcee for tonight, Hong Ji Yoon iimnida!”

“Aye, yeppuda yeppuda~” Jongdae teased.

You gave him a cheeky smile before continuing, “The first segment has ended beautifully with a video dedication. Now, let’s move on to the next part which is the gifts! Let’s start from your loving manager, Hyun Kyun ahjussi!”

The boys made a drum roll as Hyun Kyun walked up holding two gifts. Hyun Kyun handed Kyungsoo a box wrapped in blue while Jongin’s one is in orange.

“Thank you, hyung!” Kyungsoo and Jongin chorused in unison and bowed as they held on to the present.

“Whoa! It’s portable charger!” Chanyeol pointed out excited as they unwrapped the presents.

“Yes, I realised none of you have portable charger and you boys like to play with your phone so much, I thought it would be useful.” Hyun Kyun explained the meaning behind his choice.

“Yes it is, hyung. I really love it.” Kyungsoo expressed, giving his signature eye smile.

Baekhyun hooked his arm around Kyungsoo’s neck and grinned. “It’ll be shared with us too right?” He gave Kyungsoo a hopeful look.

 Kyungsoo just give him a poker face before breaking into a huge smile, “Of course.”

Kris and Tao then squeezed over and handed them each a big bag. “This is from us, hope you’ll like it. It’s an expensive jacket! I don’t even have one myself and I’m buying it for the both of you… with Kris hyung.” Tao chuckled softly.

The two thanked them sincerely as well.

Luhan and Minseok then presented them each a beanie and ear muffs. Suho bought them each an expensive watch while Sehun got them a shaver (lol, Sehun ah) and Yixing gave them half a kilo of premium beef. Jongdae, Baekhyun and Chanyeol then handed them a birthday suit – Kyungsoo received a squirrel while Jongin got a fox.

“Go and change them into this now!” Chanyeol urged with his silly smile.

They were reluctant initially but since the majority insisted on it, they were left with no other choice.

As soon as they came out, changed in their birthday suit, Sehun and Suho cheered as Jongdae lightly hit Baekyun. “See? I told you they will look cute in it!”

Kyungsoo played with his fingers as he dragged his feet along behind Jongin, hiding behind the tall male, feeling embarrassed.

“Kyungsoo oppa and Jongin oppa looked really cute in this outfit isn’t it?” You cooed and smiled sweetly. “Now let’s move on to the last segment, the famous games – ‘Have you ever?’ and ‘Truth or Dare’!”

Everyone started moving the table and sofa to the side and gathered to form a circle on the floor. You clapped your hands and assumed your role as the emcee again. “All of you should know the game ‘Have you ever?’ but just in case some of you do not know. Everyone will raised their open palm and each of us will ask a question and if your answer is ‘Yes’, you have to put one finger down. The first person who has all five fingers down will have to do a forfeit. Is the instructions clear?”

“Yes, ma’am!” Sehun teased and wriggled his brow.

“Alright then, let’s start with Jongin then Kyungsoo and go in the clockwise direction.” You instructed and nodded. “Five fingers out!”

Jongin looked around excitedly and gave a serious thought of a good question. “Have you ever cried while watching an animation?”

Everyone broke into laughter and you turned to Luhan and asked, “Why is everyone laughing?”

Luhan smiled innocently before explaining to you softly, “Jongin is out to make fun of Kyungsoo because Chanyeol said he once saw Kyungsoo crying when he was watching Prince of Tennis!”

Kyungsoo hit Jongin’s neck and put his pinky down and you did the same.

“You too noona?” Sehun asked, feeling amused before laughing even harder.

“Oh Sehun!” You hissed and raised your other fist pretending like you’re going to hit him.

Kyungsoo cleared his throat before speaking. “Have you ever farted while practising our comeback?”

Jongin, Tao, Baekhyun and Suho placed one finger down as Baekhyun whined, “What kind of question is this?”

Hyun Kyun then continues with the flow. “Have you ever dated seriously during your high school or trainee years?” He shot.

Almost everyone placed a finger down except for Baekhyun, Tao, Jongdae, Minseok and you.

“Hyun Kyun ahjussi, you’re supposed to ask a question that kills as much people as possible without having yourself shot.” You reminded gently and everyone started laughing again.

“Oh right! I forgot!” Hyun Kyun said and hit his forehead.

Yixing sitting to your right whispered, “You’ve never dated in your school? Jjinja?”

You nodded your head shyly as your felt your face heated up.

“You know… I was really fat last time and no guys ever liked me. This is a secret.” You whispered but Kyungsoo overheard your conversation with Yixing, he eyed you from the corner of his eyes feeling surprised.

“Ohhorant~ It’s my turn now.” Sehun’s eyes spelt cheekiness. “Have you ever prepared a surprise for a girl?”

Once again, everyone placed another finger down except Sehun and Minseok.

“I’ve prepared once for my best friend, she is a girl!” You quickly clarified before anyone questioned you.

Baekhyun then followe

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