Chapter 2

My Idol Boyfriend
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Shireoyo - I don't want

Hana dul ses - One two three

Attention: A very long chapter. This is still in the "one year ago" period.


You held the ticket with extra care in your hands, admiring it to the smallest detail. It wasn’t just anybody else; it was Park Chan Yeol, the happy virus of EXO, has just personally given you the VIP ticket to their fan-meet tomorrow in Ilsan Lafesta. The thought of meeting EXO-K tomorrow just made you felt like you were on cloud nine, you couldn’t believe your luck! You were still upset over the fact that you’d missed the fan signing in Kangnam today due to your flight and some admin matters. But even then, you still got to see CHANBAEKSOO (Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Kyungsoo) up close although you embarrassed yourself utterly and even so, you’ve won yourself a VIP ticket! You kissed the ticket like it’s the most precious thing on Earth and smiled to yourself.

“Ji Yoon ah?” Ahjussi Kim called you back to reality.

“Dae?” You beamed brightly, totally engulfed in the sea of happiness, only realising you’ve reached your home now.

Ahjussi Kim gave you a strange look, “Why do you look so happy?”

You held the ticket to your heart, your smile still wide. “I’m in love.” You jokingly laughed.

He let out a soft chuckle and shook his head, “In love! You seems so happy like you’re in some wonderland, but you’ve got to face the cold reality now.” He nodded to door and gave you a cheeky grin.

You sighed loudly and your heart thumped fast. You got down the car and stood in front of the door, bracing yourself to face it – your dad.

You crept in through the gates quietly and turned the doorknob as careful as you can but the creaking door gave you away. Instantly, two pairs of eyes fell on you and you sheepishly grin. Your dad closed his newspapers and cleared his throat while your mom put down her lavishly-designed teacup and looked at you worriedly.

“Come over here.” Your dad called with his voice low.

You walked up to him, and make a mental note to yourself to keep your hands at your back and try to look as remorseful as you can.

“What are your plans?” he went straight to the point, given his character, this is totally expected.

“I still do not know, appa.” Your head still hung down and you played with your fingers nervously.

He slammed the table and stood up, “You do not know? And you still dare to skip school and fly all over for… What’s that again?”

“EXO, appa.” You reminded gently (oh, you shouldn’t have!).

“You still got the cheek to tell me that! You skipped school for two weeks to fly all over to attend this EXO’s events. What are you thinking?” He bellowed as his face grew increasingly red. “Since you don’t want to study, you’ll come over and help out in my company. Your brother will guide you.”

“Shireoyo! I am not interested in business, appa! That’s why I skipped school!” You protested, determined to fight for yourself.

Your mom gently held your wrist and shook her head but you refused to give in this time.

“Tell me what your interest is then?” Your dad asked as he sat down.

Your eyes darted around the house because honestly, you don’t know. “Mollayo…” Your voice was almost a whisper.

Silence was filling in and you could almost hear your dad’s infuriated sigh. You stood there, unsure of what to say, but you didn’t want to back down either. Finally, your dad spoke.

He closed his eyes and rubbed his temples, “I’ll give you two years for you to do whatever you like to find your passion, your interest, whatever. By the end of two years, if you still do not know what you want; you’ll be left with no choice but to come in to my company. Got it?”

Honestly, you weren’t sure if two years were enough, but you knew this was the best arrangement your dad will ever be able to agree on and you accepted it.

As soon as you went back to your familiar bedroom, your mind went back to th

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