Chapter 1

My Idol Boyfriend
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Agashi - Miss (formal)


(One Year Ago)

You pulled your luggage out of the arrival hall and looked for your chauffeur. From afar, you saw the familiar man holding up a piece of laminated paper which reads: Here to fetch Ji Yoon Agashi ☺ Your smile widened and you waved to him excitedly, happy to see him again. Ahjussi Kim isn’t just your chauffeur; he was hired to be your family’s personal chauffeur ever since you were a baby and he is like your second dad. At times when your parents are away to attend some business events, he would take on the role as your father and take care of you.

You ran over to him and hugged him tightly, “Ah, Ahjussi! I’ve missed you!”

Ahjussi Kim laughed and patted your bag, “Me too, agashi. Have you been well?”

You pulled away and placed your hands on your hips, “How many times have I told you not to call me ‘Agashi’ already?” You pouted and snatched the laminated paper on his hands shoving it in your bag.

“Araso, araso! You’re such a kiddie.” He chuckled and shook his head in defeat. “Ji Yoon ah, please use the toilet first before leaving, I’m afraid it might be a rather long ride home. I’ll get your luggage in the car first.”

“Hmm. Alright then, I’ll call you once I’m done. Gamsahamnida, ahjussi!” You beamed brightly.

You turned and search for the toilet signs, feeling a little lost. *t should be somewhere around here, you thought. You have been studying in the Canada for slightly more than three years already, now that you’re back in Seoul, you’re having some problems adapting to the environment especially since things have changed so quickly over this short span of time. You walked further down to the next terminal and realised how crowded it was and there were even some guard officials, you could even hear some soft screams of excitement. What is going on? Aish, but I need the toilet urgently now! You turned a

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