Chapter 11

My Idol Boyfriend
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Standing beside the water dispenser, you drank from your pink mug, gulping down with big mouthful of water like you’d be deprived from the basic necessity for days. For the past eight days, you’ve been secretly preparing a surprise for Kyungsoo and Jongin’s birthday along with the other members and Hyun Kyun. Even though the company had prepared a birthday party event for the two tomorrow night, you wanted to make something more personal for them. After all, that was still an event the company had arranged and the others agreed with you on that.

You had to plan it on your own personal time though. Besides your hectic work (basically running errands here and there), you used your break time and after work hours to plan it to the smallest details, hoping to give the both of them a really good surprise. To make it even more discreet, you gave the other members as little work to do as possible, since they already have a very packed practice schedule and just in case some clumsy ones let the cat out of the bag. Hyun Kyun agreed to sponsor whatever materials you needed since he treat the boys like his own and he is the most well-to-do anyway. Although you came from a rich family background, none of them knew about it and you did not want to live off your parents anymore now that you have the ability to make your own living.

“Noona how is everything?” Sehun whispered next to you, turning his head around to check if any of the two was in sight.

“Going pretty smoothly, just left with the video editing. I’ll be able to rush it out tonight.” You grinned happily. “By the way, don’t behave like that. People might be mistaken thinking we’re secretly dating.” You laughed softly and gave him a light punch on his biceps.

Sehun blushed a little in which you didn’t notice. “Noona, your dark circles are very prominent these days.” He cheekily whispered before running away.

“Yah! Oh Se Hun!” You called him out, louder than you expected and raised your fist. “You better be careful when I check on you guys later on!” You managed to shout a little loudly before he vanished.

You took the lift to the Sky Lounge which was located at the top floor of the building that has the view of the Han Kang (Han River) through its glassed walls. You sat on one of the orange couches and your laptop to continue your video editing since you’d nothing to do at the moment. There was no one around and you put your heart at ease as you plugged in the earpiece in your ears while you worked furiously on your half completed work. There were occasional moments where you will giggle to yourself at the derpy moments of the members and you would quickly look around to make sure no one was around.

Soon, your eyelids grew heavy as you snuggled comfortably in the soft couch. You quickly sat yourself up to prevent yourself from sleeping in a public area but it didn’t help as your half-lidded eyes were now closing in. You had been toiling the past few nights on the various preparations while juggling with your resp

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