Chapter 8

My Idol Boyfriend
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Naeil bwayo - See you tomorrow

Geu nugu - Who's that

Mollayo - I don't know

Mianhae - Sorry


Your first day of work passes pretty quickly. It was already evening and the sun has set. After delivering their vitamin drinks, you were busy running errands for Ahjussi Im the entire day - back and forth back and forth. You never got to see any of the twelve boys later on that day (which makes you quite sad).

It was already eight at night and you were tying up the loose ends of the huge stack of documents which you’d help arrange for the admin matters.

You stretched your arms and pulled your back, letting out a sigh, “Wow! I’m finally done!”

“Well done, you’ve been great today, Ji Yoon. You’ve worked hard.” Ahjussi Im gave you a pat on your back.

You quickly stood up and bowed earnestly, “Gamsahamnida! I’m just doing my duties.”

He chuckled softly and said, “Keep up this enthusiasm, this job isn’t as easy as you might think.”

You nodded your head slowly, silence filling up the room.

He cleared his throat and spoke, “I know this won’t happen to you, but let me remind you. You know, you can’t fall in love with them.  You might get yourself into a deep trouble. Falling in love with any of the twelve boys is like the twilight romance. I’m not joking, except they are not vampires and there is no Volturi chasing after you, wanting to break your heads literally – but their fans and the company will be after you, if you ever fall in love with any of them.”

“Yes, I understand. I will bear that in mind, Ahujussi Im. Is there anything else for me today?” You tried to change the topic to make it less awkward.

“After you’re done with this paper work, please go and check the practice room to see if the boys are still around. They should be. Let them know I’ll be ready in say, fifteen minutes and I’ll bring them back to their dorm,  after which, you can go home and rest. Report to work tomorrow at the same time as today. You can come in straight, I've given you your staff pass earlier on right?” He instructed while still going through his planner diary, furiously jotting down notes.

“Yes, you gave me already. Dae, naeil bwayo! You’ve worked hard~” You bowed again before leaving the room.

While you were heading towards the practice room, you took out your phone to check for messages and scrolling through your SNS. You were giggling to yourself as you saw the jokes and beautiful pictures of twelve boys on your SNS by the fansites.

“Aww! This is really funny! I wonder if they check out all the things the fans had done on the internet. Kekeke!” You chuckled softly to yourself, relieved that you were alone.

Just then, you heard shoes ruffling at the stairs. You move towards the door and peek through the hole. Kyungsoo walked back and forth from the stairs to the wall and to the stairs again. You were about to leave quietly but you accidentally swing your phone which knocked on the door, giving you a momentarily heart attack.

“Geu nugu?” Kyungsoo called out.

You sheepishly turned the door knob and crept in with that silly smile on your face. “Just checking who was making the ruffling sound.” You said.

“Ruffling sound?” He eyed you suspiciously.

“You know… The ‘peush peush’ sound of someone’s dragging foot.” You nodded to his legs. “Anyway, where’s the rest?”

“Somewhere in this building. We ended our practice not too long ago. Kris probably figured out that we needed a break for the day.” He mumbled as he leaned against the wall.

“Ah… I see.” You nodded carefully and stepped inside, making your way near him. “Then what are you doing here?”

“Are you trying to get closer to me now?” He exposed you without a second thought which makes you blushed.

“Aye. We’ve to get to know each other better so that it would help me with this job, which will help Ahjussi Im and of course, help you and the other members too.” You shamelessly reasoned out your somewhat illogical argument.

He rolled his eyes and took out his smartphone, “Whatever. Just stay at least five feet away from me.”

You pouted and went to sit at the foot of the stairs in front of him.

Silence carried on

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