Chapter 6

My Idol Boyfriend
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Noo-goo-sae-yo - Who are you

Dongsaengs - “Younger sibling,” can refer to a true blood sibling, or a close friend whom you treat as a younger sibling


“Hello Mr. Im, I’m already at the entrance.” You politely spoke over the phone.

“Alright, I’ll be down in a minute.”

You press the red button and look at your wallpaper. It’s Do Kyung Soo. Your heart races as you look at his brilliant smile. You can’t believe you’re actually working as EXO’s assistant manager! If this was a dream, you’d rather not wake up for the rest of your life.

You noticed some girls lurking around the entrance – some wearing shades and a cap walking in circles, some wearing masks and some just quietly stood in a corner.

“Ji Yoon ah?” Mr. Im waved his hands in front of your face, breaking your train of thoughts.

“Mr. Im, who are these people?” You meekly pointed at them.

He shooked his head lightly and signalled you to enter the SM building while he proceeded to explain, “Firstly, you can address me as oppa or ahjussi, whichever you find it more comfortable with. We can drop the formal address with regards to our names, araso?”

You nodded your head and gave him a faint smile.

“Well, about those people you saw outside, they’re fans of the SM artistes. Sometimes, we would even encounter sasaengs. So, you’d better be careful because you’re a new face and they don’t know you. You can call me if you get into any trouble.” Ahjussi Im lightly patted your back.

“Gamsahamnida, Ahjussi Im!” You stopped in the middle of the pathway and bowed, which made him laugh. “What do you need me to do? I’ll give my best effort to assist you!”

He chuckled a little and said, “Alright, the first thing you need to learn is – public awareness. Do not just stop in the middle of nowhere, you might bring inconvenience to someone and this can be very troublesome. You know, some big shots may not be very happy about this.”

“Opps! Mianhaeyo.” You whispered softly and continue walking alongside him.

Ahjussi Im came to a stop and turn to you, “Oh yes, your staff identification pass is still in the process of verification, I’ll pass it to you later. For now, can you please go to the logistic room and get the boys some vitamin water? They’re at the practice room now, rehearsing very hard for their comebac

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