Chapter 18

My Idol Boyfriend
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When the management decided on trainings with slightly tougher intensity, they mean it. Or rather, it was quite an understatement to say slightly tougher. Nonetheless, they gritted their teeth and persevered through the few weeks. To be honest, it was nothing compared to their trainee days where everything seemed so ambiguous, so hopeless and so… At least right now, they have their brothers with them as their pivot of support, a manager that looks after them like their father and an assistant who is ever so caring yet nagging non-stop, like their mother.

“Ji Yoon ah!” Someone called from behind you as you walked down the hall way.

You turned your head around to see Hyun Kyun behind you. “Oh, ahjussi! What’s the matter?”

“Do you think it would be okay to leave you with the admin matters and the boys with you today? My girlfriend and I just had a huge fight and she’s saying that she wants to leave Korea in two hours’ time… I need- I-I need to stop her and-” Hyun Kyun stuttered nervously. He’d never shown you his flustered side no matter how big an issue he had encountered before, but this time, this seemed rather serious.

“No problem! Quickly go and stop her before it’s too late!” You quickly interrupted and pushed him to the elevator.

“Thank you so much. I’ll be back as soon as I can.” He rambled and quickly pressed the buttons on the lift.

You head back to the small kitchen where there is a microwave and quickly place the twelve servings of meal in to heat up the food before looking up the boys in the practice room. After working as their assistant for slightly more than a month, you’ve learnt a lot about the twelve men’s taste and preferences while observing their diet restrictions.

“Take a break, its lunch time!” You called out cheerfully as you brought the two big bags in. As usual, Minseok and Luhan came forward to help you with the bags and to distribute the boxes.

“Gamsahamnida!” They chorused and quickly gorged down the food like hungry beasts. You chuckled at them and asked them to slow down or they might choke.

“Where’s manager hyung?” Jongdae asked with mouthful of food.

“Hey! Your food is on me!” Baekhyun frowned and pouted at the younger man. You quickly hand Baekhyun a piece of tissue before answering his question.

“He took early leave today because he had a fight with his girlfriend and she wanted to leave Korea in a few hours’ time. It seemed pretty serious this time.” You shook your head and inwardly pray for the couple’s blessings.

“ just got serious.” Chanyeol mindlessly mumbled which earned him a few glares from the members.

“A few nights ago, hyung told me they have been quarrelling a lot these days because he isn’t spending a lot of time with her.” Tao revealed, his expression seemed a little sad.

“I hope hyung will be able to get her back in time.” Baekhyun sighed a little.

“Why are we only fearing of losing someone when they’re gone?” Kyungsoo muttered to no one in particular, but soft enough that only you caught his words. Was it sadness you see in his eyes?

“Let’s quickly finish our food and continue with our practice!” Kris interrupted your train of thoughts while giving a piece of his meat to Sehun.

You sat on the sofa in the corner of the practice room while sorting out the admin matters that needed to be mailed that day. Soon, it was late in the night and you left the practice room to have a breather after settling the mundane mails. How did the boys managed to stay inside the four walls the entire day?

You strolled around the building for awhile before deciding to stay at the stairway. You searched up the healthy and delicious recipe online to see if you can modify any dishes for them. Just as you were getting engrossed with a new website you found, you heard footsteps clicking behind.

You felt a hand on your shoulders and you gasped.

“What are you doing here?”

“Omo! D.O oppa! You scared the wits out of me!” Y

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