Chapter 9

My Idol Boyfriend
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Kaja - Let's go


The dawn goes down to dusk. It was a typical chilly night in the month of January. You were on your way to the practice room to check on the boys while waiting for the van to come to fetch all of you to their dorm. The moon hung bright on the dark sky, with shining stars scattered around. You always love nights like this where the stars are visible. It was rare to see so many stars in this city full of lights.

“Na eureurong eureurong eureurong dae / Neo mulleoseoji aneumyeon dachyeodo meolla!”

You hear the unfamiliar blasting music came to a stop through the practice room as soon as the elevator doors opened. Quietly, you moved towards the door, tapped your card at the security lock before turning the handle.

“Chanyeol, you’re always dancing a beat or two slower than the rest just now. You need practise on that.” Kris pointed out.

Chanyeol heaved a loud sigh and nodded. This was the seventh time the members had pointed out his mistakes already and he don’t even know if he was really that bad or they’re just picking on him.

“Noona!” Sehun called out as soon as he saw you entering the practice room.

“Let’s take a break and practice one last time before going back to our dorm.” Suho suggested, as caring and thoughtful as always.

You went towards them with two big bags which made you walk like a fat penguin. You caught Kyungsoo’s eye and this time, he smiled a little and nodded.

“What’s all that? You seemed to be always full of things when you come to check on us.” Xiu Min laughed and helped you with one bag.

“Just like an ahjumma!” Chen teased and started laughing with Baekhyun.

“I’m not!” You argued and started laughing as well. “Anyway, this isn’t the same song I heard the other time right?”

“It’s a different song.” Tao confirmed, his head nodding as he drank from Kris’ bottle.

“We’ve prepared two comeback stages as a surprise for our fans!” Luhan explained cheerily, his eyes glistened with excitement.

“Ah,” You said “That must be tiring.”

“We’ve been informed of this plan since last November so we’ve been practicing hard. We don’t want to be a let-down to our fans.” Suho explained.

Kris clapped his hands and called, “That’s right. Let’s do this good the last time before we head back!”

The music started playing and you sat at the corner watching them dance with such charisma and grace. Every movement, every angle, every turns and jumps seemed so perfect. Your phone buzzed in your pocket – an incoming call from Hyun Kyun Ahjussi.

“Ji Yoon ah.” He called as soon as you picked up the call.

“Dae, ahujussi!” You covered your mouth with your hand to avoid distracting them.

“The van will be arriving in five minutes, once the boys are done, bring them down araso?” Hyun Kyun instructed, he was probably clearing up his table, you could hear the cluttering noises over the phone.


“Oh yeah, you’re coming with us tonight. I’ve some matters to settle with you and the boys too. See you in a while. Remember to hand them their jackets.” He was speaking really quickly before he ended the call.

The music ended after a minute you put down the

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