Chapter 3

My Idol Boyfriend
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The six princes and one lucky girl were smiling brightly pictured on the polaroid film, Baekhyun’s hands on your shoulders, Suho’s awkward peace sign, Chanyeol hooking his arms around Sehun’s neck, Kai grinning widely at Chanyeol’s playfulness and Kyungsoo standing next to you with his charming smile – it was all captured in this small frame and labelled “120421”.

This polaroid film means so much to you, they’re so precious and this is beyond invaluable. You gently run your fingers across the six faces on the photo and smiled to yourself.

“Hong Ji Yoon? Hong Ji Yoon?”

Huh? Hong Ji Yoon?


“Yes boss!” You shot up from your seat at the counter.

He laughed aloud at your reaction and patted your back, “You must be tired since its past midnight. Your shift is over, thank you for covering Bo Yun today. Go get changed and you can go home and get a good rest.”

“Dae! Gamsahamnida!” You bowed and left for the changing room.

 Bo Yun is your best friend since elementary school and the both of you are better known as sisters rather than best friends. Today is the start of New Year and you’re covering her shift so that she can celebrate the new year with her family since your parents are away to attend their company’s events. It was their company’s first time organising a New Year event and it holds crucial opportunities to their future business development.

Almost a year has gone by now, and you’re still clueless about what you want to do, what is your passion. *Well, at least I spent the New Year right – earning some money, helping my best friend and there is even a bonus rate pay for the midnight shift!*

After you’re done changing and when you’re about to leave, your manager stopped you. “Mianhae, Ji Yoon ah, can you do me a favour? Can you deliver these three boxes of pizzas? Jung Han is not here yet and we’re short of manpower. You know our motto – Hot from the oven to your doorstep instantly.” He rubbed the back of his neck, feeling embarrassed about troubling you.

“No problem, where is it?” You agreed without second consideration. Since you’d nothing to do anyways, why not?

“It’s just four blocks down the street when you turn right. Here’s the address. You don’t have to change to the staff’s attire, just show them your staff identity card will do.” He handed you a piece of paper and the three boxes tied together with a string. “Komawo,Ji Yoon!”

You waved him goodbye before leaving. After streaming through two streets down, you finally reached the block. You waited by the lift when you caught a suspicious-looking young lady wearing a cap with gloves on and holding a zip-lock bag. Noticing that you’ve been observing her for a while already, she shot you a stare and you quickly turned away. When the lift doors opened, you stepped in and press the button but she just stood outside, frozen.

Out of courtesy, you asked politely, “Are you coming in?”

But she looked at you with her deadly eyes and muttered, “Die” before turning away.

You were taken aback by her response but you shrugged it off quickly and hit the close button. You arrived at the lift door, and you looked around for signs to assist you with the directions.

“2184. 2184. Oh it’s over there!” You smiled happily to yourself, glad that you’ve managed to achieve the 10-minutes policy even at such complicated area. From afar, you saw a girl with two pony tails

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