Chapter 22

My Idol Boyfriend
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It was one of your few days off and you've been spending the entire morning baking cupcakes, cookies, macaroons and all the small swert stuff instead of paying off your sleep debts from your hectic workload. You wash your hands and wiped them off your baby blue apron. Standing there, you admire the small pretty and colorful baked goods laid on the kitchen table. "Perfect." You exclaimed, lifting your arms, you twirled around like you're on seventh heaven.

"You look like an idiot doing this." A voice commented from behind and chuckled. You knew who that voice belonged to, you spun around and glared at him.

"Oppa, you'll regret saying that." You narrowed your eyes at him and fold your arms.

Your brother chuckled and shrugged his shoulders. "And why is this so?" He asked nonchalantly. You narrowed your eyes further and dashed towards him, tickling his sides. He burst into a bubble of laughters and twitched. "Okay okay, I'm sorry!" He managed to say between his laughters and there was a tear at the corner of his eyes from laughing too hard. You didn't back down though, you swiftly dip your fingers in a bowl with left over flour next to you and wiped it across his face before running away.

"Yah! Hong Ji Yoon! Stay right there!"

"Mehrong~" You stick out your tongue and ran away from him as he charged towards you. The aftermath of the state of the kitchen was undeniably horrendous, but all the laughters was something both of you haven't had for the longest time, and that alone made it all worth the mess.



You spent your entire day with your family at home at it was until evening that you decided to head back to SM building to check on the boys and the trainee girls you’re in charge of and also prepare for your work for the next day. You kept all the sweet stuff in small boxes and place them in a huge basket before grabbing your bag and left your house. You were sitting on a near empty bus on your way to your workplace when you felt your phone vibrate in your pocket. You swiftly took out your phone and you smiled.

To: Pretty Noona

From: Sehun

Noona! I’m dying from the tedious practice… When are you coming to save me?

You chuckled upon reading his text message and quickly replied.

To: Our Maknae Sehun

From: Ji Yoon

Hang on there and don’t be lazy! Practice hard and make a wonderful,

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