His Night Lover

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Summary: Where Xiumin is a guy who sells buns in a village and Luhan is a mermaid. Two loversarrow-10x10.png separated from land and sea, day and night.



Pairing: XiuHan (Xiumin/Luhan)
Rating: PG.
Genre: romance, angst, fairytale
Length/Word Count: one-shot/5267w




Hello XiuHan shippers! This is my first oneshot for XiuHan (omg so excited!) anyway, I've been thinking of this storyline ever since I watched EXO Showtime (which is months ago) where Xiumin said he wants to go "Under the sea" so that he can meet little mermaid and the caption wrote Xiumin as the bun prince. That's what spark off this idea of mine. I've been wanting to do this for so long but since I've 2 ongoing fic undone I thought I should hold it for awhile. But I've been really busy this year as my major exam is coming in 2 months' time, I've converted them to draft and since I'm in the mood to write a fic tonight, so I've decided to do this! :-) huhu, please don't hate me, MIB readers :-( It should be up hopefully in a few days! Thank you in advance for your love for this fic as well as XiuHan. Please do comment! ^^



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